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2014 WSOP: Roland Reparejo Wins The First Bracelet Of The Summer!

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Posted on 30 May 2014 by "T".

After 3 intensive days of play, the $500 Casino Employees Event came to an end with Roland Reparejo as the winner! Reparejo, who's been playing this tournament several times in the past few years, bested a field of 876 players to lay hands on his first gold bracelet (2014 WSOP's first bracelet) and an $82,835 payday! 

Born in the Philippines, Reparejo, 55, came to the United States at the age 19 and worked for more than 30 years as a chef at various country clubs in the Palm Springs area. A few years ago, he left his executive chef position to play poker and work as a poker dealer instead.

WSOP asked him to reflect over the three decades+ working as a chef, including many 16-hour days, to his experience of winning his first gold coveted bracelet in a tournament that required 3 days of play (was supposed to be only 2 days) due to a highly-competitive final table. "I used to work many long hours," he said. "It really wore me out, but this for me was even tougher. That's why I feel so good about winning it."

Final table results:
1st: Roland Reparejo - $82,835
2nd: Corey Emery - $51,037
3rd: Charles Nguyen - $33,073
4th: Olivier Doremus - $24,203
5th: John Taylor - $17,975
6th: Brian Wong - $13,528
7th: Marcin Sobczak - $10,308
8th: David Luttbeg - $7,947
9th: Kevin Chiem - $6,192


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10 comments on "2014 WSOP: Roland Reparejo Wins The First Bracelet Of The Summer!"

 doubletop77730/05/2014 09:52:00 GMT
Many congratulations to Roland Reparejo for winning this event and taking home over eight thousand dollars.Its great to see the WSOP up and running and i look forward to seeing who wins
 ddblt197030/05/2014 09:52:48 GMT
Interesting event.

It is a great idea to make a tournament for casino emploeyees.
 Heskor30/05/2014 14:51:41 GMT
haha yeah every year this event takes place in the wsop and i like it because it shows that the casino takes care of his employees though it can be argued that they do it out of tradition nowadays but still more publicity and people will come to work there and poker players and fishes will hang around the casinos, cant wait for the other events to starts. Keep us updated BRM!
 ddblt197031/05/2014 10:20:45 GMT
Well I definitely don´t see this event as a sign that casinos take care of their employees.

I mean the players had to pay the buy in normally.
 Theapple31/05/2014 14:19:55 GMT
rolan reparejo. now thats such an awesome name. gz to guy with awesome name.
 ddblt197001/06/2014 11:57:54 GMT
I admire people who play big live tournaments.

I always wonder how they can stay concentrated that many hours straight.
 Macubaas01/06/2014 17:28:27 GMT
It's great that they made this event too, i think it's always important to give the chance to casino stuff to play and win at poker Smile

As we all know on other events the stuff can't register to play due to obvious reasons.
It's also good that such a hard worker took the first place!
 ddblt197002/06/2014 18:12:10 GMT
Well, probably there weren´t all casino employees of the world.

Who else than casino employees (and especially a lot of poker dealers) would take care of this event. Big Smile Big Smile
 noonlion02/06/2014 22:48:41 GMT
I know how tough chefing is, jesus this guy deserves it based purely on that not his poker skill.

Clearly a wise career switch.
 ddblt197004/06/2014 08:56:23 GMT
I think most of the players in this tournament (all are casino employees) have similarly tough jobs, so I don´t know why (according to you) this man deserved the win more than the others...

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