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WSOP Circuit Expands Outside The U.S.

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Posted on 27 February 2015 by "T".

On Thursday, The World Series of Poker announced that it has begun entering into agreements with casinos/poker rooms in Italy, Morocco and Mexico to expand its WSOP Circuit. Marrakech, one of Morocco's largest cities, will host the first international Circuit event from March 7th to March 15th, 2015 at Casino de Marrakech Es Saadi (picture).

The stop will feature eight official ring events and both the Main Event champion and the Casino Champion will get entry to the 2016 WSOP  International Casino Championship exclusive freeroll with a minimum one million dollar prizepool.

"It's time to emphasize the "World" in World Series of Poker and more aggressively partner with leading casino operators at the regional level," said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart.  "We know players crave a WSOP-like experience in their home market and believe our organizational expertise and unique tournament formats will bring a winning formula."

"One thing that was clear to me from my time spent in the poker industry is that the passion for poker is ever-present, but players crave value, excitement and superior organization," said WSOP Director Gregory Chochon.  "These new agreements will allow us to offer meaningful year-round benefits to our casino partners while giving poker players a more direct path to reach the ultimate WSOP dream."


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7 comments on "WSOP Circuit Expands Outside The U.S. "

 doubletop77727/02/2015 10:17:16 GMT
I think it was inevitable that this wold happen and i, for one, think that it is about time and is a very good idea. The World Series is always the event that every poker fan looks forward to
 mhj0727/02/2015 11:44:48 GMT
It's very nice to see this. Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth discussed this topic during the WSOP 2014 final table broadcast when they were talking about players they wanted to see inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. They both agreed that Poker has become such a big game now, not only in the US but in the entire world, and that they would like to see more players from outside of the US being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

That discussion goes hand-in-hand with these news and I encourage it, especially as a non-US citizen myself. As the quote in the article says: "It's time to emphasize the "World" in World Serier of Poker..." Smile
 klash2327/02/2015 13:59:14 GMT
I thought this would have happened a long time ago.The WPT have been in different countries and for an organisation called the World series of poker not to have tried other countries makes little sense.
 figpucker27/02/2015 15:06:59 GMT
Well Mexico borders the USA as does Canada so how bout a WSOP in Canada?? I won't hold my breath for it but can still hope lol.
 Heskor27/02/2015 15:27:01 GMT
Nice would be good to see them expand more people playing and we can have more good stories if more people plays, the more the merrier lol, yeah and they right passion for poker will always be here as poker is the game that is most fun as you can win money and also you can win when you are not doing well, that one card which save your day when you were about to bust lol.

Anyway peace out mate hjave fun keep those news coming good to hear!
 bowie198402/03/2015 02:03:16 GMT
Posted by figpucker:
Well Mexico borders the USA as does Canada so how bout a WSOP in Canada?? I won't hold my breath for it but can still hope lol.

I was thinking about the same - at least it would be way more logical than putting this thing in places where an armed casino robbery during the event has a chance bigger than 15%. Sorry Mexico, but your goverment just really stopped giving sh1t about anything 10+ years ago.
 vedran4210/03/2015 05:39:44 GMT
Great news. They should expand to even more countries.

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