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Upcoming MMA Fight Between Sorel Mizzi & Brian Rast

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Posted on 11 December 2015 by "T".

Earlier this year some of you might have heard about a potential MMA fight between Sorel Mizzi and Luke Schwartz. Well, Schwartz ended up backing down from the challenge, claiming that he didn't have the time and effort to make the fight happen.

Luckily, we have just learnt that Brian Rast has decided to take Schwartz's place! According to a tweet by Sorel Mizzi a few days ago, he and Rast will battle each other on December 30th at 6 p.m. in Las Vegas. Tickets for the fight vary from 20 - 80 dollars with all proceeds going to REG Charity.

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10 comments on "Upcoming MMA Fight Between Sorel Mizzi & Brian Rast"

 klash2311/12/2015 14:38:19 GMT
What happened to Luke Schwartz having the fight?Not like him to change his mind on things.Probably not the same interest now people won't get the chance to see Schwartz get his butt kicked.
 Skpmorita11/12/2015 15:22:12 GMT
Luke Schwartz backed down
but we still got a fight
it is gonna be funny . these guys can't fight , i am just assuming but i am sure that it won't be nothing like a real mma pro Fight
i would like to see phil hellmuth vs any poker pro ..
i would watch that .. and i hope i can watch Sorel Mizzi Vs Brian Rast
 pochui11/12/2015 18:39:58 GMT
really... why bother paying 20-80 dollaros for seeing a fight between two dudes who have on idea how to fight... better visit a local pub, find a dude who want to drink but has no money- offer to buy him a drink if he climbs on a stool and calls all the customers of this fckin joint motherfcukers and morons... well what do you know- you have a fight in front of your eyes... just don't forget to buy the dued his beer after the fight... that is he still is in condition to drink it...
 bowie198412/12/2015 01:56:32 GMT
Posted by pochui:
better visit a local pub, find a dude who want to drink but has no money- offer to buy him a drink if he climbs on a stool and calls all the customers of this fckin joint motherfcukers and morons...

The local pub is for recreational activities only not martial arts.
I don't bring beer to a dojo either...
 klash2312/12/2015 14:39:20 GMT
Surely they wouldn't be charging fans to watch this fight?I expect it would be more of a sparring session though some pro poker players have plenty of free time so some stay very fit and I am sure it is a good idea for a poker player knowing how to defend themselves. Smile
 TheMachineQC12/12/2015 17:09:45 GMT
MMA session between poker players? Nice!!

Would be a lot better if it was known characters like Phil Hellmuth. Or a good fighter facing a jerk like Shawn Sheikhan so everyone would tune in to watch. In the fight business you have to be a character for people to be interested. Poker player or not Blink

Good idea though Smile Well, people hitting eachother in the face is always a good idea isn't it? Blink
 SBEP12/12/2015 17:37:53 GMT
Its all bread and circuses, while the system around you collapses with each day, all the establishment can do while they are taking the system apart, is to divert attention of the common people, to this pointless mindless games, feeding the frenzy of tribal culture, while they are setting them to pull the rug from under them, as much as i like handball, basketball, i know its just a distraction from real things that matter in the system and your life.
And to be honest to the bone, with each passing day living among people, the idea to isolate my self from the insanity grows larger, a cabin in the woods next to a river would be ideal Worship
 isohatedis13/12/2015 03:54:44 GMT
its a pity luke schwartz backed out of the fight but at least we still get a fight from two poker players and its for a good cause
 doubletop77713/12/2015 09:14:49 GMT
These poker players are up for anything, fair play to them. I would really have liked to see Luke Schwartz in the ring. His trash talk would have made Tyson Fury look all shy and retiring!!
 mgabesz13/12/2015 09:55:36 GMT
Interesting news however an original heads up battle would be as interesting as this. But they now if they like to fight then go and GL at the ring both two!

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