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5 Most Famous Poker Players Ever

Tags: Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Erik Seidel, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey.
Posted on 13 October 2021 by "T".

Who are the most famous poker players of all time? Discover the list of poker celebrities and much more information in this article.

Poker has remained one of the most popular games for years. The fact is that it requires having brilliant analytical and logical skills, as well as a bit of luck. Millions of people prefer playing this card game and even earn good money. So, who are the leading poker players you should know about? How much money do they earn? How did common people become celebrities in the field of poker? It's time to find all the truth about playing this card game and the possible incomes you can earn if you try it too. 

Before You Dive Into the Game 
Thousands of people play poker regularly, but only a few of them become true professionals. If you would like to become an expert in this game, you will need to spend days and hours of free time to gain new knowledge and polish your skills. 

But what if you are a student with tons of academic assignments you need to complete? How can you get more free time for playing poker and earning money? The good news is that you can start using one of the best essay writing services online and get all your assignments done by true professionals. If you don't know which one to choose, you might explore essaypro, a well-known expertwriting service, to know more about their benefits. This easy solution will help you solve all your academic issues and have more free time for playing card games. By the way, if you are looking for inspiration to start playing, below is a hotlist of poker celebrities who earn millions of dollars by playing their favorite game. 

Phil Ivey
Even if you are new to the world of gambling, you might have heard about Phil Ivey, one of the world-famous players. This guy started building his dizzying career during the poker boom area and was soon considered to be an extremely skilled and high-end player in this field. 

Phil Hellmuth 
Phil Hellmuth is one of the outstanding personalities in the field. He has thousands of admirers and haters because of his bratty behavior during the games. Although the attitude to Phil is tricky, he is still one of the coolest poker pros of all time. This guy is known for demonstrating top-notch skills in every game he took part in. He was the leader in the World Series of Poker, one of the most crowded and prestigious events related to the game. Moreover, he is the one and the only player who can boast of having more than ten WSOP bracelets and a record for the most amount of cash in bracelet events. To put it short, this guy is one of the richest players of the card games worldwide. 

Daniel Negreanu
To put it short, the total live earnings of this shoppy player is a whopping $36,546,094. Furthermore, he is a happy owner of 6 WSOP bracelets. Daniel started his gambling career at the age of 17 when playing the card game in the small bars in Toronto. Being extremely talented, Negreanu quickly understood all the nuances of the game and began polishing his skills. He dropped out of high school and decided to play poker on a pro-level. Although no one supported him in this decision, Daniel was still confident with his skills and plans for the future. 

At the age of 22, Daniel moved to Las Vegas to make his childhood dreams of becoming wealthy come true. However, he was bankrupt and returned home in just six months. Despite many losses, Negreanu continued playing. 

Erik Seidel
Being a world-class expert in the game, Erik Seidel is still not a public person. Seidel ranks 4th all-time, with $38 million in live tournament cashes. All that he actually does is constantly win various live and online tournaments. Erik is considered to be one of the most skilled and prosperous players of all time. By the way, he continues playing card games even in his 60s. 

Doyle Brunson 
This famous person is also known as "The Godfather of Poker'' because of his exceptional skills and gambling experience. Being a Texas gambling legend, Brunson has been playing the game for over 50 years. He has an amazing number of 10 WSOP bracelets and dozens of records in the field. Doyle is included in the Poker Hall of Fame. He is also the author of "Super System," one of the most popular books about poker for beginners. Thousands of players follow the strategies described in the book and win. 

There are many other remarkable personalities in the field. These are Johnny Moss, Justin Bonomo, Daniel Colman, and many others. If you would like to become an expert player, you can watch the records of the games of these poker gurus, read books, and learn more about the secret gambling techniques. 


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49 comments on "5 Most Famous Poker Players Ever"

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» 5 Most Famous Poker Players Ever

