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Knockout Week (October 12-18)

Tags: Knockout Week, PokerStars.
Posted on 14 October 2015 by "T".

At least $5,000,000 in prizes are up for grabs during PokerStars' special Knockout Week, October 12-18, with 35 different Knockout, Super Knockout and Progressive Super Knockout tournaments on the schedule.

On top of all exciting tournaments, PokerStars has several challenges for you to complete (win up to $5,000), a Knockout leader board with great prizes, and a $10,000 freeroll on Sunday, October 25 at 14:00 ET.

You can win entry to the $500,000 guaranteed Main Event (October 18) and all other tournaments for a few dollars FPPs. Here's how you find all Knockout Week satellites: Click 'Tournaments' in the poker lobby, select satellites under 'Type', then enter knockout in the search field). Good luck!

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12 comments for "Knockout Week (October 12-18)"

 bowie198414/10/2015 12:10:07 GMT
The only thing Amaya will knockout is the competition.
Who would want to play elsewhere when there are so many good and easily achievable promos are here?
Except when theres no time for me to play at all, like these past weeks, lol.
 cwdignus14/10/2015 13:02:28 GMT
congrants Amaya
always innovating and creating promotions, great opportunities for its players. I consider the values ​​of the high promotion of tournaments for micros like me. but even so one day I get it
 klash2314/10/2015 13:15:31 GMT
Sounds like it will be a good promotion and bounty tournaments can be quite good fun to play,though I have found these days that you definitely have to be prepared to get your chips in quite often against very loose players.
 Calmplay14/10/2015 14:32:50 GMT
I Thumbs Up this #feelinglikeinfacebook

 pochui14/10/2015 17:17:57 GMT
wow, knockout week- i dig that, what's next- knockout month, followed by knockout year and maybe even knockout decade? there's nothing like knocking out dudes left and right, followed by classic knockouts under the tables and in between the tables. happy knockouting mobbits!
 vic7514/10/2015 19:38:07 GMT
Decided too give this knockout week a go playing the first one now Dollar 11 super progressive 12K entrants very nice prize pool knocked out 2 players in one hand completed 2 challenges for a cash reward of Dollar 60 Big Smile will play all the Dollar 11 and Dollar 27 buy ins the rest of the way good luck too all mobsters Dollar Dollar Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 crash5814/10/2015 19:55:32 GMT
For anybody that are planning these, stars is also offering a deposit bonus.
Make a deposit and they will give a 50% pending bonus.
so if you play these games you might clear it quickly.

Good Luck


Code is BONUS50
 vic7514/10/2015 21:47:48 GMT
Never got that deposit promo code but still running fairly well in event 13 sitting in 411th place out of 956 some very sick bounties Big Smile Cool Blink
 demodawggy15/10/2015 00:22:13 GMT

... Big Smile< I've been taking a real liking to these knockout style tourneys as of late BIG TIME...! It's just fun clobberin' folks...! Big Smile< heheee....

... Sad< As a matter of fact,...I JUST got clobbered myself in the $250 GTD Bounty on partypoker... Shock

... Angry< THAT isn't too much fun... Confused Tongue
 bowie198415/10/2015 12:12:20 GMT
Posted by pochui:
there's nothing like knocking out dudes left and right, followed by classic knockouts under the tables and in between the tables. happy knockouting mobbits!

MAybe they getting Muhammad Ali to promo their next knockout week. That would be a huge hit. Big Smile
 StheP16/10/2015 22:07:36 GMT
I played today 11$ progressive super knockout... and I got 3 bounties for 8,75$ got 1$ from mission... I was out around 5000th place 1800 get payed, I had nice stack and got aces, so I raise preflop, got 2 callers, one bigger stack then mine, flop comes out 349 rainbow, I raised he call, turn and river I forgot what it was, it wasnt important cards, I raised also turn he called, river I checked and he shoved... I was thinking, there wasnt str8, neither flush... I said no way he got 2 pairs,or set... why would he called preflop raise with crap cards... I put him on overpir, but no he did have 34 and knocked me out with 2 pairs... :S he got nice bouty from me near 7$
 Buva1316/10/2015 22:33:46 GMT
Not a good fealing when u fall out on shity opponents card but somehow its always like that - not gonna judge the software so someone dont get eyeball pain again - the big stack always win. I myself had bunch of better starting hand and lose from bigger stacks wondering around. Anyway nice bounty Thumbs Up lame reward from chalenge.

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