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Elton Tsang Wins Big One For One Drop For €11 Million!

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Posted on 17 October 2016 by "T".

The 2016 Big One for One Drop (€1,000,000 buy-in and no pros allowed for the first time) kicked off last Friday at luxurious Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. With 28 entries (26 players and 2 re-entries), a prize pool of €24,888,892 was generated and €3,111,108 was raised for charity!

Elton Tsang, a 35-year-old entrepreneur with investments in IT, travel agencies and internet firms, was in the middle of the chip counts throughout the first two days, but then dominated Sunday's final table. He became the chip leader already on the second hand of the final day, then held on to it for the rest of the tournament! When heads-up started, Tsang had 93 million in chips to Anatoly Gurtovoy's 46 million stack.

The tournament nearly came to an end already on the third hand of heads-up-play. The money went all in on a nine-six-five rainbow flop. Gurtovoy of Russia had top pair wit ace kicker and Tsang had two pair. The two remaining cards created a straight on the table and the pot was chopped.

Despite the unlucky runner-runner chop, Tsang kept a cool head and dominated play to win the battle just 90 minutes later. Gurtovoy received €5,427,781 for his second place finish and Tsang earned €11,111,111 and a special bracelet fashioned by jeweler Richard Mille for his victory. His fans, including Mustapha Kanit who had coached him for 2 weeks, celebrated him with a round of applause.

"I was feeling good, feeling comfortable, getting cards," he said of his final table performance. "My bluffs were working, [I was] getting a good read on the table. It was just going my way."

The €11,111,111 first-place prize is the third biggest prize in poker history and Tsang is now 21st on the all-time money list!


1 Elton Tsang, Hong Kong, €11,111,111
2 Anatoly Gurtovo, Russia, €5,427,781
3 Rick Salomon, United States, €3,000,000
4 James Bord, United Kingdom, €2,100,000
5 Cary Katz, United States, €1,750,000
6 Andrew Pantling, Canada, €1,500,000

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6 comments on "Elton Tsang Wins Big One For One Drop For €11 Million!"

 doubletop77717/10/2016 07:57:04 GMT
Many congratulations to Elton Tsang on winning this High Roller and over 11 million euro. The amounts of money being played for were astronomical and i hope he enjoys his winnings (i think he will!!!)
 pochui17/10/2016 15:11:03 GMT
elton who? oh wait no pros allowed, only regular mortals with lots of trailing zeros in their bank accounts allowed. too bad for la liberte dude that his plan to kick out pros and dominate the tables didn't go to plan, ah well if i somehow managed to cut on my spending on booze and saved a bit, i would've joined these no pros and showed em how poker should be really played.
 pajalnick17/10/2016 15:14:40 GMT
"doubletop777 10/17/2016 7:57:04 AM GMT
Many congratulations to Elton Tsang on winning this High Roller and over 11 million euro."

not 11 million ...... 10,111,111 euros he won if accurate ... ... a great result and the tournament did not take long .. are rich people who want to experience the sharp impression of this great tournament
 Mober17/10/2016 19:38:34 GMT
I havent heard of this one before. Did a google search to see how much he is worth,
but i cant find any results.
But if you can afford paying 1m, buy in to play a poker tournament, and win nothing at the end of it,
Then you have enough.
 bowie198418/10/2016 00:37:54 GMT
Posted by pochui:
elton who? oh wait no pros allowed, only regular mortals with lots of trailing zeros in their bank accounts allowed...

They sure made one lucky triad-member a very happy man this weekend. If I was him probably would not travel home at all, eleven millions could make your life sweet in literally any other country.
 Tony_MON7ANA18/10/2016 17:09:17 GMT
Huge congratulations to Elton Tsang on being crowned the winner of 2016 Big One For One Drop €1,000,000 buy-in tournament! With the €11+ million first-place prize he earned from this tournament he now ranks 21st on the WSOP all time money list.

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