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PokerStars SportStar Marcus Hellner Wins Olympic Gold Medal!

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Posted on 18 February 2014 by "T".

Sweden made skiing history last weekend at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, when it became the first country in 42 years to win both the men's and the women's 4x10-kilometer cross-country relays.

A day after its women's earned a narrow come-from-behind victory, PokerStars SportStar Marcus Hellner skied alone down the final straight waving a Swedish flag on Sunday. Hellner began the forth leg with a 14-second lead against Maxim Vylegzhanin of Russia and he quickly extended the gap to win by an impressive 27.3 seconds.

According to PokerStars Blog, Marcus Heller started his skiing career at the age of 16 when he joined a special high school for the sport in northern Sweden. Now, 12 years later at the the age of 28, he has three Olympic gold medals to his name. In the recent years, he joined the likes of Boris Becker and Rafael Nadal on Team SportStars. He plays on PokerStars under the alias "M.Hellner".


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7 comments on " PokerStars SportStar Marcus Hellner Wins Olympic Gold Medal!"

 doubletop77718/02/2014 09:51:14 GMT
Congratulations to Marcus Hellner on winning a gold medal. I watched these cross country events and have been in awe of the fitness levels of these competitors and they deserve all the accolades they get
 bowie198418/02/2014 12:39:45 GMT
Congratulations to anyone who can not only participate but win too in the Russian Summer Olympiade. Oh wait, its february, but the whole place melting like a snowflake on a finger. Also the hotels and the transportations and all other civilzed things should've got a mention too, I mean friggin Bob Costas got an eye infection from the water he showered in. Its really amazing and fantastic that more than twenty years after the soviet empire got smacked up real good by history they are really cant make anything normal and worthwile anymore. Not that the soviets were good at this, but here is the finest example that money cannot buy even clean f*cking water, let alone functioning roads & hotels or competent building contractors. Weather maybe the only thing that shouldt be blamed on them.
 Heskor18/02/2014 14:06:08 GMT
Cheers to him, good promotion as always from pokerstars having some exposure in the Russian countries etc, like when there is snow, stay home and play poker lol.

The winter olypmcs was fun to watch, lots of great moves giving me adrenaline rush, only downside was that injury that somebody had to be uprated.

Anyway nice and good news!
 demodawggy18/02/2014 16:21:48 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
Congratulations to Marcus Hellner on winning a gold medal. I watched these cross country events and have been in awe of the fitness levels of these competitors and they deserve all the accolades they get

Some of those skiing events can be VERY gruelling indeed... Takes a LOT of stamina to continually propel yourself in such an energy inefficient manner,...and ESPECIALLY in the bi-athalon where you then have to steady and fire a rifle at 5 targets in succession as fast as you can...!

When it comes to skiing, I much prefer the downhill events...

...but my new found favorite..... SNOWBOARD-CROSS... What a RIOT that must be...!!!

All Time Favorite British Athlete.... Clumsy Galoot Aww crap!Ski Jumper Eddy 'The Eagle' Edwards...

Big Smile< lol.... Thumbs Up
 Theapple18/02/2014 20:48:12 GMT
gz Marcus (i know youre gonna read this one!), its great to see poker pros (if he is one?) doign great at other stuff too.

 Macubaas20/02/2014 16:57:50 GMT
Huge congratulations to him, i mean he started to practice this game pretty late(at age 16) and he is so good at it Smile

A pleasant surprise would be to find out that he also is a great poker player Smile
 Fakiry22/02/2014 18:59:42 GMT
I wonder if he played some poker in training breaks. I guess he did, what better thing to do besides being in the bedroom with the Pc in front of you playing some games whyle resting?

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