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USA: PokerStars & Full Tilt Soon Back In New Jersey!

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Posted on 01 October 2015 by "T".

On Wednesday, Amaya announced that its PokerStars and Full Tilt brands (currently more than 95 million registered costomers combined) had been authorised to operate in New Jersey, USA. Both sites have been "offline" in the United States for more than four years after Black Friday, so this is definitely good news to many online poker enthusiast in the state of New Jersey, where 888, partypoker and two other sites currently operate. 

"We are very pleased to add New Jersey to the long list of regulated markets that have found PokerStars and Full Tilt suitable to offer real-money online gaming," said David Baazov, Chairman and CEO of Amaya. "I want to thank the DGE for their thorough and fair review of our business. We look forward to bringing our popular brands, innovative technology, marketing prowess and world-class security and game integrity to the growing New Jersey online gaming market. We anticipate providing additional details of our launch plans in the near future."

The process for Amaya to get its two poker brands approved by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement hasn't been easy. PokerStars Blog reported that "the DGE's review of PokerStars was extremely thorough and exhaustive, including a detailed review of Amaya's operations and technology, sworn interviews with more than 70 individuals and visits to approximately a half dozen international jurisdictions."

"Since the acquisition, we have consistently delivered on our stated strategy," said Baazov. "Today's announcement follows the divesture of our B2B businesses for total gross proceeds of approximately US$524.8 million; the launch of casino games on PokerStars, which we estimate has one of the largest active user bases of any online casino; the refinancing of our long term debt and the reduction of our annual interest expense by approximately US$62 million. We are excited about our new product pipeline and enthusiastic that we will experience growth in existing and emerging markets in the future."

source: PokerStars Blog

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17 comments on "USA: PokerStars & Full Tilt Soon Back In New Jersey! "

 Tony_MON7ANA01/10/2015 11:53:50 GMT
Great news!
 StheP01/10/2015 12:02:34 GMT
This is major news, a lot of americans will now play poker, hope there is a lot of nobs to take money from Big Smile
 teddybears7301/10/2015 12:36:39 GMT
Oh chit, it wont be long now before we've got those damn Americans in with us again,they're worse than the Russians Big Smile Tongue

Talking about stars i tried to log on and it said it was down for maintenance Shock
 klash2301/10/2015 13:56:10 GMT
Is this going to mean all online poker is now allowed in New Jersey or just Stars and FT?Surely other states will have to now allow online poker.Governments are definitely well aware how much revenue is achievable from poker now so they would be stupid not to get a share of it.
 pochui01/10/2015 17:32:31 GMT
so does this mean that online poker is now legal in new jersey only or for all the americans in some way, kinda stupid if americanos from new jersey can gamble their winnings away, while the rest of cowboys are feeling the word free doesn't mean a lot more than "i love the smell of bullsh1t in the morning".
 crash5801/10/2015 21:04:27 GMT
yea america is a little different then the rest of the world, if amaya wants to go into all states, they will have to get the approval from each one.
so right now only people living on the jersey shore can play.
It's like the death penalty, some states have and some don't.
Or gun laws.In new york you get arrested for carrying a gun
In texas everybody has's legal.

So it will still be a long time before all americans can play online again
But this is a start. Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up to amaya.
 Calmplay02/10/2015 03:15:32 GMT
Good to hear that we'll have the fish backing the ocean especially in the period where I'm really in the need of money to have a nice Christmas Cool

 xxxpokerxxx102/10/2015 04:24:45 GMT
population boom coming,too those states
 bowie198402/10/2015 19:22:38 GMT
Guess what? Even this small development could not save Atlantic City no more so there's that. Econimc dowturns make more people gamble but the US's economy is in good shape right now so the traffic is declining.
 xgcsnippy02/10/2015 22:47:29 GMT
I agree the American players are worse than the Russians, Brazilians and Romanians combined.....Mexico Borders The USA so there are alot of Donkeys there! lol

 Aibolit03/10/2015 05:47:25 GMT
Very good news! USA is homeland of poker and many players are happy! Welcome Smile
 damosk03/10/2015 08:28:34 GMT
Great news for New Jersey and great news for all those players who want to join in and make the world of poker even more fun and exciting and bigger fields of players and bigger pots of money to win and fishes to gobble up and sharks to avoid! Welcome it with open arms!
 Rogerio1003/10/2015 08:56:45 GMT
Nice to se americans back in the poker world. I hope that someday will be like old days when we where all playing together on stars and ftp, i realy miss americans players haha.
 Fakiry05/10/2015 10:19:02 GMT
These are very good news for the portuguese comunity living in this state. I believe there are many online poker fans over there, because we also receive news and comments from them around here, so, having the chance to play in the bigger rooms will certainly be a relief for some and a new competition for others! Watxh out for them, they are trained Big Smile
 SBEP05/10/2015 18:49:27 GMT
im sure in less then a year there will be other states that will follow suit, and mb after 2-3 years whole USA will be able to play on PS and FT, dont worry StheP sharks always circle around fishes Big Smile so ull get your wish to come to life Blink
 cwdignus08/10/2015 13:03:13 GMT
good to see my favorite platforms return the land of Uncle Sam , because I have the dream of playing in Vegas , who knows now with porkerstars returning to the USA can win a promotion in tournaments and will be soon playing on American
 bowie198408/10/2015 13:29:43 GMT
Posted by SBEP:
im sure in less then a year there will be other states that will follow suit, and mb after 2-3 years whole USA will be able to play on PS and FT, dont worry StheP sharks always circle around fishes Big Smile so ull get your wish to come to life Blink

Not so sure about that. Congress is just trying to crucify DraftKings and FanDuel on the accounts of gambling (these are two well known fantasy sport websites where you could play/win real money against each other) as of right now so I would not be so sure they are coming back soon in large numbers.

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