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BLOG: Tennis and Poker in Egypt

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Blog post published on 19 February 2014, written by hemuli.
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A 23-year-old guy from Finland traveling the world playing tennis. Besides tennis, I love to grind MTTs and SnG's on FTP and PokerStars.

Life is good in EgyptI have now been in Egypt for more than 1,5 week to play tennis... and also some poker. I made it to the semi-finals in the first tournament I played (tennis).

First match I was kinda rusty in the beginning, first match from inside to outside and clay courts makes its little bit hard in the beginning.. But lucky me won that one and was feeling quite okay with a 63 36 64 win! I was in the third set with a break down 13 but manage to take it back right away Smile

second match was really weird match, I started really bad and was losing 16 even it was tough games couldn't just take the important points and then I was losing 25 and then I started to hit as hard as I could and won that game to 35. Then my opponent kinda a changed his game to more passive and I was back in the game and I calling the shots in the match from that point, winning the set 75.

Third set there wasn't anything weird except I was leading 65 and 30-0 with my serve and lost 4 points in a row so that the match would be decided by a tie break.. I started really good I was all the time ahead in the match and I had 2 match points at 64 but didn't make either of them, but then at 66 made 2 points in a row to win the match! The match was a sick 3h in the sun and lots of running, so I was really tired and happy of course ! I was already thinking about the next match and how could I get physically strong again in a short time.

Did all the things my physical coach told me and the next day was feeling quite good again.. It was the quarter-final against a German guy and the match was nothing special I was actually breaking him physically, felt that he was really tired and gave up in the second set after I won the first set 75 and 2nd set 61.. And the next day wanted I had my second semifinal in my life, against a austrian guy who was around 360 in the world.. It was really hard to play, that day had a lot of wind and it was almost impossible either of us to play normal game.. I did manage in the first set little bit better then him and took it 62, second set for him 63 and the last set I lost 64... The wind was really hard, in the third set every game we made was from the other side except one game that he had the chance to start with fresh new balls and serving which game him a small edge and he used it... But anyway it was a good tournament overall and was happy.. Right now the next tournament already started and took my first round win with a 76 75 win, I had problems with my legs so tomorrow I have a day off to get them in shape hopefully!

So that was all about tennis, now to the serious part: POKER Blink all week I didn't have that much time to grind made some games here and there, If I remember right I started in egypt with a 3.2k bankroll or something like that.. first days I had problem with the internet lost 100d and 40d was because of the internet, so the next day went to the shop and said I wanted an internet to my phone so that I could pass it to my laptop.. I took a 4.5giga for 27 dollars, I think it was a decent price.. And after that just short times but was really lucky by winning very often the sng and made by bankroll growth.

Had something like 3.5k when I lost my tennis game and decided that this day Im just gonna grind all day! Made over 500d! And then next few days lost a little bit until sunday when I was actually really tired somehow decided to play tournaments. Mtops had started, played few events in the start with no success and then I ran pretty deep in the event 4 and tried to just stay awake, I did few times fall a small sleep until the sound of my turn came ( I think the week with hard tennis matches was pretty exhausting) but when I started to be in the money with 100 people left started to be awake and more the tournament was going longer the more I was awake! I dont remember many hands before the final table but one was for sure stayed in my mind when I had aces and one guy that was all the time re-raising me and he did that again, then I was thinking that he knew that I knew that he was doing that so made a small 4bet so that he would shove and he to shoved with KJs (hearts) and the flop was a sick 7 4 2 with 3 hearts ( I didn't have heart of ace) and was already thinking that fuck this shit (the pot was a huge pot that would put the winner in CL) and then turn came with a 7 and river was just as I wanted an ACE.. I took the lead for a small time, then made a bad move that cost me the cl.

I had q4s and was in the bb when somebody min raised and I called and the flop was 4 2 8 with 2diamonds, I checked he c-bet and I re-raise him 2,5 times his bet and he waits really long until he shoves, and just had a feeling that it will come even the odds wasn't the best.. and as gambler when he thinks his gonna win the hand without thinking the odds he takes it right Smile but yeah I called it but didn't take the pot.. So I had little bit less then the average after that.. In the final table I was pretty short I was 7 out of 9 and then came a hand that the last 2 guys shoved and I had QQ so called they had AK and AQ flop was a nice A Q 4 with the turn K and river dont even remember.. After that I was 4th and then just kinda waiting for the shorts stack to lose.. (I know that you shouldn't watch the prize money etc... but what can you do) then at some point we were 4 left with 2 big stack and 2 shorts stack including me, the other short stack lost a flip and few hands after I lost also a flip with 9T vs 55.. But anyway made 3k from that tournament, if I remember right its the biggest amount I have ever won even I had bigger roll back in the days and were playing big tournaments.. So my bankroll took a good boost and it was now showing a number that I hadn't seen for many years, over 7k Smile

