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BLOG: Get lucky

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Blog post published on 31 March 2015, written by westside1950.
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25-year-old student from Croatia and a semi-pro poker player

Hello mobsters, westside1950 writing.  I hope you had a succesfull previous week, I didn't play much of my HU SNGs, still made some small profit though. I ended the month with around 400€ profit (mostly on Pokerstars, less on some other sites I play), so I'm pretty satisfied with my month.

During these MicroMillions series on Pokerstars I discovered some really nice FPP satellites - 25 FPP buy-in 6max SNG - first 2 places win entry to a 1$ MicroMillion tourney. So I played a whole bunch of those satellites - ended up turning around 2600 FPP in 55T$(Tournament money). It came around 47 FPP per 1$, which is pretty good value.

''Get lucky''

So it was nice week and nice month, but the best thing happened yesterday.
Few blogs ago I wrote about my Spin&Go challenge which ended up break-even so I decided to ignore Spin&Go format for now. Meanwhile, something happened.

I live togather with my girlfriend who also plays poker (but not much as I do Smile ), and she is pretty good as recreational player. She made some small, but okay profit in the past, but during this year she didn't play much 'cause of her university classes and obligations, except eventually some micro SNGs and Spin&Gos.

So yesterday, while I was reading something on the net she suddenly started screaming:
''Oh my God, come over here,LOOK!! I'm so nervous, I don't know what to do?!''
''What the fu** happened??'' - I asked, turned around to look at her laptop... and saw that number. 3$ Spin-and-Go just rolled a 720$ jackpot! 600$ for first place, 60$ for 2nd and 3rd!

I couldn't believe it. Suddenly 40 people were observing the game, and number just kept increasing.
''Okay,okay - calm down!'' - I said - '' We're gonna play this one togather''

2nd hand and we got AQ on the BB. A guy on the button opens the pot, I stoped for a few seconds (tought between re-raise to around 120 chips or simply pushing all-in 500 chips) and decided that I don't want him to call a raise and then play that important pot out of position,especially if I miss - 'cause I know nothing about his style of play. So we simply pushed all-in with AQ.... and the guy insta-called with A6. Okay, nice! Big Smile
Cards started coming out, no 6 on flop, turn blank, river..... blank. We win the pot!

Okay, now I started to tremble a little. 600$ doesn't mean that much to someone, but here for us - in Croatia - it's a huge deal. And here we stand, 1000 chips to 500 in heads-up, my specialty Smile
Someone would tighten up in this spot and decide to wait a good hand to knock-out your last opponent, but that's not how I like to play this game.
Pretty soon I realized that my opponent is also possibly intiminated by a jackpot prize 'cause he played really passive.
He limp-folded preflop to my raises a few times, folded on continuation bet(s) on flop and after 10 hands he went down to 225 chips with blinds being 15/30.

''Okay,okay... 1275 chips to 225 chips.. that's a one serious chip lead'' - I tought - '' Time to finish this off, he has like 7 BBs left''
Next hand we raised the pot with K7 , and he pushed all-in for 225 chips. With 290 chips in the pot, we had to add 160 more to call.
I knew that most of the time we'll have around 35% to win, since this was his first all-in and he is probably ahead. Probably. But with this big stack advantage and a huge possible payout this is was a no-brainer. We must call. We did. He turned A9..

Okay,36%. One time,come on Smile
Flop came K 7 3... ''Oh my god, we got him!''.... ''Don't you suckout on us now!!''
And then another king fell on the turn Smile Full house, it's over! Wohoho, 600$ Smile

I totally gave up on these Spon&Go's and then this happens. Maybe I'll give them another try. Maybe...
You can have all the poker-skill in the world, but you still need to roll that big jackpot.
You still need to get lucky.

Talk to you soon. Blink


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10 comments on "Get lucky"

 doubletop77731/03/2015 09:47:10 GMT
Many congratulations on your win and i hope you enjoy spending your winnings. Its always great to pick up a nice prize but to do so for such a small outlay is extra sweet.Congrats again
 Heskor31/03/2015 15:03:32 GMT
yeah shit happens in real life when they do i will always focus on real life as it is more important then grinding your time away on the tables and so on! Take for example i used to play a lot but since i started to work i had to cut back as making a living is more important than fun and so far i do not regret my choice just sometimes when i cannot play those main events for the yearly tournaments like MM, and so on. anyway good luck again and have fun!
 klash2331/03/2015 15:06:17 GMT
That is a great win for a spin and go,especially at only $3.Not only did you get the lucky spin but it sounds like all of the game was pretty straight forward and it all went according to plan.Hope you and your girlfriend have a great time spending the cash.
 westside195031/03/2015 21:06:17 GMT
Yup, the game was, in the end, so surprisingly easy to play since the opponents were so exploitable. Especially that A6 guy Big Smile
Most of the money will go on collage tuition Sad ... except maybe a hundred for a good night out Tongue Smile
 bowie198402/04/2015 01:04:23 GMT
You kinda know how they are going to play them when theres a guaranteed money for all the three participators. They either going to be loose as hell or they will be tight as a lizard's a-hole. Theres nothing inbetween. Great value, nice game, good luck for the next ones!
 djluno04/04/2015 03:42:01 GMT
well done
 Heskor04/04/2015 15:09:33 GMT
Well done mate keep up the good work and keep making a lot of money i always like when mobster are doing well, hope you keep up the good work mate, will be watching more of your post so blog more and you can get mobspoints too for people who did not know for blogging, so give it a try anyway good luck again and have fun all of you, i am betting to for now, anyway cheers and have fun watching the matches!
 damosk04/04/2015 21:27:56 GMT
Hmmmmmm! So, there i was sitting at the final table with only three players left. I had never been this far before, Phil Ivey walks past and I ask him what to do, so he very kindly takes over and he ends up winning the tourney. The crowd goes wild with cheers in my favour and the other players stand staring in disbelief, asking, "wasn't it supposed to be you playing Damo?"

Tsk. I am such a good player for winning that game!
 bowie198406/04/2015 01:41:30 GMT
westside1950 is no Phil Ivey for sure, Damo - and the parallel you draw here is not really on the spot if you know what I mean. Honestly I am not sure why you wrote what you wrote here but at the end doesn't really matters who playing against who, only thing matters who is winning. They won. End of story.
 westside195006/04/2015 13:53:11 GMT
Well, exactly what bowie sad..
The point of my story was that we got very lucky rollin' that jackpot,and that's it. The game itself was played pretty straightforward, nothing special.
I really don't get the point of your post?

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