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partypoker LIVE: $1M Guaranteed Event in Russia (online satellites for just 1 cent!)

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Posted on 17 January 2017 by "T".

partypoker has just announced its first partypoker Million National event in Sochi, Russia. The recently opened Sochi Casino and Resort in association with the Poker Club Management will host a $1,000,000 guaranteed event in which the winner is going to get at least $200,000!

A standard feature of partypoker LIVE is the opportunity for players to play online Day 1's. The online Day 1's start on partypoker on Sunday 12th March with the live tournament beginning on Friday 24th March.

Online satellites start on partypoker on Sunday 22nd January with buy-ins from as little as 1 cent!

Group Head of partypoker Tom Waters said: "Hosting the first partypoker Million National event in Russia is a truly exciting opportunity for partypoker and our players. We will be the first global poker operator to offer live poker at the brand new Sochi Casino and Resort, crowning our inaugural partypoker Million National champion."

Artur Voskanyan, the founder of the Poker Club Management and Manager of the poker club at Sochi Casino and Resort said: "We have been waiting for many years for this to happen for our poker community. It is with great pleasure that we welcome partypoker to our five-star location. The city has been magnificently rebuilt and is surrounded by amazing nature including world-class ski slopes, and is only 30 minutes from the Black Sea's stylish new hotels, bars and clubs. With a $1,000,000 guarantee on this poker event, it is only the beginning of our partnership with partypoker."


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10 comments on "partypoker LIVE: $1M Guaranteed Event in Russia (online satellites for just 1 cent!)"

 pochui17/01/2017 19:42:43 GMT
well that's a nice idea that i am like 99% sure will work out just great, russians love to gamble and surely this event will attract plenty of fellas with lotsa cash, there will be massive drinking involved, lotsa hot melons around and also pretty intense gambling... ahhh sounds like paradise, paradise in sochi.
 bowie198417/01/2017 20:18:40 GMT
Massive drinking for sure but Sochi is happened to be set very far from the quality russian night life so the hot melons... I do not think so going to be there. Big Smile By the way I don't know anybody who would say that they want to go compete on a poker tournament in Russia after they are already everywhere on every online site all the time.
 Gerimantas17/01/2017 22:03:59 GMT
I am thinking about trying to go there, not having the biggest bankroll, but in our country we do not get many chances to play in such big tournaments and russia is not far from lithuania and i know russian language well enough, maybe i will play there.
 TigerAxL18/01/2017 00:00:17 GMT
do you mean to move there ? ....just to play poker ? It doesn t sound good at all
 doubletop77718/01/2017 09:08:02 GMT
These sort of tournaments always catch the imagination and i look forward to reading updates on it. It would be fascinating to read about someone qualifying for just 1 cent (hope its me!!!)
 Ingrind3318/01/2017 12:11:35 GMT
Posted by TigerAxL:
do you mean to move there ? ....just to play poker ? It doesn t sound good at all

can you give me a lesson on how to insert those smileys?
 pajalnick18/01/2017 13:02:06 GMT
I certainly live in Sochi Russia but quite far away from me ... 2334 km ... so I certainly do not go there ... it was closer to where I would have thought about the trip .. and in general I prefer to play online
 kent197418/01/2017 16:27:06 GMT
Finally it happened!!! The Russian poker community have been waiting for this for many years, after the poker was recognized in our country illegally Sad .This is a real feast for the Russian grinders. Take my word for it that in Russia a lot of very good players. Both online and offline. I know many strong online players who regularly participate in offline events ( EPT, WSOP,PCA, etc.). They are happy to take part in this event on their land. I will make every effort to qualify for this event. My bankroll does not allow me direct entry. Smile
 damosk18/01/2017 17:11:51 GMT
Sochi is THE anew venue in Russia and it would be very interesting to visit and see what it all feels like. I guess it will feel pretty sterile at the moment but over time this I am sure will change and the resort will grown and grow and offer a little of something for everybody. Give it a go.... you may like it!
 Tony_MON7ANA19/01/2017 16:55:04 GMT
Newly opened Sochi Casino and Resort in Russia looks pretty good - classy but not too flashy.
The joint effort of PartyPoker and Sochi Casino and Resort will attract many Russian residents as well as generating decent revenue or profit for both enterprises.

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