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Spin & Go Celebrations Underway!

Tags: PokerStars, Spin & Go.
Posted on 20 October 2015 by "T".

PokerStars is currently celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Spin & Go tournaments by having, for example, permanently increased the top prize multiplier to 10,000 times the buy-in instead of 1,000 times the buy-in!

During the Spin & Go celebrations you can win up to $1 million from as little as $0.50! That's 2,000,000 times your $0.50 buy-in! To increase your chances of winning a million bucks you can also play the $5 or the $100 Spin and Go's.

Daily Challenges

From October 19 - November 1 there are Daily Challenges (Bronze, Silver and Gold) for you to complete. You can ‘Start' and complete ONE of the three Challenges on offer each day, and for each completed Challenge you will receive an instant Bronze, Silver or Gold ticket to play for up to $1,000,000 in a million dollar Spin & Go!

Brief History Of Spin & Go's 

Over $3,000,000,000 (three billion dollars) has been won by PokerStars players in these fast-paced, three-player tourneys since the launch a year ago! During that time no fewer than five players have even become millionaires in just a few minutes.

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9 comments for "Spin & Go Celebrations Underway! "

 bowie198420/10/2015 11:32:19 GMT
Not sure it's worth celebrating something where you were the last one in the line to implement it, but this promo is just another way 4 Amaya to lure more penny pinchers into this. I guess they will succeed.
 pochui21/10/2015 06:56:21 GMT
wow i am absolutely thrilled and taken by surprise by the scope of this promotion, it is surely one of the biggest promotion in the last... 24 hours or so. a million for only 50 cents you say... naah that's totally uncool- you actually have to have those 50 cents in the first place, which in reality is hardly possible for majority of players who share my level of expertise,
 bowie198421/10/2015 11:55:19 GMT
Posted by pochui:
wow i am absolutely thrilled and taken by surprise by the scope of this promotion, it is surely one of the biggest promotion in the last... 24 hours or so...

Exactly. They celebrate something meaningless every other day. It's getting ridiculous.
 klash2321/10/2015 15:31:52 GMT
I agree that with the amount of promotions that stars are doing when they say you can win a million it just seems pretty standard now.Players start to take big promotions for granted now.
 TheMachineQC21/10/2015 18:54:53 GMT
Players SHOULD take promotions for granted. I would expect better promotions to be honest. Stars could afford to charge less rake than they do but they never will. So giving back some money to the players via promotions definetly is a good thing. But they're mostly doing these promotions to get new money on the site, to get people to deposit.

Some smaller sites actually offer better promotions. I really don't know why stars is considered the best poker room. The main argument is because of the very large fields in MTTs.

I still don't get why nobody tries to compete with stars by lowering rake to like 5-8%. Even in home games they charge 10%... It's kinda sad. But why change a formula that works... Blink
 damosk21/10/2015 21:58:22 GMT
It's just another poker promotion
Ahhhh ah ahhh
Just another poker promotion
Ahhhh ah ahhh
Where you can win a cool million,
Ahhhh ah ahhh
For just playing with fifty cents
Ahhhh ah ahhh
You may play against ladies or gents
Ahhhh ah ahh
It's just another million promotion.
It's just another poker promotion!
 StheP22/10/2015 14:45:22 GMT
today I got again 5$ ticket, and spin stoped on 30$... I was in heads up, and I gained chip advantge... I had 200 chips more than my opponent, maybe more, and I got dealt K3... flop comes out 443, I shoved he called with AJ, turn comes 5 river comes 2 :S and I had little more than 200chips with blinds I think 30/60 or even 40/80 maybe... and I didnt menaged to double up and lost it Sad
 Willid8822/10/2015 19:59:54 GMT
I'm waiting for megabonus promotions or anything similar, I hope to c one in the near future as I'll be soon on holiday from academic courses until February 2016 Big Smile
 damosk23/10/2015 06:14:11 GMT
Three days of winning a 0.50c ticket to another spin n go. I suppose I shouldn't complain. I'm up overall by a few dollars but each time I get a spin n go it stops on the $1 spinner section...if you play on mobile it decides what you are playing for before the spinner spins! Me thinks the spinner is a distraction from a predetermined prize!

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