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BLOG: It is NOT free!!!!

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Blog post published on 21 April 2015, written by IceQueenAce.
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Female, 38, UK

It really insults my intelligence and annoys me greatly when people try and tell me something is free. It is not. Nothing in this world is free and there is always a catch.

The biggest culprit that annoys me the most is mobile phone companies. You know the like, when you get a smooth salesman try and sign you up to a contract with the promise of a free phone. IT IS NOT FREE!!! And then when you tell them it is not free, they argue.

I was at the phone shop the other day with my other half. Now, I have my own phone and my contract is £10 a month. He has a ‘free' phone and his contract is £40 a month. The sums don't add up. So I make a suggestion. We will take the free phone and my contract for £10 a month and then all are happy. But no, they can't do that because it has to be the £40 contract. "So it is not a free phone". "Yes it is." ARGHHHHH.

Someone somewhere along the line someone has to pay for things. So why should people try and pull the wool over the eyes of customers. Just say it as it is and don't treat us like we are stupid.

In poker we often get ‘free' things. Again, this isn't free. Sites take a charge from us for playing poker with them. And they ‘overcharge' knowing that they will give some of it back (in the form of rakeback, freerolls, free seats etc etc). The key to making the most of this, and I am assuming that most of us are here for what we can get out of it, is to remembering it isn't free and looking for the expected value in the game.

If you blindly try and take every bonus out there, clear every condition to the free games then invariably you won't be making the most of every dollar you can be earning. Look at the terms and conditions. Decide where you can get value and if you can, take that value. But never be afraid to turn away from a bonus if the conditions make it a -EV game for you. I learnt this the hard way and wasted many a bonus by not playing the right games at the right times and would be a lot better off if I had just taken a little time.

If not you, who? If not now, when?


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14 comments on "It is NOT free!!!!"

 3pokeronly21/04/2015 08:58:20 GMT
"Free to a good Home, kittens" sucked me in, cost me $$'s every week!!

Totally agree ICA read the fine print and plan your course of actions to ensure it meets your needs and you can get the most out of each offer, for the least investment, pass on the ones that do not suit, saves both time and money, despite what quantum physicist say, time is finite, or certainly for us and the most important commodity to make the most of, money not so much, definitely a nice-to-have but that can be replaced.
 doubletop77721/04/2015 09:30:12 GMT
I am a big believer in 'you dont get anything in life for free' and am very sceptical whenever i am offered anything for 'free'. The mobile phone thing is a particularly good example
 pochui21/04/2015 10:10:42 GMT
ICA said: "Nothing in this world is free and there is always a catch". and most of the time this is actually right BUT/BUTT there are exceptions to the rule (thats usually the case with most of rules)- lets talk poker: you are offered $10 free no strings attached for depositing $100- deposit, withdraw take the free $10 (ok maybe small loss on transactions, still ~$9 free). the thing is that you can get something for free if someone else is paying for you- in poker the public that can't withdraw their money after deposit, because lure of gambling is too much on them... pays for those who can control themselves. there are many similar situations in life.
 superthight21/04/2015 12:06:51 GMT
hello.everyone im back!and totally agree not all things is free .suffered a lot of expenses on my computer without getting any free.hows life in here tell me news mates Confused
 klash2321/04/2015 14:03:01 GMT
I agree with you IQA,especially when it comes to dealing with a salesman,sometimes they talk so much crap to the customer that they actually believe in it themselves.
When it comes to bonuses then sometimes you can get stuff free,recently I joined a new UK casino and got 50 free spins which I turned into £200,withdrawn no hassle and in May I'll be enjoying a night in now but because the casino was so good in dealing with me I may deposit again so maybe I will pay later!!!
 crash5821/04/2015 14:13:44 GMT
Your saying his phone is not free, you have a $10.00 plan, he would have a $40.00 plan, now what your saying is He would have exactly the same amount of free minutes daytime and evening ,exactly the same amount of texting, exactly the same amount of data, exactly the same features, like call display , call waiting, etc. there would be absolutely nothing different in your plans. other wise your comparing apples to oranges. and his phone might be free.

