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Anthony Gregg Won Event #47: $111,111 One Drop High Roller ($4,830,619)

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Posted on 01 July 2013 by "T".

A total of 166 players entered the $111,111 buy-in One Drop High Roller and created a prize pool of $17,891,148. The final table began during Day 3, but due to time constraints, the last four players had to return for a fourth day.

Bill Perkins 14,700,000
Anthony Gregg 13,900,000
Chris Klodnicki 12,000,000
Antonio Esfandiari 9,200,000

Antonio Esfandiari, who won Big One for One Drop last year for an incredible $18 million, was the first player to hit the rail. Chris Klodnicki raised to 800,00k on the button. Esfandiari moved all in for his last 9.9 million and Klodnicki made the call.

Klodnicki: ADiamond9Heart
Esfandiari: 8Spade8Diamond

"It's a fair fight!" Perkins yelled when the hands were tabled.

Esfandiari remained in front when the flop rolled out KDiamond6Heart7Heart. The 6Spade fell on the turn and Esfandiari was only 1 card from taking down the massive pot. But the river card was the AHeart and Klodnicki had eliminated Esfandiari, who threw his hands on top of his head, then went to shake hands with his opponents.

Bill Perkins eliminated in third place
Bill Perkins finished in third place after first losing 10 million chips and then 5.5 million chips to Anthony Gregg. In the first hand, Perkins lost an all in with A10 against AJ of Gregg. Two hands later, he lost his final chips (all in pre-flop) with A5 to AQ of Gregg.

When heads-up started, Anthony Gregg had about 12 million chips more than Chris Klodnicki. The two exchanged a few small pots over next 6-7 hands before Gregg managed to take down a 20 million pot to put himself in a comfortable 4-1 lead. Klodnicki's stack slowly faded after that, and his dream of a One Drop title came to an end about 10 hands later...

Hand #80: Chris Klodnicki limped in and Anthony Gregg checked. The flop came 4Diamond3Club9Heart and Gregg check-raised to 1.4 million. Klodnicki pushed his remaining stack of about 8 million to the centre of the table. Gregg called.

Gregg: 9Diamond2Heart
Klodnicki: 7Spade5Diamond

Klodnicki was behind with his gut-shot straight draw, but he picked up a few more outs on the turn 5Heart. However, the last card was the 3Spade and Klodnicki was eliminated in second place for $2,985,495 while Gregg was crowned the champion and received a massive first prize of $4,830,619!

1 Anthony Gregg $4,830,619
2 Chris Klodnicki $2,985,495
3 Bill Perkins $1,965,163
4 Antonio Esfandiari $1,433,438


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8 comments on "Anthony Gregg Won Event #47: $111,111 One Drop High Roller ($4,830,619)"

 Sorin88801/07/2013 12:28:18 GMT
While Gregg walks off as the champion of the One Drop High Rollers, the true winner of the tournament was the One Drop charity founded by Cirque du Soleil creator and poker player Guy Laliberte. The entry and tournament staff fees, totaling 3% ($553,332), were donated to Laliberte’s cause, which brings clean water to areas that do not have that necessary life liquid.
 Fakiry02/07/2013 10:33:01 GMT
Esfandiari got to the final table of the One Drop again? This guy must have his message box full of requests from other poker pros who need to be stacked! I would ask him for some sponsor if i was his friend Big Smile
 Macubaas02/07/2013 19:13:05 GMT
Congratulations to the winner, thats a sweet payday if you ask me Big Smile Big Smile

It's sick indeed that Antonio managed once again to hit a final table on the biggest event and even better to walk away with 1.5 mils Smile
 Greenmohave02/07/2013 21:54:53 GMT
Damn! One game like that and if your halfway intelligent about the way you spend your money one could live very good for the rest of their life. But, you know how pker players are! At least the pros. They just can't stop and live a normal life.
 doubletop77729/11/2013 18:59:41 GMT
Congratulations to Anthony Gregg for winning this. But the biggest Congratulations go to Antonio Esfandiari for making this final table again. Bill Perkins must have had some nice cards because he plays so recklessly
 godoy08/01/2019 16:03:48 GMT
BILLPERKINS who was a leader fell in 3rd place what about these people who play millionaire games for sheer fun one day we'll get the one who knows the best, this day does not come let's sell these poker legends like this kkkkk
 dule-vu08/01/2019 16:57:35 GMT
wow,what a sick buy in on this tournament,111 111 $ for just one buy in!can you imagine what can you buy for this money and still to have rest of money for other things and this players spend on just one tournament,even they dont regret at all if they lose it!first prize is great and congratulation to winner!
 CALICUL10/01/2019 16:26:14 GMT
This is GODOY with old threads... Smile

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