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Nolan Dalla Speaks His Mind On Daniel Colman: "Are you kidding me. Seriously?"

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Posted on 23 October 2014 by "T".

Daniel Colman has been on everyone's lips this year thanks to his amazing winning streak, including a 1st place finish in the BIG ONE for ONE DROP for $15,306,668 in July. In total, Colman has won $22,5 million playing live tournaments around the globe and approximately $22 million of those winnings are from this year alone! 

Although most people would agree that Colman's results this year are pretty increadible, there are some who don't like the fact that he has spoken badly about poker and refused being interviewed after winning major tournaments. WSOP's Nolan Dalla is one of the people who thinks that Colman should be more grateful towards poker.

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11 comments on "Nolan Dalla Speaks His Mind On Daniel Colman: "Are you kidding me. Seriously?""

 arsenej123/10/2014 17:33:17 GMT
Pokers bad...don't play poker. Think this guy needs to get a grip. How can someone thats won 20+mill in a year playing the guy talk poor and it
 marqis23/10/2014 18:11:08 GMT
I don't know why he is ranting about it, frankly...

That Colman is able to win $20M makes it a good thing? For him yes, but a lot of people are losing considerable money to pay for that. It's not that any value is added by playing poker. Nothing is created, it's just redistributed between players and casinos.

Maybe there is some entertainment value added, but on the whole poker is fairly destructive, I'd say, not that I'm overly concerned about it or anything (so far I've only been benefiting from it).
IMO the rant shows lack of insight though.
 ratovic8023/10/2014 18:13:57 GMT
I believe Colman only wanted to state in public that poker has a dark side, but he did it using the wrong words and in the worst situation ever (after the one drop victory).

We all know that's true, poker has a dark side. There's people that get addicted in such manners that it destroys their life. Obviously this does not make poker bad, because this can happen in every game that involves money.

 klash2323/10/2014 20:01:53 GMT
It has also been reported that Colman had to give away up to 90% of his one drop winnings to various backers and probably had taxes etc to pay as well so maybe he just had some regrets about giving away so much.
Saying he owes poker nothing is a bit churlish,if a stranger holds open a door for you then you owe that stranger nothing but it is common courtesy to say thanks.
 Robbo199023/10/2014 21:28:52 GMT
it makes perfect sense...and he has a point. Dan Coleman has reaped the rewards of playing poker...21million in only a few months! and hes telling others that poker is bad = IRONIC!
 opascu24/10/2014 08:43:56 GMT
In one year 2 make $22 million playing live tournaments ,God, is been a extraordinary year 4 him, and i've heard 2 that he had problems with taxes after he gived the majot part of money away ..
 klash2324/10/2014 16:16:59 GMT
Surely Colman knew he had to pay taxes on his winnings so any part he gave away should have been after tax.I know the tax rate for professional gamblers in the US is very high,I think in some states as much as 50% and even amateur players pay massive amounts.
Some poker reports say that Colman only received $1.5 million to himself but still a nice amount for little risk if he others paid most of his fees.
 Heskor24/10/2014 17:25:03 GMT
Let him be mate, if he wins big and want to remain anonymous kind of and keep some privacy then this is the way to go, maybe he cannot deal with pressure or have some bad skills in front of camera but some people would argue that if you want to play live poker you have to be able to deal with it. Maybe he could hire a coach or some to work on his games on real life lol.

Anyway hope i get there one day , who knows i might be the best and have fan wearing my t shirt!
 doubletop77725/10/2014 08:10:35 GMT
I love this guy, first time i,ve seen him. But he's right, how can Dan Colman say he hates poker when he has won so much money and enjoying the lifestyle he leads. Great video
 thizzy27/10/2014 11:01:25 GMT
IMO there is nothing wrong in poker as long as you treat it as fun and mind game. Don't play for high stakes if you can't afford to lose big money. Dont't treat poker as quick money machine. There are much worse things than poker like drugs abuse or alcohol.
I think Colman was talking about dark side of being pro poker player and how stressful it is. At least now he's got the money to chill out Smile
 JBCD7128/10/2014 09:05:17 GMT
Daniel a suck. He owes players and backers a lot of money, something he doesn't talk about. Maybe why he don't wanna talk on camera or why says poker is bad.

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