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Brian Zimcosky Wins 2014 Mid-States Poker Tour Majestic Star

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Posted on 05 August 2014 by "T".

Although the 2014 WSOP has come to an end and major tournaments such as EPT and WPT haven't started yet, there are plenty of smaller tournaments running all over the globe. One of those tournaments is the 2014 Mid-States Poker Tour (MSP) Majestic Star that finished yesterday after two days of play

The tournament attracted 228 players who generated a $61,870 prize pool. 48 players made it to the second day, including bracelet winner Chad Holloway (didn't make it to the money), and after several hours of play Brian Zimcosky played heads up against Alex Kaufman.

Zimosky, who finished in 3rd place for $28,141 at Mid-Stakes Poker Tour Majestic Star earlier this year, had a slight lead when the battle began. And less than 30 minutes later he had all chips in play after the following hand:

Kaufman raised to 150k on the button, and Zimcosky went all in. Kaufman made the call with his last 1.3 million chips.

Kaufman: KClub10Club
Zimcosky: 9Spade9Club

The board ran out AClub4DiamondJHeart7Spade7Diamond and Zimcosky took down the final pot of the tournament with two pairs - nines and sevens. The Michigan native, who described himself as "one of the best non-professional tournament players" in an interview, received the biggest payday of his live tournament career: $61,870.

Final table results:

1 Brian Zimcosky $61,870
2 Alex Kaufman $36,459
3 Brad Sailor $20,992
4 Bob Chow $17,017
5 Gerald Siemienas $13,528
6 Paul Fisher $11,048
7 William Luciano $8,839
8 Mike Mustafa $6,629
9 Bryan Schultz $4,419
10 Brad Rhodes $2,873

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5 comments on "Brian Zimcosky Wins 2014 Mid-States Poker Tour Majestic Star"

 doubletop77705/08/2014 09:58:12 GMT
I find it hilarious when they call these tournaments, small. These sort of buy in's are just a dream for me and i would love to be able to afford to play in one of these. Congratulations to the winners
 Heskor05/08/2014 14:22:23 GMT
Cheers you have to start somewhere to be recognized as the best and build up a roll to take on bigger events where the fame lies and where the money is so good luck to them and great win for Brian hope we hears from him more and more and he goes to win bigger events, would be fun to watch his progression afterwards. Anyway i watch poker when i am bored or when i am not playing poker, so yeah not much to watch when there is no big event!
 Mipetin05/08/2014 20:40:47 GMT
Congrats to Brian Zimcosky. I like that they create news about these smaller tournaments. But, only if there is few notables in. Otherwise i don't really care
 Macubaas06/08/2014 07:02:32 GMT
Congratulations to Brian for taking the first place of this event even if the first prize wasn't really that consistent...

This must be the biggest event (life event) after wsop, maybe this is another reason for which not so many participated.
 Fakiry06/08/2014 15:56:16 GMT
If this event was probably already unbelievable for Zimcosky because of last year's conquest, this year was the consagration of a dream. I bet he have passed many of the nights before this year's event dreaming "what if i had won in 2013? What have i done wrong not to get the first prize?" And all of those positive thoughts have filled him with confidence to play this year's event and the result of that is in the picture!

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