 Rogerio1018/10/2021 03:35:21 GMT
Hm that would be the hard one. Becouse there is allot of youngsters who are good but not that famous like Doyle or Negreanu. For me even top 10 will be hard but ok i will try my five. The first is the legend Doyle Brunson of course, 2nd Daniel Negreanu. 3.Phill Ivey, 4. Phil Hellmuth and 5 th for me it will be Tom dwan.
 dule-vu18/10/2021 04:50:34 GMT
Very hard for everybody to choose!
 geseco1219/10/2021 03:44:36 GMT
Of course it is difficult to choose who is better or more famous playing cards, but I think there is one that we like a lot, in partycular I really like his game of patrick antonius, incredible player, and millions in live winnings.
 dule-vu19/10/2021 04:57:46 GMT
Maybe they should pick first from those who are not alive anymore!
 geseco1220/10/2021 04:20:54 GMT
There are many good players in poker, and I believe that every year more and more come out, we will always know that the best are in the big stakes, we have several poker referents and each one will choose one, we can't say only one.
 dule-vu20/10/2021 04:23:19 GMT
Its hard for everbody,but 5 names you can pick!
 ligador3720/10/2021 14:58:25 GMT
Yes and no, because in the high stakes bad players have also been seen (or perhaps the level exceeded them). Good players will usually be there. Over time, new stars will appear, and some of these names will remain.
Anyway, the thread is about famous poker players, and not necessarily that they are good. I think Hellmuth is the case
 dule-vu20/10/2021 15:00:01 GMT
how can you be famous if you are not good and you dont earn big amounts?
 ligador3720/10/2021 15:07:57 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
how can you be famous if you are not good and you dont earn big amounts?

Perhaps what I said was not understood. I'm not saying that Phil Hellmuth is one of the worst players. I think he was pretty good years ago, but today there are much better players. So I don't think he's in the top 10.
Today he is most famous for losing incredible pots or being troublesome. Although he still has his earnings of course.
 dule-vu20/10/2021 15:08:42 GMT
but he had to earn a lot of money before,that he can lose now on live tournaments Blink
 ligador3720/10/2021 15:18:30 GMT
Yes, that's why I say that before he was a very good player, but I think that now they have appeared better, that they have surpassed him (maybe they are not so famous). I think it's good that he's on this list, because he talks about famous players. But if they made one of the best players, I wouldn't put it.
Only 5 names the same is still little. At least they should have made a top ten
 dule-vu20/10/2021 15:19:23 GMT
but thats also problem in this choice,because he have 57 years and he can play for many years poker,so nobody know what he will do in years in front of him and what he will win or not!its same with other young players!
 geseco1221/10/2021 17:59:13 GMT
I think that the younger ones have reached more popularity in the poker world, you can not say who is more famous ??? but enjoy the best poker players and try to be like them, that way we will go far in the world of poker.
 dule-vu21/10/2021 17:59:51 GMT
young players and those who will start learning will know only for this younger and active players,not like those brunson,nguyen and others,but they made poker like it is now!
 geseco1224/10/2021 02:41:10 GMT
all the players have their stories of overcoming that can help the players of today, all of them are very good, each of them have something that makes them very special, each one will have his best poker player, that does not mean that the others are not good.
 ligador3724/10/2021 03:08:41 GMT
Each of us can easily choose 5 names and we may not agree on all the names because for some a player x will have affected us differently. some grew up with doyle, others with hellmuth, negreanu, ivey, etc. and some will have other famous poker players (perhaps more current that surely will have escaped me). and there is nothing wrong with that
 dule-vu24/10/2021 04:25:23 GMT
We can choose,but its question who is best!
 geseco1225/10/2021 12:47:52 GMT
it is difficult to choose who is the best, many define it in their earnings that they have had throughout his career, but that is very questionable because it is not a real sum because there are many factors to consider, now we can only say that there are many good players, and that anyone can be the best, we have
 dule-vu25/10/2021 12:48:18 GMT
But its also important what this players bring to poker as game and what will left after them!
 antonis32126/10/2021 18:05:37 GMT
So it's the most famous right ?? Not the best poker players .. I guess instead of Erik Seidel I would put another in his place , maybe Dwan or Patrick Antonius , not that these guys are more successfull than Erik Seidel , but I think they are more famous and well known in comparison to Erik Seidel , I might like him but that's the truth imo
 CALICUL26/10/2021 18:05:44 GMT
too many good players to choose
 geseco1228/10/2021 03:21:43 GMT
There are several famous players, each one has something particular that makes them well known for that, I like to see players who are aggressive and good, are profiles that entertain a poker table, where they play and form millionaires jackpots, many players have this profile so I like them a lot, there we have limitles, truetteler, carret, etc..
 dule-vu28/10/2021 05:56:09 GMT
Ever of this have something unique!
 ligador3728/10/2021 15:37:35 GMT
difficult to choose who is the best. almost impossible. I do not think it can be chosen for the profits obtained (a prize in a main event today is not the same as one from 20 years ago). although it could be said that the field today may be more difficult than at that time. there is more knowledge.
many choose Ivey as the best, but I still have doubts
 CALICUL28/10/2021 15:37:47 GMT
they are very good players but we will see

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