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BLOG: Riding Your Luck

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Blog post published on 27 March 2014, written by The Prince of Freerolls.
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The Prince of Freerolls
England, 22 years of Age.

You may have wondered why I didn't write anything last week. You may not have, and that's okay too. The reason for my absence was due to what happened to me whilst walking home from the casino last Tuesday night.

One of the many drawbacks of working at a casino, along with handling drunk people and the fact that they're playing poker and you're not, is that your shift often ends early in the morning. Usually between that gap between after the last bus for the night and before the earliest bus the next morning.

When this happens I have a choice: take a taxi that'll cost roughly the same as the last two hours of my shift, or walk.

Maybe my tendency for rigorous bankroll management cost me this time though.

My walk takes me through some quiet parts of town, and some not so quiet. It was in one of these less quiet parts of town that two kids approached me from behind asked me for the time, then pushed me to the ground.

They ran through my pockets, one shouting ‘grab his phone, grab his phone' to the other. I had no phone in my pockets, or a wallet. All I had in my pockets was a copy of The Ice at the Bottom of the World by Mark Richard, a bus pass that had ran out that day and a employee swipe card for the casino. None of which they wanted.

Ironically enough, I had removed my valuables to combat the gambling addicted workmates of my workplace. They were also known to run their hands through pockets that didn't belong to them. The thieves I knew saved me from the thieves I didn't.

They didn't save me from a couple of punches and kicks though, presumably because of my lack of items worth stealing. I got one solid punch in, though. One solid punch that earned me a couple back. They got bored eventually though and left, not before calling me a nerd.

Presumably because I read books and don't think about my potential muggers needs. I guess they can keep calling me a nerd. I'm fine with that.

It was a bad experience, but one that I don't want to let bring me down. I was in work the next day, bruises and cuts an all. People worried about me, and my boss changed my rota to stop my long walks home from happening again.

It was an experience that has made me think, though. About why you'd do that to someone, about how many people it's happened to before. And about luck. I've walked that street hundreds of times, and never even seen anyone on it. Maybe my luck ran out.

Maybe I shouldn't rely on luck at all.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be writing about the concept of removing luck out of the game of poker. I figured if a terrible thing happened to me, I might as well make it useful.

And I promise, for all those who do care and for all those who don't, I'll try not to miss a blog post again.

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16 comments on "Riding Your Luck"

 jeffaboy27/03/2014 10:39:23 GMT
Ahh man Sad i really hope you are okay now and it is great that you take such a bad experience to make a good thing out of it.
Really got a lot of respect for that and eh get well soon i woul say. peace out mate Smile
 Phisix27/03/2014 11:24:27 GMT
Damn man that sounds harsh but I would rather take a small beating then have my phone and money stolen. I take it by Taxi means there were no buses running at that time?
 doubletop77727/03/2014 12:08:41 GMT
Terrible thing to happen to anyone and these two cowards should be ashamed of themselves. Great to hear that you come through this with not too much damage and i hope you wont let it affect your everyday life
 Heskor27/03/2014 14:54:50 GMT
yeah this is sad and a terrible thing to happen to any person, glad you are taking it as an experience and I would too, i just learned not to bring many valuables when going to work just the necessity and also for casino trip etc.

Anyway happy you taking it positively, keep it up mate, life can play twist at you, but we always come back stronger!
 bowie198427/03/2014 20:40:17 GMT
Sad to read it mate, I hope you recover soon (in both physical and psychological way).
I always reading it that youth crime is at all time high in England, I would've thought that a tory goverment will be tough on crime no matter what, but probably they are not the ones who have to walk home alone at night.
Next time try to wait for the first morning bus, the time you could save by walking home would not worth it (to have another stressfull experience at night).
 noonlion28/03/2014 22:30:49 GMT
Sorry hear you got mugged - the good thing is they got nothing.
I love the fact you only had a paperback on you, strikes me as really amusing. I wonder if they were literate.
I guess you know in the future never to take anything valuable either. Lessons and a story Smile
 ddblt197029/03/2014 21:39:14 GMT
Really sad to read such things.

 olekwawa29/03/2014 22:48:59 GMT
Im so lucky lucky
 Macubaas30/03/2014 07:02:57 GMT
Sorry to hear that this happend to you, but i guess the good part is that you did not have anything valuable on you...

I hope that you'll be able to recover pretty soon in order to be able to come back to playing poker Smile
 Theapple30/03/2014 18:00:03 GMT
dam, sorry to hear sht like that happened to you, but you know ... all is well that ends well, sort of :=)

In the end they didnt manage to get anything of you, so i guess that should make you happy... not in a sense that you didnt lost anything of value, but more like... they didnt gain anything by mugging you, idk at least for me that would be rather satisfying Tongue

hey and on a good side, you got a new shift, hope you like it.
 huffas31/03/2014 02:20:21 GMT
Really sorry to hear about this man but it can happen to any person in any place. Hope you will be up soon.
 ddblt197005/04/2014 20:12:33 GMT
Damn, guy, I have read all your other blog articles and it seems like you have very bad luck.

Always sad stories... Sad
 toughman4613/04/2014 12:23:22 GMT
I think them guys were cowards, if they were each by themselves. they would not of done that, they have to pair up to gang up on someone and in my books that is a coward, but glad to hear you are okay and your spirits are still up there, good luck in future.
 ddblt197017/04/2014 15:26:16 GMT
Of course these people are cowards,

+ in some places I wouldn´t walk unarmed.
 rambob02/05/2014 20:28:02 GMT
i m so sorry, its so sad to hear this hapened to you. hope you come back soon and take this hardluck bihand you.
 ddblt197003/05/2014 15:31:22 GMT
Where exactly do you live?

Because in my country in bigger cities (+200k inhabitants) there are night buses. They are very useful (and well organised).

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