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BLOG: Finnish Guys Getting Ready for Davis Cup!

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Blog post published on 31 January 2014, written by hemuli.
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A 23-year-old guy from Finland traveling the world playing tennis. Besides tennis, I love to grind MTTs and SnG's on FTP and PokerStars.

My bankroll has grown over 3K and I have started to play higher limit SnG's and moved to $20 and $50, and also once in a while taking shots at the $60 buy-in SnG's...depending on what players been sitting at the tables.

I feel that there is less regulars in the bigger games then in the smaller games maybe because fishes are more likely to take shots in bigger games? Not sure but I have just played few games so far so maybe its gonna change.. But anyway feeling good with the stakes, usually I can't play good in the start when I move to bigger games because I am feeling more pressure during the bubble etc and folding hands that I normally push.. But haven't had this pressure now playing these games!

I was also few days ago playing in the Gran Casino 1/1 in Helsinki and made 60euro profit with few friends, I played pretty bad in the start everybody was so loose and i wasn't used to raises 5x in the start so folded few good hands..

I haven't played that many games during this week I have been practicing with the Davis Cup team, and today is the games starting against Bulgaria! LETS GO FINLAND! So I won't be playing poker this weekend that much.. But I will try to get few games anyway! But got to run to practice ! Until next time! LETS GOO FINLAND!!


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9 comments on "Finnish Guys Getting Ready for Davis Cup!"

 bowie198431/01/2014 20:26:27 GMT
Go, go, go brothers from Finland!

I dont have any firsthand information about how many fishes swimming at the higher stake online tables (although sometimes I stop to wander around who plays what when and how) but my sixth sense could tell me, that just because somebodys bankroll enables him to play on levels where the stakes significantly higher it dont mean necessary the his/her abilities are elevated properly to that level yet.
So yeah I would say theres probably plenty fish on every level, but the online game is really changing its pace so fast that myself rather not say semi-thruths and whatnot about people who participating in it, It might not stand up for two months from now.
 doubletop77701/02/2014 13:48:47 GMT
This must be a common occurance in Finland i.e. tennis players playing poker. The most famous one being Patrik Antonious and if you are half as succesful as him you would have done well
 ddblt197001/02/2014 15:59:35 GMT
I also feel, that the medium stakes are the most fishy, because the gamblers usually don´t want to gamble for just 1$.

 Theapple01/02/2014 19:06:16 GMT
nice warmup :o
 Macubaas02/02/2014 07:20:57 GMT
I do not play sng but the same thing is kind of valid to cash games too, i mean there are intermediate limits on which regulars are a lot less compared to lower stakes.

I think at those levels you find indeed more fishes that try to take shots there and less regulars but you can turn that to your advantage for sure Blink
 doomdy02/02/2014 07:31:21 GMT
Nice blog, hope also to read some tennis storys.
 Theapple02/02/2014 20:54:05 GMT
yea talk a bit more about tennis, we got enough poker on this site Tongue
 Fakiry12/02/2014 10:57:40 GMT
You will find great competitors if you decide to pass a few days over Portugal, as in tennis as at the poker tables.
 Heskor12/02/2014 13:15:40 GMT
I love betting on finlands players when they play tennis, make some money off them, backing them to win. Cheers keep it up mate, hope you make it both in poker and in professional tennis, at the rate you going and practicing with top players, you are looking good. Smile

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