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2014 WSOP: Accepting Bets On Neither Of Them Winning a Gold Bracelet...

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Posted on 23 May 2014 by "T".

Phil Ivey and Daniel NegreanuThe 2014 World Series of Poker features 65 unique events and will run May 27 - July 14. Two players that will be fighting extra hard for a bracelet this summer are Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey.

In case you missed it, Negreanu and Ivey have made it possible to bet against them winning a bracelet this summer in Vegas to even money. However, as you probably figured out, they are not targeting the regular joes but people who can fork out between $5k and $1 million on one single bet! 

Negreanu and Ivey have won a combined 15 gold bracelets, so it's defiantly now an easy bet if you have $5k+ to risk. According to some betting experts, the two pros should have a slight advantage - mainly because there are multiple high-buy events that aren't likely to create big field sizes, including the 56-player cap BIG ONE for ONE DROP. Let's assume that 56 players enter the latter, then Negreanu and Ivey will represent 3.57% of the entire field size. According to Sam Trickett, who finished runner-up to Antonio Esfandari in the 2011 BIG ONE for ONE DROP, it might be enough to win 1-2 big hands to make it to the final table in the tournament in question.


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11 comments on "2014 WSOP: Accepting Bets On Neither Of Them Winning a Gold Bracelet..."

 doubletop77723/05/2014 11:01:26 GMT
I still think that even money is a very fair price for not winning a tournament.It all depends on how many tournaments they enter but you will have a lot of players running for you
 Heskor23/05/2014 14:57:34 GMT
hah prob bet fopr them this is the lowest amount they can afford too and they will take a lot of bets and they have a lot of money so it is just loose change for them but i am glad for them doing so well they deserve it with the skills they got and being in the game for so long! Anyway good luck to them hope one of them wins it!
 pochui24/05/2014 06:57:36 GMT
so what are the odds, i might fork a million or two for both of them not getting a single bracelet if i get anything close to evens... even a 56 players field is not easy to beat, since we're talking about a single tourney and as you know those AA's do get cracked from time to time
 ddblt197024/05/2014 17:07:15 GMT
Too bad I don´t have that much money, because I would put it all against them. Big Smile

 noonlion24/05/2014 21:54:49 GMT
I wouldn#t put a dime on that bet. How easy is it for either of them to influence whether they win or not?
They can easily play shit and win money from bets against them (assuming there's some dodgy thing going on here...) which tbh when poker players announce this sort of shit there's always an edge for them somewhere somehow.
 ddblt197026/05/2014 09:34:22 GMT
You didn´t understand what they offer, they offer to double your money if neither of them wins the tournament! Which is very probable!
 Theapple26/05/2014 11:32:44 GMT
betting on odd stuff is cool... and just when you thought youve seen it all :o
 Macubaas26/05/2014 19:53:51 GMT
I'm glad that i do not have that kind of money to bet, i'm somehow attracted to this kind of weird bets Big Smile

I think this story is another very good reason to watch all the events that will be played this year on wsop!
 ddblt197028/05/2014 08:46:46 GMT
Well I would definitely be able to put that money together,

but I really don´t like bets. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 Calmplay05/06/2014 16:34:38 GMT
Paul Volpe 783,000
Jason Mercier 469,000
Daniel Negreanu 426,000
Brian Rast 390,000
Larry Wright 203,000
John Monnette 169,000
Abe Mosseri 162,000

Well that's the chipcounts for event #13 and whoever accepted to bet against them is probably having a squeaky bum time as Daniel is in pretty good shape there.
 ddblt197006/06/2014 16:03:33 GMT
Not anymore... Big Smile Big Smile

But I wished that he wins another bracelet. Smile

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