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WCOOP Coming Up This Weekend ($40,000,000 Guaranteed)

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Posted on 05 September 2014 by "T".
The 2014 World Championship of Online Poker (Sep. 7 - Sep. 28) kicks off on Sunday on PokerStars. A massive $40,000,000 guaranteed prize pool is spread across 66 exciting events, available in a wide variety of games, with buy-ins ranging from $109 to $10,300!

The highlights of the 2014 WCOOP will of be the the €10,3000 High Roller Heads-Up event on September 21st and the Main Event on September 28th with a $10,000,000 prize pool. The Main Event (winner guaranteed to get $1.5 million!) will be broadcasted live (with a 10-minute delay) on for the first time ever! In addition to the massive prize pools guaranteed by PokerStars, there will be a Player of the Series Leaderboard with some amazing prizes up for grabs, including a 2015 PCA package!

Wanna participate but don't have a few hundred bucks to spare on buy-ins? Don't worry, there are cheap satellites running around the clock on PokerStars. You don't have to spent more than a few dollars or FPPs to take a shot at the massive prize pools! Good luck!

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14 comments on "WCOOP Coming Up This Weekend ($40,000,000 Guaranteed)"

 doubletop77705/09/2014 09:36:13 GMT
These tournaments are fantastic because of the prizes on offer to everyone, from the high rollers down to the micro stakes players, everyone has a chance of winning substantial money
 Samarietis05/09/2014 09:55:55 GMT
Well i don't really see any chances for my self to participate in any of theses tournaments Smile But good luck to thoses mobsters who are going ...
 LIKEIT2705/09/2014 13:13:48 GMT
I like the micromillions more,
Thats more in my range 10$
These tourneys are awesome but huge buy-ins...
Soooo i think i will pass on this Big Smile
 Heskor05/09/2014 14:49:33 GMT
Yeah cannot play WCOOP unless i get a free ticket somewhere just too damn expensive and the field is hard even if you do manage to satellite into one as most pros play them and you would not get a chance to win it unless well you lucky or a crazy good player and can afford the buyins and play without being scared of losing lol.Anyway hope some mobster are laying the WCOOP! So good luck there and have fun at the tables!
 Theapple06/09/2014 11:11:35 GMT
meh tourneys, i mean prizes are awesome and all that but i like micromilions like 19x more simply because its softer plus, well, its cheaper so even us newbies can afford it without having to play 4000 satelites to actually get in one of these tourneys Tongue
 mgabesz06/09/2014 13:24:59 GMT
Good luck all Hungarian players on this year's WCOOP. Great tourneys and huge prizeppools but a bit uncomfortable buy-ins and tournament lenghts there.
 avickter11906/09/2014 16:58:30 GMT
Cool, seems like good fun coming along
 Skpmorita06/09/2014 17:12:58 GMT
this why i love pokerstars , a life changing tournaments , i won't be in them Big Smile it just i can't put my whole bankroll in 2 tournaments Aww crap! but i'll be watching and if any member with us here decide to play , you can let us know ,we will watch and give you support Agree
 Pattalan07/09/2014 19:47:57 GMT
I've bought in to the 215 K.O on the 22nd as it's my birthday and would pretty pissed if I get knocked out by a bad beat.
 Theapple08/09/2014 09:09:18 GMT
so, anyone won any WCOOP tourney yet? Big Smile
 lukasb08/09/2014 10:49:39 GMT
Man I was really hoping for a nice deposit bonus to go along with it, something like " deposit x and get a $$$ worth satellite ticket " but nothing Sad
That would be the only way I would take a shot at one of those. Don't wanna go for the normal satellites.. everything is round1, round2,etc. Getting lucky in those donkeyments once is one thing.. but to manage to survive 4 or more till you actually get to the real ticket and then being lucky again just seems too much of a stretch imo.
GL for everyone getting there thou.. dont forget to warn about it here so some of us can rail you Thumbs Up
 Pattalan08/09/2014 11:25:31 GMT
The steps tourneys aren't too bad if you are an emotionless robot called Brian.
 JorAxe11/09/2014 12:51:52 GMT
You play satellites to try to get a place and be part of this incredible tournament.
 yout8511/09/2014 13:16:42 GMT
I'd love to play the $215 re-entry 2-7 SD tourney tonight... I crush that game at the lower levels, and am pretty sure I'd be better than the majority of the field even at that buy-in....

But a house move and subsequent withdrawing of my bankroll means I'll have to sit it out for this year.

Maybe next year Thumbs Up

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