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Blom Drops $1.5 Million

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, ike haxton, isildur1, luvtheWNBA, Sanlker, Viktor Blom.
Posted on 10 September 2013 by "T".

Viktor "isildur1" Blom has been on a terrible downswing in the past few days at Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed tables. The fact is that the young Swede has lost over 1.5 million dollars over the past five days and he's now ranked 8th with a $1.5 million profit on the list of 2013's biggest winners online.

According to highstakesdb, "Sanlker" and Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton are two players who have enjoyed Blom's adversity. Sanlker, who's identity is unknown, defeated Blom in an 8-hour-long session on Saturday for $239.3k and Haxton took Blom for $287k in a two-hour session on Sunday. The latter consisted of several coin-flips (most won by Haxton) and some terrible bad beats for Blom.


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14 comments on "Blom Drops $1.5 Million "

 kwasac10/09/2013 15:13:29 GMT
Mighty Viktor! Smile I read he was a million up just about week ago, and he's down again. I still cant beileve he acctualy made some real cash playing poker.
 demodawggy10/09/2013 15:29:47 GMT
Posted by kwasac:
Mighty Viktor! Smile I read he was a million up just about week ago, and he's down again. I still cant beileve he acctualy made some real cash playing poker.

Ol' Yo-Yo boy is at it again eh...? I read that too... It's just his pattern, week he wins big, the next loses big,...the next wins big,...the next, big losses... etc...

Interesting though that he manages to maintain 8th position, which is actually pretty respectable considering the loss...

The guy is totally MANIC.... Confused< lol...
 Phisix10/09/2013 16:04:59 GMT
Can we just have one thread for this guys wins and losses now or we will be seeing these threads once a week. Big Smile I thought he was 3 million up the other week?
 cucho31610/09/2013 19:39:26 GMT
lol, totally agree with Phisix, we might create an xls form with daily updates of his profits and losses.
maybe we should ask him, he'd appreciate it
 sergejcho10/09/2013 21:37:55 GMT
Smile Last week or maybe two weeks ago he won 1,5 milion $ , now he loses Smile We must to wait until next Bloms news , but anyway he is nice player. Good luck for him in next tournaments Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up I hope we will hear about big win Smile
 Cruimh10/09/2013 21:41:20 GMT
 lukasb11/09/2013 16:19:33 GMT
what is the sound that dropping $1.5 million makes? Only Blom can answer that..
 Macubaas12/09/2013 07:19:58 GMT
Nothing to worry, he can make those in 2 days if he plays good and has luck.

lukasb, on that level of play you need to be completely detached to the value of money or you go crazy lol
 TheMachineQC12/09/2013 10:25:31 GMT
In fact, high stakes is where LAG players that are very good post flop like Durrr can have a lot of success. But I don't know if Isildur sometimes switches mode to TAG like Durrr does. If you're LAG and everyone knows it then most players are just gonna play passive against you and sometimes float to make you think that they're slow playing. Thats when you're only going to win small pots and probably end up losing the ones that matter... Being able to switch to a more passive mode once in a while is very important for a LAG player, being fearless has it's limits ^^
 pochui12/09/2013 20:22:04 GMT
where the fcuk did he drop it...looked everywhere, kind find it- i will swallow my pride and pick it up for sure...not everyday someone drops $1.5 million, anyone else had success finding the moola...damn u Blom- i suspect in didn't drop it somewhere back here in lithuania...
 Jonas_Petkus16/09/2013 17:05:39 GMT
he loss today, but he win tomorrow, again lose in 2 days and win again. it is his stile
 ShaunDeeb23/09/2013 22:34:36 GMT
his yearly profit 309k now, poor kid :'(
 Macubaas24/09/2013 10:03:32 GMT
When i saw another reply in this thread i thought he won again couple of millions lol

Still, i'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time until we'll see a title like that Smile
 doubletop77716/11/2013 12:44:48 GMT
Just another day at the office for Victor. What goes through his head when he is playing must be like riding a rollercoaster. If he could only see the cold hard cash in front of him i wonder if this would affect his play. It must be nice though!

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