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Six Indicted in Michigan Casino Scam

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Posted on 06 August 2013 by "T".

Six people have been indicted for stealing almost $10,000 while playing video poker at Kewardin Casino Hotel & Resort in Michigan, USA. According to local newspapers, Joseph Michael Koster used a "light wand" device to increase payouts from the video poker machines while his companions (Michael Leo Patterson, Cheryl Rose Steinsiek, Vannessa Dale Robb, Bruce Kirby Robb and Jeffrey Paul Neighbors) watched out for casino security and patrons. The scam went on for almost two years from July 2009 to June 2011.

"By using this device, defendant Koster tricked the video poker machine into paying out winnings well in excess of those to which Koster was entitled," Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Lochner wrote in an indictment.

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15 comments on "Six Indicted in Michigan Casino Scam"

 RoChupacabra06/08/2013 11:20:26 GMT
They stole less than $10,000 in 2 years? A 5-man operation? Hahaha.
 pochui06/08/2013 11:26:49 GMT
hahahaha - yeah totally agree with above post, it seems someone forgot to add at least one 0...only way i see this possible is that this gang was playing in other casinos as well, milking in small amounts @many places, that would add up to a much bigger payday, still no luck...better move to politics, at least u can steal publicly there
 ELDONKOII06/08/2013 11:31:39 GMT
lol i read this article,thinking "Is it worth it?" 10k over 2 yrs 5 man team? they probably would have made more begging on the streets. although it just goes to show that nothing is safe when it comes to computers and people will find ways of cheating them all if they can
 3pokeronly06/08/2013 13:28:45 GMT
May of been more, the feds only have proof of the 10K?? otherwise agree with the above post's wtf, clowns, lol
 Cliffem06/08/2013 13:32:55 GMT
Oceans 9
 shokaku06/08/2013 13:44:44 GMT
$10.000 at that one casino mentioned in this article. There are other casinos in the US of A. One can only asume, that they had hit other casinos too. Cause $10k is indeed a bit low for two years.
 Phisix06/08/2013 14:35:46 GMT
Two years for so little. Waste of time if you ask me.
 vic7506/08/2013 15:02:48 GMT
You will get caught sooner or later even if it was a small amount
 Mober06/08/2013 15:06:28 GMT
Like mentioned if thats what the got in two years it was a total waste.
Didnt worth the risk.
Now just out of curiosity, what is that light wand? Smile
 Phisix06/08/2013 15:18:24 GMT

Big Smile
 Heskor06/08/2013 15:27:03 GMT
Haha yeah sad they got caught for so little!

If you gonna steal, steal and don't get caught and no peanuts either, anyway glad they got caught it is so wrong to steal!
 Macubaas07/08/2013 21:08:43 GMT
Considering the number of people that were involved, the time they spent and also the sum they earned is really, really low...

Unfortunately for this sum they will go to jail, i really think that they hoped to earn a lot more at beginning of the scam.
 Greenmohave07/08/2013 22:19:16 GMT
Damn, I surprised it actually took so long to detect or find this scam out. I just saying every casino I've been in has cameras all over the place from in the ceiling to the floors and in areas you just don't pay attention to. It also seem's that $10,000 is a small amount of cash to have been taken over a period of two (2) years.
 jessthehuman08/08/2013 05:31:25 GMT
Posted by ELDONKOII:
although it just goes to show that nothing is safe when it comes to computers and people will find ways of cheating them all if they can

Heh - I'm a bit neurotic when it comes to being correct with these kinds of statements.. just to be clear, a 'light wand' is a devices that screws with the sensors on the coin dispensers, causing the machine to payout far more than the actual win.. It has something to do with electronics, nothing to do with computers however.
 doubletop77724/11/2013 16:11:44 GMT
They dont seem to have got much over such a long time. Was it worth the risk i wonder. Love to hear these stories like something out of a Hollywood film.Some clever people about who thinks these things up

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