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Nadal Defeats Ronaldo in "The Duel"

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Posted on 21 November 2014 by "T".

In case you missed it, Rafa Nadal ended up winning the heads-up challenge called "The Duel"' against fellow PokerStars' SportStar and Brazilian football legend Ronaldo. The heads-up match took place on Tuesday at the Hippodrome Casino in London. A winner was not determined until the very last hand of the 20-minute battle.

In the final hand, Ronaldo shoved his remaining chips. Nadal held the big ace in the big blind and called. His ace held and he had defeated Ronaldo, who challenged him to play this heads-up earlier this year. A cheque of $50,000 was made for the Rafa Nadal foundation, while Ronaldo was sent to the kitchen to wash dirty dishes.

"I had a great coach," Nadal told PokerStars Blog, when asked how he managed to pick up poker so quickly, despite still competing at the highest level. "He gave me the opportunity to learn more about the poker game. It really helped me a lot. When you learn more and more about this game, you enjoy playing it more. You understand that it's not a game of luck. There is luck in some moments, but in general the best players will win."

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5 comments on "Nadal Defeats Ronaldo in "The Duel""

 Heskor21/11/2014 14:56:23 GMT
Cheers great guy both of them and really happy they helping people all around the world due to their charities and so on, it is so good to see successful people helping the less unfortunate one! Anyway it is like Spain vs Brazil though Spain won and it is good to know and glad to sere that Spanish people are dominating the sports, just look at all the winners in the sports and you will see!
 highyeah21/11/2014 16:12:46 GMT
Nadal is an awesome tennis player as well as a great poker player, I'm a fed fan but I do respect nadal for the effort he put on the court and allow us to watch great tennis matches. Poor ronaldo was sent to the kitchen to wash dirty dishes. And I truly like those word :"It really helped me a lot. When you learn more and more about this game, you enjoy playing it more. You understand that it's not a game of luck. "
 agramenon22/11/2014 01:29:09 GMT
Washing dishes!!! Those stakes were way too high...
 doubletop77722/11/2014 10:21:27 GMT
Great to see such sporting legends playing poker. I thought that Rafael Nadal would come out on top as he has been posting some good results on the poker scene lately, well done to both
 bowie198422/11/2014 15:02:00 GMT
Brazilian football "legend" Fat Ronaldo.
They even named a Bar after him.

Things are about to kick off this week as the biggest sporting event in the world begins. Don’t pretend like you don’t care – no matter who you are, you’re going to be sucked into the World Cup frenzy. And we have the perfect place for you to bask in the excitement that’s about to take over this country.

Join other crazed football fans at Fat Ronaldos World Cup Bar & Grill from Thursday 12 June for five weeks of World Cup coverage in the heart of Shoreditch. Lounging on deck chairs under tropical palm trees, a samba style atmosphere will make you feel like you actually did make it to Brazil (almost).

To hype up us football fans even further, although let’s be real, we don’t need more hyping up, the venue will be screening vintage re-runs of World Cup classics, as well as hosting a World Cup sticker swap shop where fans can relive the times of Paninni sticker books.

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