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Christmas Calendar 2022: Prize & Lottery Winners

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Posted on 13 January 2023 by "K".

Thanks for participating in our 2022 Christmas Calendar!

Here's some useful information...

If you won a prize:

A quick note for all of you that won a prize in our December 2022 Christmas Calendar. We have already sent a list of all winners to the sites where you won prizes from, so be sure to check your player accounts regularly during January, as some prizes might expire if not used within a certain timeframe. 

If you had Lottery Tickets (in exchange for a won prize you didn't want or couldn't use):

This year we continued the Lottery tradition from previous years, where you could win MobPoints, MobDraw tickets and MobSafe shots. The way to get tickets to the lottery, would be if you won a prize in the Christmas Calendar that you were unable to use/accept, for one reason or another (for example country restrictions).

The lottery in 2022 had the following prizes available:

  • 2 x 4,000 MobPoints
  • 3 x 3,000 MobPoints
  • 5 x 2,000 MobPoints
  • 15 x 500 MobDraw tickets
  • 10 x 100 MobSafe "shots"
  • 15 x 50 MobSafe "shots"

And today, we ran the "randomizer" and found the winners to the prizes above. Basically, the more tickets you had, the bigger chances of winning.

We asked the "randomizer" to draw 50 winning tickets randomly. Once a ticket had been drawn, it could no longer be drawn, but each user could win multiple prizes. Here's an alphabetically sorted list of the Mobsters that won the lottery:

  • agyatlan
  • Ashes987
  • awood88
  • bandris
  • banmoca
  • bmw1987
  • bomllorknab
  • Calmplay
  • damosk
  • DaveRC
  • dule-vu
  • edubnmrg
  • erixxx
  • estrelapinto
  • Fagbej
  • Flying24_7
  • GedyKnight
  • Griff-94
  • iskander755
  • klash23
  • Koshmarkin
  • Kvinni
  • leno1
  • lighthouseC
  • littlegreg68
  • mbllmb
  • mbogo
  • Medofox
  • mimre
  • naglugalva
  • Nemanjakaa
  • Nymphomanen
  • oleg83383
  • Pikku
  • pokerstar20
  • reg63
  • seadevil80
  • Serg_73
  • slogug
  • Starking1944
  • stat13man
  • SteveAktiv
  • vaci38
  • vandel
  • Vextron
  • vsemoje
  • Wewerqa

Congratulations to all the winners! The prizes are already in your Mob accounts, ready to use.

If in doubt regarding what exactly you won, go to the Mob Points page in your Mob account and click on the "Transactions" tab (Note: "MobSafe shots" will only show up at the MobSafe game, not in Transactions-list). If you won MobDraw tickets, those tickets would be for the draw on this Sunday (already added to the pool, so you don't have to do anything). MobPoints are added to your account and MobSafe shots as well, so use those whenever you feel like it.

This Christmas we also had 3 special prizes, to be drawn among those that opened 50+ doors in the Christmas Calendar. The 3 special prizes were:

  • 1 x SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" 64GB Android Tablet, won by jolina.
  • 1 x SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless Gaming Headset, won by chuks.
  • 3 x Amazon $50 Gift Cards, won by tomex11, cleverangel, antonis321.

Congratulations to these winners as well. We have already reached out to them in order to arrange for the prizes.


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63 comments on "Christmas Calendar 2022: Prize & Lottery Winners"

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» Christmas Calendar 2022: Prize & Lottery Winners

 dule-vu16/01/2023 07:14:55 GMT
we had all kind of things here and I we had winners with several prizes on mob draw, so its not stange that somebody won all of them at sundays draw, no matter how many tickets he have! he just need some luck and all depend what tickets system will draw, somebody will few times tickets, somebodyn will buy one time many tickets!
 zarfox16/01/2023 14:57:55 GMT
congratulations to all the winners
 dule-vu16/01/2023 15:25:28 GMT
from me too
 robertyn16/01/2023 15:34:27 GMT
congrats the winners Worship
 dule-vu16/01/2023 15:37:27 GMT
did you got something?
 iskander75516/01/2023 20:29:41 GMT
it's great
 dule-vu16/01/2023 20:40:52 GMT
Glad that you like it!
 iskander75516/01/2023 20:48:04 GMT
 dule-vu16/01/2023 20:49:02 GMT
I understand that you need 5 posts for cashout and congratulations on nice win!
 geseco1217/01/2023 03:14:21 GMT
congratulations to all bankrollmob users, you have been lucky enough to win many points in this calendar, for sure there will be more surprises for everyone, this time I have not won but I always try, maybe I will be lucky in the draws next time.
 dule-vu17/01/2023 07:09:36 GMT
so everything is over for last year xmas calendar, we had both of draws and now all players are paid from lottery, only some members didnt got prizes from calendar, like some poker tickets, but I am sure that this will be finished soon! congratulations to all winners and we can see that some forum members got bigger prizes!
 geseco1220/01/2023 16:17:01 GMT
this year for sure will come more interesting things for the christmas calendar, I hope this time if I am lucky and win a big draw, bankrollmob is always organizing many things that benefit its users, good luck to all.
 CALICUL20/01/2023 16:26:21 GMT
if there are sponsors or capital (money), there will be prizes in BRM. This has been happening since the establishment of this site and will probably continue in the years to come. The lucky ones will win bigger prizes, and the others medium or small prizes. Good luck.
 Rogerio1021/01/2023 10:33:29 GMT
Congrats to all winners Thumbs Up Dollar
 CALICUL21/01/2023 11:25:16 GMT
Posted by Rogerio10:
Congrats to all winners Thumbs Up Dollar

Thumbs Up Smile Big Smile
 geseco1221/01/2023 17:43:08 GMT
I am always very grateful to bankrollmob for the opportunity to accept me on this platform and enjoy the great prizes that they make every year, plus many benefits for users every day.
 dule-vu21/01/2023 18:21:47 GMT
Nice for you?g
 geseco1222/01/2023 18:18:10 GMT
Of course, I think most of us are happy for the prizes that bankrollmob always gives out, it has many years, I just met them 2 years ago and the benefits have been very good, I hope to continue like this.
 CALICUL22/01/2023 18:23:16 GMT
BRM it will probably continue, if another pandemic or war does not come. America brings a lot of tanks to Europe, and that is not good. I hope there will be nothing bad and each of us will be happy with prizes and winnings where we played
 antonis32123/01/2023 05:36:45 GMT
Everything is possible , congratulations to the winners . Winning more than once can happen , I guess once in your life lol. Personally I like the mob safe game , accumulate 400 shots , then try to open it . Ofcourse accumulating 400 shots is hard , might take several months , and you need to be lucky . Last times I wasn't . Better than the draw game , I think Smile
 dule-vu23/01/2023 07:10:01 GMT
we had winners with several prizes, so its not strange to get few of them!
 geseco1223/01/2023 22:53:05 GMT
in bankrollmob you can accumulate points in different ways and when the end of the year arrives there are more prizes to be distributed, if you are lucky you can have a chance to win big prizes, there are many players who have won.
 dule-vu23/01/2023 22:59:53 GMT
Yes, but here is about xmas prizes
 geseco1203/02/2023 18:11:51 GMT
always in the christmas prizes there are quite a few winners, in one way or another many bankrollmob users are likely to win something with this calendar, good luck to all in the next one.
 CALICUL03/02/2023 18:15:47 GMT
this is over and at the end of this year if we participate we can try our luck again. I haven't won anything since 2014 until now (never), but who knows, maybe it will happen. Good luck to you too.

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