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Blog post published on 25 February 2015, written by pokershark74.
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A 25-year-old dude from Toronto who wants to go back to school for history lessons and pay for it playing poker.

Hello Yall been on a bit of a poker break these last few months, Been hectic for me at the moment trying to move and pack and clean... god i got a lot of cleaning to do. For my first post back in a while i figure ill do part 3 of tao of gus first then a wee outro.


The walk home had never been easy for Gus, Countless enemies at every turn eager to jack the fleeing poker players of the china town games. Gus figured they thought it be easier to steal the money instead of trying to learn poker... Savages

The walk was short, Gus only lives a block and a half from the game and is quite the regular. Tonight though was unique, Or boy Gus has the poker skills of a shark. He also habitually walks the "Fifteen Minute March"as he cleverly coined his walk home. Tonight however Gus had won more then he ever won there and his fighting skills were that of a guppy. Needless to say the high chance of hold up kept Gus a wee bit 'on his guard'

Home Safe and sweating, from the hustle of his walk (And a wee bit of nervousness) Gus could finally relax and enjoy the fortune and luck of a good nights work. 'Holy Shit' seemed to resonate in the back of his mind as he thought back over the night of play. Gus was still in awe over the hand with Tiny Tom. 'What a Game... What a game indeed'

No sooner had Gus sat down to a small meal and his favorite TV show (T-dot Crime watch). The phone rings. 'Ugh' mumbled Gus as he put down his beer and walked over to take the call.

"Hello is Gus there" Came the voice from the other side.
"Who's Askin?" Replied Gus
"Are you Gus or no sir I am rather hurried"
Reluctantly Gus Replied " Yes this is he now who are you?"
"..." No reply
Seconds later a knock on the door, Gus answered the door and was taken aback when he saw a rather oafish looking fella who simply said "Da boss wants yous"

More to come soon peace mobsters! once i get my computer ill be back on the forums and playing again. Hope you enjoyed this install meant of 'tao of gus' Good luck good heath and gods speed mates!!!


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4 comments on "THE TAO OF GUS (PART 3)"

 doubletop77725/02/2015 10:11:12 GMT
Great to see you back pokershark74 and its always nice to read one of your blogs. I look forward to seeing you back on the forums and i wish you the best of luck at the tables
 klash2325/02/2015 12:31:26 GMT
An interesting blog to say the least,though it is probably an idea to read parts 1 and 2 if you haven't come across this blogger before.Always good to see a variety of blogs.
 TheMachineQC25/02/2015 20:02:04 GMT
Nice to see you back on BRM Pokershark74!

Haha funny story, it's like a short movie! With suspens and all Blink

Damn you're almost making Canada sound dangerous at night Big Smile
 bowie198426/02/2015 00:23:10 GMT
Good that is more to come, still can't really see where this story is going though. By the way is this a neo-noir with some specific gambling theme? Seems to me at least.
Good luck on your academic things and pokerplaying, as I said to Ronin in the other thread - good to have you back.

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