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PokerMinds Exclusive BRM Freerolls 6x€25/day

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Posted on 21 August 2014 by "M".

pokermindsWe're happy to announce that PokerMinds has joined our freeroll program and are offering all members of BankrollMob €1,550 in freeroll prizes until the 31st of August. That's no less then six (6) daily €25 freerolls for you to enjoy until the end of August.

Please note that we're not offering a leaderboard for the August PokerMinds freerolls.

Check out the freeroll schedule here!

Join PokerMinds and get a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €600 and 27% LIFETIME rakeback!

Players residing in France, Malta and the USA are NOT eligible for this offer.



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16 comments on "PokerMinds Exclusive BRM Freerolls 6x€25/day"

 Heskor21/08/2014 14:16:43 GMT
Cheers BRM thanks for the freerolls once again, have fun guys you now have 3 sites to play freerolls, full tilt, pokerstars and poker mind now. Most likely you would not have a pokermind account, so you can create one and profit from that promotion and there is rake back too in the deal, so it is even better, rake back is better than no rake back and you get good deposit bonus too. Cheers thanks again and have fun guys joining those freerolls, hoping to see you guys there!
 LIKEIT2721/08/2014 19:57:23 GMT
i dont have pokerminds yet .....
Is the software any good and how is the traffic?
Maybe i gonna try it not sure yet.

Bankrollmob is the greatest site ever, and i am proud to be a member,
Of this nice and friendly community from people all over the world.......
So Bankrollmob compliments for making this Super site/forum

 mirexxx21/08/2014 20:26:43 GMT
Bankrollmob is the greatest site ever, and i am proud to be a member,
Of this nice and friendly community from people all over the world.
So Bankrollmob compliments for making this Super site/forum
AGREE Best site!!!
 demodawggy21/08/2014 20:27:47 GMT
:O< OH NOooooooooooooooo.....! NOT another LEADERBOARD...??? Aww crap! LIKEY the leaderboard competition...!!!

I'd be willing to bet the poker on that new leaderboard will be of fair good quality being that there won't be too many facebook 'infiltrators'....! Confused Big Smile Thumbs Up

 xxxpokerxxx122/08/2014 00:01:25 GMT
I like it so far,there support is a bit slow,but its not the worst out there,and its the old pokerleaf network or what ever it was called,I think,but none of the issues that network had before,this is independent i think,which is better.. Big Smile
 qzmag22/08/2014 01:42:03 GMT
well i played 4 tourneys. 2 from brm, i dont see 6 of them everyday, i see only 2. why? or only today were 2 freerolls? Now i hope it wont be the same as ball poker, that after a year , dissapear. there are 50-100 players on. Atm is good to raise a bankroll from freerolls. i wait to win something on pokerstars / fulltilt or to cash out from brm, so i can deposit on pokerminds and get tokens to 1000 euro freeroll. there are like 30-50 players registered. and 1st place take 400 euro.

Have a nice day / night and GL.
 xxxpokerxxx124/08/2014 03:03:36 GMT
If any 1 is playing the freerolls please read there T&C's,I believe that there is a play through of 10X for any winnings made in freerolls,I only played 5 cashing 4 just enough,to start a bankroll.
 LIKEIT2724/08/2014 08:10:08 GMT
Gl for all the people that are going to play this freerol

Have a nice game and may the pokergods be with u Worship

Bankrollmob is the greatest site ever, and i am proud to be a member,
Of this nice and friendly community from people all over the world.......
So Bankrollmob compliments for making this Super site/forum
And to all the people that are using this forum......Greetings from the netherlands.....
Have a nice day ore evening Gl to you all at the tables may the pokergods be with u Big Smile

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 pacopeca29/08/2014 19:05:03 GMT
donde sale la contraseña de los torneos pokerminds de pokernews?no lo encuentro
 Relative08/09/2014 13:15:12 GMT
I have 2 questions .
1. In future there will be a leaderboard for pokerminds ?
2. On which day pokerminds pay the rakeback ?
 qzmag08/09/2014 15:15:57 GMT
Hello, i got Silver Status because i'm a BRM member Big Smile. Everyone who joined via BRM have been upgraded to Silver Status. I won one tourney Big Smile. Hope there will be a leaderboard.

Have a nice day / night and GL.
 vsemoje09/09/2014 22:26:58 GMT
wrong password for the freeroll at 22.30.
hope tommorow will work again.

have fun and gl Smile
 profek2011/09/2014 08:49:47 GMT
Where is the freerolls on this sotwafe beacuse i dont see?

i just use internet version of sotwarte beacuse normal downlaoded version is not work. Cant lunch.

So where are these tournaments?

I went into the tournaments options and i see there is only wth buy ins with minimum buy in 0.09e

Please help Smile

I cant lunch donwlaoded client , look

Its Loading and Loading and its written "brak odpowiedzi = no response from client)

Ok now i see freerolls , but i dont understand one thing.

Why they have 2 differents flash clients versions?


Cut version , dont see freerolls and its looks very poor


And there is full of freerolls and look much better than first

 bokyaw14/09/2014 12:26:46 GMT
its on the private tab Smile
 qzmag14/09/2014 22:30:32 GMT
Why is wrong password everytime on PokerMinds BRM Freeroll the one from 22:30 PM? Every day is says that the password is wrong :|
Any one know why?

Well, today was a good day, won a tourney from 109 players and now i'm at the final table 6/73 players and i'm on 5th place, but 3rd and 4th have like 100-200 chips more than me.

Have a nice day / night and GL.
 amundsen24/09/2014 07:00:16 GMT
People don`t be silly to play on Pokerminds i start to play 5 days ago so i win 35 euro from bankroll`s and 10Eur free tournaments in the site after my deposit they don`t give me to take my money i play more then 30hours and finnaly get only my deposit money((((money from bankroll and their 10eur freeroll are stuck and you must to relise them for me this is losing the time because you must earn 500 points for 10eur that means that you must to play on ring games 2-3 days maybe am not the only one but better place your money in fulltilt or pokerstars and everything will be ok.
P.S. if you wont to lose some days like my playing in Pokerminds you are welcome)))

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