After that win I had some thinking to do because bigger games in FTP was filling really slow (35d-115d)... So the question is that will I move to pokerstars (where the bigger games are much more tougher)or will I just keep on playing in fulltilt and just wait for the bigger games to fill and play the 20d when waiting... I played two 115d games and there was (im not kidding) 4 fishes, 1 reg and me in both games... I won the other and the other lost in the bubble... But the level everybody was playing was so horrible... And if anyone has any good idea or advice let me know! I know everybody has some GOOOOOOD advices so bring them uppp, until next time brotheeeeeerssssss!!! <3


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7 comments on "Tennis and Poker in Egypt"

 Heskor19/02/2014 14:00:08 GMT
Great read, I keep reading your post every time I see tennis. Looks you are going strong, good luck mate, hope you make it. You should work on your Aces both poker and tennis. Big Smile

Keep moving forward and enjoy your good life. I love it.

Have fun and good luck in your game. Smile
 Fakiry19/02/2014 15:45:52 GMT
I see you are in favour towhat concerns to have poker as a very good mental acrovity to take in the breaks of physical sports tourneys. I believe there are each time more football pros who do that either besides reading and studying because it really makes the mind work with the extra of being able to be a lot funnier. So in conclusion the poker worked out better than the tennis matches but i guess you dont mind that much thia time. You just have to remember those 3k Smile
 Theapple19/02/2014 22:33:33 GMT
Hey wow... first of all gz on your semis ! Had no idea we have a tenis pro under our ranks ! :o

but important things first, i guess as you got that far, all the way to semifinals... you got ITM on that tourney, right right? Big Smile Big Smile

also, this part is priceless

" I did few times fall a small sleep until the sound of my turn came"


congrats on your mtops ft, and that 3k prize looks like it just made your already great week even better, speaking of which... wasnt that bad week for you, was it.

cant wait for your next blog
 teddybears7319/02/2014 23:06:10 GMT
great read and 2 great results ,well done on that tnstns.
i know one thing it must be really tiring playing tennis for three hours in the heat over there,so to do that and then go and play poker well you must be super fit and really good at both games respect to you there.
gl and keep the posts coming.
 Plexo20/02/2014 00:46:12 GMT
Great man that you are getting good results in poker and tennis.

Anyway my advice would be that you focus your energy on tennis.
I mean you seem to be a pretty good player. Try to jump to challys this year and put all your efforts on that. Poker will be always there when you want, but professional tennis in 10 years more probably not.

As I told you before, I am also a tennis player (but no even close to be a pro ahhaha) and I like to follow my countrymates around the world.

I saw that Polipnik lost in first round against Fleming, an unexpected result.
I also saw that you won your first round. I hope you can defeat the second seeded and reach QF! good luck man!!!!!!!!
 doubletop77720/02/2014 10:17:22 GMT
Some very good results in both Tennis and Poker and i hope that it continues for you because you seem to be a very nice person who writes a very enjoyable blog. Good luck to you in the future
 hemuli21/02/2014 10:08:00 GMT
Thanks guuuysss! mucho gracias brotheeers! I lost yesterday in 3sets Sad little bit sad, i had a good feeling in the ball, but now I had some problems with breathing felt like even I was breathing couldn't get proper air.. probably the first week was so tough that I wasn't quite physically ready..

Yesterday played some poker of course Smile and its only to take my focus off tennis, its important to have fun in the tournaments, if you dont get the time wasted somehow then u will get burned out before the season even starts Smile So basically when im in tournaments and I dont have anything to do I play poker or watch series, its a good way to get the time pass quickly Smile Oh yeah and the funny part about yesterday's poker was that I came 10th, well that wasn't the funny part the funny part was that it was omaha Big Smile I have played maybe 5 times in my life omaha and have no idea about the odds of actually anything... i know aces are good to go Blink but thats almost all I know.. So omaha is pretty lucky especially in tournaments! I checked that I was on the leaderboard of the mtfops in 12th even I haven't put so much effort in it! So running quite okay, maybe today ill try to play one.. The first 3 guys gets buy ins to miniftops to all events could be nice to be top3 but its of course almost impossible...

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