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Sorel Mizzi's 5km Swim Challenge

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Posted on 27 May 2014 by "T".

Approximately two weeks ago, poker superstar Sorel Mizzi announced via twitter that he had laid a 3:1 bet for $10k that he could swim from Ipanema Beach (Rio, Brazil) to one of the islands about 5km away.

Mizzi asked his followers on twitter for training advice after the annoucement: "anyone have any insight / training advice ?  I use to swim quite a bit when I was a kid but haven't swam in a while and a bit out of shape."

Many were skeptical that he would make it due to under currents, waves, rising tides; jellyfish and sharks. Some of his friends/followers were worried about his life, including Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree who tweeted, "Omg Sorel please take a support boat. For real."

Liv Boeree and other worried friends were probably a bit relieved when he made it clear that a support boat would be following him all the way. He tweeted, "Will be a support boat if I touch bet is over and I lose."

So, how did it go?
On Friday, 24 May he successfully completed the 5km swim to win the bet. However, it was very close that he didn't make it as strong under currents kept pulling him away from the island with only 5-600 meters to go. After touching the rock of the island after over 4 hours of swimming, he screamed to the people in the life boat to pick him up. In other words, it was a close call!

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11 comments on "Sorel Mizzi''s 5km Swim Challenge"

 Heskor27/05/2014 14:15:13 GMT
Cheers it is always risky with swimming bets, just wonder if there he was getting cramps and cannot swim or hit something and was in pain and could not move for a few seconds, an glad he did and there was enough protection and safety like the lifeboat just in case something happens. Anyway cheers let him has sushi now lol. Cheers!
 pinku13527/05/2014 16:37:36 GMT
Good day Smile
It surely is very hard to swim in open waters with a great threat of the aquatic animals !! but he took up the challenge and proved his mettle by winning his bet .... he made sure that he had safety boat trailing behind him for his safety ... all in all he proved himself that he is strong enough to take up challenges like these . hope he enjoyed his massage and sushi dinner very well Big Smile Thumbs Up
 Theapple27/05/2014 19:01:25 GMT
bah, no sharks or anything to make this story a bit more interesting :/ that would make amazing news 'Shark VS sharks challenge' ... (:

Big Smile
 ddblt197028/05/2014 08:40:50 GMT
Swimming 5km in open water for a rather recreational swimmer is quite a good performance.

But the time is really really bad. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 doubletop77728/05/2014 08:57:36 GMT
These poker guys will do absolutely anything to win a bet. Why would you potentially risk your life to win a bet!!! Crazy guys but it is always great to read about these prop bets
 Willid8828/05/2014 17:29:32 GMT
he is a sick puppet Big Smile
 Macubaas29/05/2014 07:49:39 GMT
I like this kind of weird bets but i think in this case it was stupid to do it...

I mean he basically put his life in danger, there are so many things that can go wrong swimming in those waters even with a support boat.
 ddblt197029/05/2014 09:06:11 GMT
Of course, something can go wrong in every situation, but I don´t think he put himself in a big risk, if something happened, they could save him quite easily from the support boat.
 Macubaas30/05/2014 10:15:20 GMT
In some situations it could have been saved but i can imagine already two situations that could turn up very nasty: strong currents that can simply drag you down in an instance and a big shark that can finish you off with just a bite...

I think next time it's better to do this challenges in a controlled environment.
 ddblt197031/05/2014 10:18:42 GMT
Despite popular beliefs, sharks are only a minor threat to a swimmer.

And currents draging you down in this place, that´s a complete nonsense.
 Mipetin01/08/2014 23:15:03 GMT
Wow 5km .. That's a long way to swim. I don't know about the time it took, but well done anyways

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