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2015 Aussie Millions Main Event: "jungleman" Finished Day 1B In Second Place

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Posted on 27 January 2015 by "T".

The second (of three) Day 1 flight drew a field of 173 players (10 less than Day 1a), and approximately 91 remained after seven 90-minute levels of poker. Ian Wassell finished the day at the top of the chip counts with 229,500.

Daniel "jungleman" Cates bagged up the 168,500 and the second largest stack. Cates might not have been so lucky with pocket kings in the $100,000 Challenge two days ago, but they finally held up against Mustapha Kanit in one of the biggest pots of Day 1B. 

Level 6 (blinds at 250/500 with 75 ante)

About 30k was in the pot when the flop 7Spade5SpadeKDiamond hit the table. After a few raises back and forth Cates was all in for 75,275 and at risk against Kanit.

Kanit: AHeartAClub
Cates: KSpadeKHeart

About 180k was in the middle when the dealer burned a card and put out the JSpade turn. A safe card for Cates. The dealer burned another card and put out the final card: the 5Heart. Cates picked up the pot with a full house and said "Finally won one of those" - referring two the two times he lost with KK against AA in the $100k Challenge.

Day 1c is currently underway. Check back tomorrow morning for a brief recap of how things played out.

source: pokernews

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6 comments on "2015 Aussie Millions Main Event: "jungleman" Finished Day 1B In Second Place"

 doubletop77727/01/2015 10:43:33 GMT
Great to see Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates coming back from his disaster he had in the $100,000 challenge and proving what a class poker player he is. You can never keep a player like him down for long
 klash2327/01/2015 14:57:49 GMT
I saw that Cates had lost his temper a couple of times in previous tournaments by throwing his cards and chips around after losing crucial hands so would have been interesting to see how he handled it if he had lost 3 times with kings.
 Skpmorita27/01/2015 19:42:54 GMT
only 173 players
i find it very small

anyway Cates is doing good , hope he keeps his calm
he did great last year in online poker
only if he will be able to win some major live tournament
his name will surely rise
 Fakiry29/01/2015 12:58:52 GMT
It's not easy to win KK vs AA, specialy because you tend to misbelieve there's the possibility of someone having pocket aces when you have pocket kings. What's the probability of that? After seing the K on the flop, Cates must have become fixed to it, even remembering his previous experiences with that hand. Ok, there was also a possible flush draw, but who would pay his all-in for that? When he got the call for his all-in, he realized there was only one hand that would make someone to take that decision. And, fortunately for him, there were no aces at the turn nor at the river. So now we know, it's safe (like, more than 75% chances of winning) to go all-in with three of a kind when the one on the flop is the highest.
 bowie198402/02/2015 00:05:15 GMT
Hah, in the jungle the mighty jungle the chips flyin' guy still in this tourey, tonight...
He might have learned a bit about how to controll his temper, but I find it funny he literally just got the same setup on this tourey but this time he won. I bet he didn't throw chips around after this one. KK vs. AA is managable I guess if you get another king on the flop. Yeah.
 bowie198403/02/2015 00:45:36 GMT
As I mentioned in the other post under the previous newsreport detailing his 'hissy fit' the thing that this was his third time on this tourey to try to take down Aces with Kings - he should have a better understanding how this works by now, he made a fortune playing heads-up online yet they cannot believe loosing (two out of three) with cowboys could happen to him is both funny and sad. He is a thousand times better player than I am, yet I know this thing is nothing sort of miraculous. Setups happen all the time.

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