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Christmas Calendar 2015: Lottery Winners

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Posted on 29 December 2015 by "K".

This year we continued the Lottery tradition from previous years, where you could win MobPoints, MobDraw tickets and MobSafe shots. The way to get tickets to the lottery, would be if you won a prize in the Christmas Calendar that you were unable to use, for one reason or another.

Example: If you won a freeroll entry worth $15 you would get 15 tickets for the lottery if you decided to claim lottery tickets, instead of the actual prize. 

The lottery in 2015 had the following prizes available:

  • 2 x 4,000 MobPoints
  • 3 x 3,000 MobPoints
  • 5 x 2,000 MobPoints
  • 15 x 500 MobDraw tickets
  • 10 x 100 MobSafe "shots"
  • 15 x 50 MobSafe "shots"

And today we ran the "randomizer" and found the winners to the prizes above. Basically, the more tickets you had, the bigger chances of winning.

We asked the "randomizer" to draw 50 winning tickets randomly. Once a ticket had been drawn, it could no longer be drawn. So, for example, if you had 15 tickets and one of your tickets was drawn as a winner for one prize, then you would still have have 14 tickets left and the possiblity to win another prize, for the remaining draws, until all prizes had been drawn.

The Mob members below won one or multiple prizes in the lottery this year (in alphabetical order):

  • aappeexx
  • AleksGotus
  • awood88
  • be_nicolas
  • BrkWarLord
  • Buva13
  • Calmplay
  • CityWalker
  • DeeTomasso
  • DeKalli
  • Djordje13
  • Don_Corleone
  • dule-vu
  • edubnmrg
  • estrelapinto
  • ffagundes
  • Gabri
  • goggs2
  • jgald88779
  • joatsamon
  • kidcougar
  • leno1
  • Majka
  • MercenaryWr
  • miloscar
  • MistiPok58
  • Mober
  • qzmag
  • ralado18
  • robthr
  • rogan11000
  • Rudy988
  • seadevil80
  • Serazov
  • sherlock1979
  • shomy_btc
  • starbay
  • stojaca
  • strumf
  • tarik20
  • tynab13
  • westforb
  • yblod
  • ZDiegoAl

Congratulations!! The prizes are already in your Mob accounts, ready to use!

If in doubt regarding what you won, go to the Mob Points page in your Mob account and click on the "Transactions" tab (Note: "MobSafe shots" will only show up at the Mob Safe game, not in Transactions-list). If you won MobDraw tickets, those tickets would be for the draw on Sunday (already added to the pool, so you don't have to do anything). MobPoints are added to your account and MobSafe shots as well, so use those whenever you feel like it.

Regarding the freeroll for those who opened 100+ doors in the Christmas Calendar - we will announce this later in the News section and on the Mob Games page for those who qualified. We expect it to be played late January and to open registration (through BRM on the Mob Games-page) mid-January.

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14 comments on "Christmas Calendar 2015: Lottery Winners"

 pochui30/12/2015 09:02:39 GMT
congratulate all the winners- especially the dudes/mobbits/fcukers who are hanging around the forum on a regular basis... always nice to see a reg degenerate being rewarded. at least that shows that not everything in this world is rigged, only like 99% of things... congrats pochui for not winning anything...
 doubletop77730/12/2015 10:21:38 GMT
Many congratulations to all the winners on this years Calendar. This promotion is always great and i really look forward to it every year. Nothing for me this year but congrats to the winners again
 bowie198430/12/2015 10:50:56 GMT
Oh, shock & horror I did not win anything yet again. What a surprise. Congrats for those who did though. Must be awesome. Must be... Otherwise why would they choose to play a lottery?
 klash2330/12/2015 20:11:58 GMT
Well done to the lucky winners on the lottery....I see there are a few familiar names on the list,not surprised I wasn't on the list as I won pretty much nothing on the calendar this year.
 qzmag30/12/2015 21:36:56 GMT
Thanks brm, finally i won in lottery Big Smile after years and years. Like every winner who win little... i am dissapointed Big Smile
I won 2 times with 20 tickets, but small ones, 50 Shots on each.
The funny tihing is, that i dreamed about this winning. On the night between 28 and 29, i dreamed that i won 2 times, but don't remeber the prizes. And when i wake up, entered on BRM and it wasn't announced yet.

I was dissapointed because i was extecting some mob points , since i have almost 3k mob points. And plus, now with these 100 shots, i got 688 chances to win, but ... hey not even with 1000 is shure Big Smile
I think i would give it a try again , and if i win, i will donate some of the shots ( so pray for me to win it from first combination )

Have a nice day / night and GL.

And thanks again BRM for making me a winner for the first time in this Christmas Lottery !!!
 ouThhiTus30/12/2015 22:26:25 GMT
what about the $1000 freeroll, will be like last year bonus money on that obscure duckpoker?
 demodawggy30/12/2015 23:19:20 GMT

... Big Smile< I didn't win anything from the draw unfortunately,...there were some nice prizes,....! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< BUT,....I am REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping the big freeroll is going to be on partypoker...!

... Big Smile< Fat Tony hinted at that, I've got my fingers crossed Thumbs Up
 damosk30/12/2015 23:42:43 GMT
I am really surprised that my 2 tickets did not produce anything in the way of prize in this years lottery. Well done to those of you who did win and well done to all those who did not win and are still here. Participation is the most important aspect of the forum.
 Calmplay31/12/2015 07:13:55 GMT
Thank you BRM, way to end 2015. I'm really happy and hope for some more in 2016... LOVE LIVE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to the site and all its lovely friendly members...
 dreminem01/01/2016 14:30:21 GMT
Posted by damosk:
I am really surprised that my 2 tickets did not produce anything in the way of prize in this years lottery. Well done to those of you who did win and well done to all those who did not win and are still here. Participation is the most important aspect of the forum.

Well i didnt won anything with 15 tickets Tongue so don't be upset
 wettfuchs02/01/2016 10:38:50 GMT
Congrats to all winners and a happy New Year.
 airbus33503/01/2016 14:01:18 GMT
Gongrats ALL
 cwdignus04/01/2016 04:58:25 GMT
congratulations to all the winners and Happy New Year ... despite not won the lottery I am very happy with the ticket Sunday Million ... thanks BRM
 misionesmaso06/01/2016 17:43:07 GMT
Christmas calendar just pity you can not win anything. Hopefully another year if gets to win something.congrats All calendar winners enjoy their prize. I say goodbye to

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