I have 2 phones:
#1 cost $0.00
free unlimited day and evening
free texting
free phone features
cost $20.00 mth. there is nothing cheaper in canada.
so phone is free

#2 cost $0.00
free unlimited day and evening
free texting
free phone features
free data
free canada wide long distance
cost $30.00 mth there is nothing cheaper in canada
so phone is free.

so sometimes things are actually free Big Smile
 Heskor21/04/2015 14:38:51 GMT
Yeah nothing is free in life especially if you play poker you have to put in a lot of hardwork for it to pays out in the long term, if you are lazy like me and do not want to put the time and effort then it will be useless thinking of making money off poker as a living, anyway good luck out there take it as a mantra always think that nothing is free, so good luck at the tables and keep posting those good blog post always good to read when i return home from work, cheers mate keep it up!
 takingdrugs21/04/2015 15:00:32 GMT
i love free things, and free money.

recently cashed out £200 afrer clearing the play though for a £35 free no deposit casino bonus.
and this really got me thinking, obv i was very lucky to clear the bonus but i cleared it with a balance of +£700 and was only able to cash out £200
but all 700 is money that i physically took out of the casino slots and there for money that will not be won by depositing players so by giving me £35 and me getting luck the casino has proffited by £500.

even if only managed to cash out the $35 i started with with 200x playthrough on slots with 98% payout rate 2%(70p) x 200 - £35 = £105 minimum profit for the casino if they give you a free 35 and you can cash it out.

and all you lot here were congratulating me for "screwing over the casino"
funny how money works hey.

i probs should of put that extra £500 back in to the slots before i cashed out, come to think of it, would of been better for other players then.
 IceQueenAce21/04/2015 17:20:17 GMT
Indeed takingdrugs that's a very good point that I hadn't thought of.

@klash And the money they give you to play isn't free either, because it takes time to clear and that is your time. They pay you for your time knowing that it is an investment for them because a lot of people will deposit to play and lose a lot more.
 damosk21/04/2015 18:31:37 GMT
I was kinda wondering who I agreed with! Was or is anything truly free? The free spins or the bonus money, all come at a cost. A cost of your time. So it's all relevant to what value you place on your time. I was thinking Freerolls....they are free but for the time to takes to play! But then the 100 Mob Draw tickets that I just won feels relatively totally free cos it's just the cost of the time to click a screen! I love free too!
 pinotte21/04/2015 20:12:15 GMT
Just imagine a business that would give their merchandise would they be there for a long time.
In life their is nothing free there will always be someone that will be paying or there would not be any business. Crash true you are not paying much for what you have but dont think that your phone is free its included in your monthly bill even iv its cheap.In poker its the same again nothink free bonus is just rakeback freeroll is just advertising and most of freeroll players will play cash tournament.
Very good and true blog Ice. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 luisexy6921/04/2015 20:43:16 GMT
We live in a world that no one give a free for nothing, every thing in this generation in this years, pay one way or another, phones, cars, tv, food, promotions of supermarkets, goverment, and other stuff, all things that this persons say that is for free, we have to doubt of what will see or pay in the future.
Read all the terms and conditions or stuff in contracts or in the letters in small size.
 awood8821/04/2015 21:13:37 GMT
I think there are a few interesting points here.

If you go to the supermarket and there's an offer on bread buy one get one free, is the second loaf truly free? No company will willingly lose money so the possibilities are

1. the bread actually costs a lot less than you'd think and the supermarket is turning a small profit even when selling the loafs at half price
2. the supermarket loses money on bread to entice customers in and buy other essentials, which they make more profit on
3. the supermarket forces bread manufacturers to drop their price, they use underhand tactics and dominate the market, passing on the savings to customers without losing out.

in case 1, the bread is NOT FREE, you've been duped into thinking you're paying less but averaged out you're losing money on the deal. In case 2, the bread is ACTUALLY FREE, but if you're not wise you end up paying more on your whole shop. If you're smart, if you shop around and pick the best deals from several shops, you save money. In case 3, you SAVE IN THE SHORT TERM but someone else is always getting screwed over. It's not sustainable and it might come back around to bite you.

If you want to apply that to online poker, you could say that all the points schemes are a con (they over charge you to give you some of it back), the bonuses are profitable if you shop around and only play with them, and if some promotion does sound too good to be true, just think that the whole thing is going to collapse soon enough.
 bowie198414/05/2015 11:26:09 GMT
I see any action anywhere like 'buy one get one free' or something in a similar vein I just go to the counter stating: thanks, but I only want the free part, the part which I'd have to 'buy' you can keep it for yourselves.
Of course nothing is free, but I'd like to get anything 4 free if I have a choice.

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