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EPT Sanremo: 162 Players Ready For Day 3

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Posted on 08 October 2012 by "T".

A total of 797 players signed up for the EPT Sanremo Main Event this time. Today the third day of the tournament will be played and 162 players are chasing the first prize of €800,000. Inge Forsmo (picture), from Norway, is the chip leader with a stack of 606,100 and big names such as David Vamplew, Shaun Deeb, Isaac Haxton, Ana Marquez, Chris Moneymaker, Liv Boeree and Pius Heinz are among the players that will join Forsmo at the tables today.

Day 3 will begin at 14:00 CET (08:00 ET) today. We will be back with another update tomorrow morning! Stay tuned!


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5 comments on "EPT Sanremo: 162 Players Ready For Day 3"

 Fakiry08/10/2012 10:04:29 GMT
What a big starting field at Sanremo, were they already expecting for so many players to join this? They must have a previous calculation according to the number of entrances from the satelites, and summing those regulars that always go for a shot paying the buy-in for themselves, but i believe this number was beyound their expectations. Well, what matters now is that the biggest part of them already stop playing in the main event (maybe some are still there in side games) and now it's when things tend to get even more difficult to the weaker ones. I bet on three more days for this action.
 doomdy09/10/2012 08:12:50 GMT
Watch for the stunning PKR girl Sofia 'welllbet' Lövgren, god she is hot ffs.
I thoughr she is playing there.
 Fakiry09/10/2012 11:56:27 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
Watch for the stunning PKR girl Sofia 'welllbet' L�en, god she is hot ffs.
I thoughr she is playing there.

She doesn't look "that" hot to me, she is cute, she looks nice, but she still has that girlie look which, in her case, it's not very favourable. In some cases, this look gives girls a lot more power, but in her case it seems to decrease some other atributes that she may have hide in herself. Is she still in the race?
 godoy30/04/2018 02:45:55 GMT
a tournament of this greatness and with such a large number of players and manage to get there and a very good feat and should be celebrated with a victory because very few have ever played a tournament of this and much less still spoke that pass for day 3 and final day
 dule-vu30/04/2018 13:30:34 GMT
godoy you are really m O r O n!cant believe what are you doing and that you type in threads who are 6 years old and you find 5 of them today and write things that dont have any sense!STOP doing this and see that we have thread just for you,where we warn you about this problem!

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