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EPT Sanremo: Vicky Coren Becomes EPT's First Two-Time Champion!

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Posted on 21 April 2014 by "T".

A big congratulations to Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren who ended up winning the EPT Sanremo Main Event yesterday for €476,100 and a SLYDE watch! Coren, from UK, was the first women to win an event on the European Poker Tour when she took down the EPT London Main Event in 2006.

Now, 8 years later, she is the first player ever to win two Main Events on the tour! Most poker fans knew the day would come when the EPT got its first two-time champion, but the question is: how many thought a women would get there first? Let's hope that her impressive achievement will encourage much more ladies over the globe to start playing poker!

EPT10 Sanremo Main Event
Date: April 14-20, 2014
Buy-in: €4,900
Game: NLHE Main Event
Players: 556
Prize pool: €2,480,872

1. Vicky Coren Mitchell, UK, Team PokerStars Pro, €476,100
2. Giacomo Fundaro, Italy, €298,700
3. Jordan Westmorland, USA, €213,850
4. Andrea Benelli, Italy, €166,700
5. Andreas Goeller, Italy, €130,750
6. Bruno Stefanelli, Italy, €102,700
7. Andrija Martic, Croatia, €76,650
8. Emmanuel Pariset, France, €53,100

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14 comments on "EPT Sanremo: Vicky Coren Becomes EPT''s First Two-Time Champion!"

 DarkLucas21/04/2014 13:02:51 GMT
It was an nice come back for her. I look at final an time until got some guessts and she was at4th place with 1.5 million cips, and the Jordan W. lead the table with 7.5 million cips, and how i see he finished just in 3rd place.
 bowie198421/04/2014 13:06:32 GMT
Oh-oh-ah-oh-oh, where did the chinamen go?
After the first day as chipleader, he got knocked down on the ladder.
Oh-oh-ah-oh-oh, where did the chinamen go?
He loved picnics like Yogi Bear, now hes back eating at a chinese hell...
Oh-oh-ah-oh-oh, where did the chinamen go?
 Heskor21/04/2014 14:28:41 GMT
cheers gogo team pokerstars this will give more light to the best site in the world at the moment and i cannot see other sites competing with it financially or even with players pools. Cheers nice videos but my eyes keeps darting at her bodies. Big Smile

Anyway all the chip leaders fell out and none was at the final table. It is like a curse lol!
 ddblt197021/04/2014 17:10:09 GMT
Very nice women.

I wish her the win.
 Lineamarci421/04/2014 17:21:09 GMT
Damn this girl is so clever i've seen her plays on tv and amazed
 doubletop77722/04/2014 08:22:59 GMT
Many congratulations to Vicky Coren for winning this event. I still cant believe that there as never been a two time winner before now, just going to prove how hard it is to win one of these things
 noonlion22/04/2014 16:52:41 GMT
Awesome! Really pleased for her and to be the first to win two Main Events is historic so she'll be remembered for that one.
Interetsing to see so many Italians up there as well in the home event - they must have been rooting hard for the 2nd place guy to take it down.
 marqis22/04/2014 17:13:30 GMT
She is one smart cookie. I knew her from television before she played poker (a quiz show on the BBC, and several panel shows).
She has a great sense of humor, not unlike her husband David Mitchell, which IMO is the funniest man in the UK...
 ddblt197022/04/2014 17:17:27 GMT
In a bigger event even if you are a great player (let´s say in 500 entrants event you will place first every tournament out of 50), the chance of winning the event twice is 1/2500,
which is still very small chance.
 klash2312/05/2014 11:56:39 GMT
Well done to fellow English woman Victoria.
I was going to say ........"It was an nice come back for her. I look at final an time until got some guessts and she was at4th place with 1.5 million cips, and the Jordan W. lead the table with 7.5 million cips, and how i see he finished just in 3rd place.".......But
it seems Dark Lucas and rambob(post 1 and 10) have already said it.......

Question Question Question
 Drawacard12/05/2014 16:24:34 GMT
Awesome - I like her too. You see her a bit and David Mitchel more on some funny quiz shows. Not so keen on her quiz show though to be honest - although I only saw it once. lol. She makes a better contestant... and poker player obviously.

Congrats Vicky Coren!!! I enjoy watching you at the table. Smile
 Heskor12/05/2014 17:42:26 GMT
Cheers a very good record broken and very happy this is won by a woman in a dominating fields with men. Anyway congratulations to Vicky hope she continues her form and break another record in the next tourney or maybe next year when she came back she could go for the 3 times in a row champion for the same event. Anyway like blondes so will follow her cheers!
 Drawacard12/05/2014 18:06:17 GMT
OK - her program is called 'Only Connect' - I just watched an episode.. it's 'alright' as these quizzes go, it's quite cleaver, but rip roaring entertainment it ain't. Big Smile I do like her though, she turns up on 'Have i got News for You' and things like that. Smile

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