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High-Stakes Player Gets $35,000 Refunded After Computer Hacking Investigations

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Posted on 09 August 2013 by "T".

According to some news sources, Douglas "WCGRider" Polk, a regular of PokerStars nosebleed tables, recently got approximately $35,000 refunded after PokerStars found out that he had fallen victim to a computer hacker.

It all began in March when Polk played against an unknown "fish" named "Forbidden536" at a $5/$10 no-limit hold'em table. The two moved up to $25/$50 after some time and then $50/$100... Polk was getting his ass kicked... and after some time he suspected that something was wrong when his opponent called huge 4 bets with 83 off-suit and raised every spot in 3 bet pots when Polk didn't have a good hand.

"I began to get absolutely wrecked," Polk explained. "He was leading 45%, min 3-betting and calling huge 4 bets with 83o, and then also c/r and c/f 28%. In 3 bet pots he raised every spot I didn't have it, and was c/f at an alarming frequency when I had the goods. I was beginning to get worried."

He contacted PokerStars after the match to inform them about his suspcious opponent. He received a call from support a week later and they informed him that they were investigating the matter. On April 19, he was informed that "Forbidden536"'s account had been frozen as they suspected that he could see Polk's cards during the heads-up match. On June 26, PokerStars refunded the money he had lost and said that he was a victim of a superuser-style attack.

Douglas Polk suspects that the person behind the alias "Forbidden536" is UK IT specialist Joshua Tyler. Tyler and Polk were introduced to each other through Daniel "jungleman12" Cates. Tyler stayed at Polk's flat in Las Vegas several times after they got to know each other. According to Polk,  one of his roommates saw Tyler go into his office one time when he was not at home, and it was after Tyler's visit from March 22-24 that the heads-up match against "Forbidden536" took place.

"One of my roommates saw Josh go into my office. The office is only accessible if you walk through the master bedroom into a balconied hallway that leads to it; the office is the only room in this area. My laptop is stored in my office, and is my exclusive computer used for poker while traveling. I don't understand why Josh would be in my office to begin with, nor what happened while he was there."

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15 comments on "High-Stakes Player Gets $35,000 Refunded After Computer Hacking Investigations"

 mascona09/08/2013 16:24:42 GMT
So Poker Stars just shoot themself in the foot by saying that it's possible to see the opponent card by using special programs....if one did, so the other can also do and the only reason they investigate that situation was a rapport from potential victim.
 arrow-knee-09/08/2013 16:30:18 GMT
this is a repost
 takingdrugs09/08/2013 16:51:48 GMT
No poker stars did not shot themselves in the foot it wasn't a problem from poker stars
The hacker had access to doug's computer and must of installed somthing to grab screen image WCGRider seem to always get screwed over, he's the one that outed brad booth for stealing money on 2+2
 TheMachineQC09/08/2013 17:10:36 GMT
Of course if a good hacker gets access to your personal computer he can install a program to be able to see your screen from a distance. (just like teamviewer but without you knowing it)

So this has nothing to do with pokerstars, it's about your personnal computer's security.
 win_1009/08/2013 17:12:08 GMT
this is gracias
 iggyo10/08/2013 00:04:17 GMT
Obviously, cheaters are too stupid or too greedy. The right way to do it would be to lose some small pots and the occasional big pot to keep him on the hook and to evade suspicion.
 carluimaca10/08/2013 14:49:01 GMT
Look at who your friends are ... and see what you get; much luck that pokerstars money back
 AASuited66612/08/2013 10:59:07 GMT
Well as receiving money from PokerStars
 xxxperv12/08/2013 15:22:36 GMT
bullshit story to make Pkr Strs look good.
 arrow-knee-12/08/2013 15:26:13 GMT
agreed with above

if he really did get hacked then the guy who hacked him for remote view shoudlve know who he is had atelast some sort of contact be it true an uploaded file or plain hacking in anycase its not like u just have remote viewing on your pc and even if you do you still need to activate and fill in the numbers of the other pc and then activate it so the guy must have downloaded or installed some sort of program containing another program (a secret one) that has activated it and then he has remote view then the same guy uploads funds on pokerstars to play that guy sounds a bit far fetchet plus if he did this he couldve also taking complete controll of this guys pc and mike him go all in whenever he wants so yeah its not as easy as 1 2 3 but i think its just another ps bs promo that the guy got paid some money to say he got hacked and how wonderfull pokerstars has responded ..... Thumbs Down
 sergejcho22/08/2013 17:43:36 GMT
I think this is good for players , but if this is a story only to take new players because they are "PROTECTED" !!!
 Greenmohave22/08/2013 23:50:29 GMT
Wow! Makes you wonder what all one would do to gain an upper hand in the attempt to steal money. I guess if one is willing to risk their freedom, friendships and respect some people will do anything. Just a weird scenario!
Glad to see he got his money back and I'd like to hear if the thief got jail time.
 Vinnyceptr23/08/2013 04:24:16 GMT
My guess is that he deffently will have got jailtime. It's basicly the same as robbing the local store but from the safety of his home/cyber cafe/hotspot.
 ayaraled05/09/2013 23:46:11 GMT
accessign someones computer and playing against them in poker....nice could you win if your opponent sees your cards...all in every hand? Smile
 doubletop77723/11/2013 15:47:04 GMT
This is like something out of a Hollywood movie. I would never have thought this could happen in real life and this story fascinates me. Big Brother is watching!!

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