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Gus Hansen quits high-stakes game after losing to Cates and Ivey

Tags: Daniel Cates, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey.
Posted on 28 December 2018 by "T".

On December 23, Gus Hansen posted on Instagram a juicy high-stakes game at the Bobby's Room in Bellagio where he was at a table with Dan Jungleman Cates and Phil Ivey.

He posted a short video clip of the poker table showing Cates and Ivey.

He posted a second video where he revealed how much he lost and decided it's time to take a break.

He said, "Just called 63,000 on the river with an exquisite soul-read just to realize, I couldn't have been more wrong. Time to take a break. It's gonna be a long winter."

Gus Hansen is a regular in the "Big Game" at Bobby's Room, and thanks to him posting on his Instagram, we get a glimpse of what goes inside these usually super private, nosebleed cash game sessions.

The Danish poker pro is also very open about his losses, which many of his followers love about him, as his stories give many people the impression and idea that even the best players in the poker world can also experience incredibly bad beats.



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20 comments on "Gus Hansen quits high-stakes game after losing to Cates and Ivey"

 shokaku28/12/2018 18:21:49 GMT
That moment, when your exquisite soul-read turnes out to be not exquisite enough. While Gus Hansen is a really good player, the very best seem to have his number for some time now. Maybe he should try to let them make the soul-reading.
 kent197428/12/2018 18:48:33 GMT
After the FullTilt scandal, Gus caught a black streak that wouldn't end. From many sources it is known that it has a big minus in cash games. Apparently one of the sponsors still believe in it.
 pajalnick29/12/2018 05:32:56 GMT
Apparently this is a situation when you have to press Darkness What you need to press would always like to win in winnings but not always it turns out a pancake therefore Sometimes you get small winnings left 3 days before the New Year I would like to see the New Year which are on this site.
 Mober29/12/2018 08:19:22 GMT
Am i wrong or this is not his first time quitting the game?
Cant he find something else to do with the money he has?
If he has any left, still/ Smile
Apparently he is one of the players that has the most losses, according to all the news we are reading.
 dule-vu29/12/2018 11:52:53 GMT
about him we have news every few months,how he lose lot of money on some private party,online game or live tournament and that he must loan money from somebody!so this isnt something new from him,but till when he will do like this,that is right question!he think that he can bet and pay on everything,jus because he is pro!
 CALICUL29/12/2018 16:20:12 GMT
Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom are three professional players who lost quickly millions of dollars in online poker and maybe live.
About Dan Jungleman Cates i have not heard to quickly lose large amounts of money, but this can happen to anyone.
It depends on the state of mind, or what nerves the player has, at that time. Smile
 Mober30/12/2018 09:25:18 GMT
He must have won big amounts during his career so far as a professional player,
but he must have lost big chunk out of it for sure.
Not all of them are getting successful by constantly winning money.
He could have used his earnings for something else.
But it may also be just a bump in his road, winning later one back all his losses
and even more Smile
 T3ddyKGB30/12/2018 12:39:31 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
about him we have news every few months,how he lose lot of money on some private party,online game or live tournament and that he must loan money from somebody!so this isnt something new from him,but till when he will do like this,that is right question!he think that he can bet and pay on everything,jus because he is pro!

certain movies have their running gags. poker has gus hanson. seriously, whenever i see headlines like this about him, im thinking: "dang, that must be a running get i dont get" Big Smile

too bad there is nothing written about the most interessting... what kind of exquisite hand he lost.

 dule-vu30/12/2018 13:33:12 GMT
we read about him lot of news here at forum and know that we had some news that he knewt to loan money from other players,so dont think that he earned so much money,when he must ask other player to give him money to continue playing poker!he had some great winning at live tournaments and online poker,but we see that he had some big losses!
 CALICUL30/12/2018 16:22:38 GMT
I would love to see professionals players when playing for big money some MTT games but online tournaments not live.
I play only online poker and is exactly what interests me.
A few sessions would be excellent but does anyone know if i find this?
 godoy01/01/2019 13:29:04 GMT
and sad to know that a player of this caliber decides to stop playing even if it is for a while plus each one knows where the shoe tightens and when talking about high values this shoe tightens even kkkkk tbm that plays only with the best jaja it back or it will not
 doubletop77702/01/2019 08:05:53 GMT
Gus Hansen has always been one of my favourite players and i hope he comes back better than ever. If i was him, i would try and avoid playing Phil Ivey too often as the guy is just too darned good
 Mober02/01/2019 08:30:09 GMT
I have seen him play a few times, and never liked his style.
He is a very aggressive player i believe, and this might be the root
of his problem. Either that or the wrong reads he is making.
But you could say it is both of the above Smile
 godoy02/01/2019 17:04:17 GMT
a player who in his golden time of full tilt was one of the most aggressive resulting in large sums of money however today is no longer the consistent player and always loses immense fortunes to other players that he himself saw that he was an ego in not learning the poker boom making him no more fild
 Mober03/01/2019 11:53:19 GMT
He is one of the poker professionals known to the world, that he is not doing good.
But besides him there must be lots and lost of other players in lower levels, far away from the spot,
that they had the same and even worst luck with gus hansen.
They cant be all winners. Some of them have to lose Smile
 Gerimantas04/01/2019 11:11:17 GMT
sad situation I think personally, gus Hansen is player I like very much, because he is very interesting to watch how he play and also has personality at poker tables, but he is very aggressive in game and many times gets big loss for this and many times he lose his bankroll because of this style
 dule-vu04/01/2019 14:21:56 GMT
after few times times that he lost lot of money and when we knew that he had breaks from playing and that he needed to loan money,would be interesting to find out how he will play again poker in future!who will give him money for playing,will he earn something again from own money or what happen!
 CALICUL05/01/2019 16:34:17 GMT
I do not think Gus Hansen is the kind of man who will borrow money to play poker.
He missed a big time in live poker where he played big amounts and when he came back, as been maintained for several months, but now is broke i think.
I think he will play poker again in modest amounts, to achieve again few hundred thousand of dollars.
 Mober05/01/2019 17:51:34 GMT
He wont be the first nor the last borrowing money to play poker.
And it is not only poker that this is happening.
If you are stuck with a game, you are stretching it as much as you can.
You must know where to stop, before it becomes a problem.
 CALICUL06/01/2019 16:35:18 GMT
Some players do not stop and continue to play.
After they lose everything, they get to borrow from family, friends, other players, casinos or other methods.
This is not good and this kind of players have big problems with gambling.
About Gus Hansen i was referring to the fact, that he is not the kind to borrow money. Smile

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