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BLOG: Please Welcome New Blogger "westside1950"

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Blog post published on 02 March 2015, written by westside1950.
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25-year-old student from Croatia and a semi-pro poker player

Hi guys and welcome to my blog. I'm westside1950, 25 year old student and poker player from Croatia and I hope you'll enjoy reading about both my poker and non-poker observations, stories and adventures.

I play regular speed heads-up SNG's on pokerstars(3.5€ /7&euroBlink with tendency to move up the stakes and play heads-up cash games. Well, someday Smile

If you ask any professional poker player what was the hardest part of his career, you'll mostly get the same answer - the beginning. Yes, when you play medium/high stakes and lose 400$ a day or maybe 5000$ on a single month, it can be hard.

But at that point you already know everything about game, swings, variance; your confidence won't be gone after a few bad sessions and in the end - when the downswing passes , you'll emerge even better and more confident.
But in the beginning.. ehhh, that's a whole different story.

My bad beat is worse then yours
My story began a few years ago when I made a first deposit of 100$. I started playing some microstakes cash games and after one week I had a little over 200$ on my account.
It made me feel I was the king of the world.
''Man, poker is easy'' - I thought - '' If I keep like this I'll have 500$ by the end of the month and when I move up to higher stakes I'll earn even more and more ''
Of course, that's not what happened. Next week wasn't so good and by the end of it I was stuck at about 180$. I was still 80$ ahead , but my plan of making 500$ by the end of a month didn't seem much real right now.
It was saturday and I went out drinking with friends, got home at 5AM and had this brilliant idea of playing with my whole bankroll at one table.(Sounds familiar, eh?)
I played ultra-mega tight for the first 15 minutes and then I got them. Aces on the button!
Guy on the cut-off opened a pot and I re-raised him really big. He thought for a few seconds and went all-in. I called immediately and he revealed KK.
''No king, no king'' - I prayed out loud. The flop came AJ3, all rainbow. I was so happy to see that ace out there that I completely ignored turn and river cards...
Well, you all know what happened: Q and a ten went out, I went from delirium to depression in a about 1.5 second and busted my whole bankroll.

Days and weeks I whined about my bad beat to everyone who was willing to listen. It took me years to realize that I got what I deserved. Ok, my aces got cracked - but if I kept playing like that, totally ignoring my bankroll management whenever I couldn't make some money on micros - going busted was just a matter of time.

It also made me realize that bad beats are just another part of the game, you can not win every time. And if all you do is whine about the times your hand got cracked, how good is your game gonna be? I learned that in a hardest possible way.

So today I'm a whole different player, more confident and always willing to learn more.
According to Sharkscope, I have the highest profit in 3.5$/€ heads-up SNGs in the 2015 then any other player in the world, so it's a big motivation for me to keep on playing.
(Not using the same nickname here and on the poker site, if you are interested I can write it next time so you can track my progress)

So this was how it all began, next time I'll bring some stories from the present.
Talk to you soon!


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12 comments on "Please Welcome New Blogger "westside1950""

 jeffaboy02/03/2015 16:53:52 GMT
Good article Smile i will follow your journey with interest
 arsenej102/03/2015 17:00:01 GMT
Good article id be happy to follow your blog and your journey are u playing on stars? And whats ur user name?
 pinotte02/03/2015 19:06:40 GMT
Very interesting story and i will follow yournext one for sure. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 westside195002/03/2015 23:52:28 GMT
Thank you guys for the support! Smile
Yes, I play on pokerstars, my nickname there is dknight217
 RoninHarper03/03/2015 01:16:51 GMT
G'day mate
Welcome to you as a new blogger here on BRM.
I wish you every success.
Good luck to you.
 ltownclown03/03/2015 06:55:41 GMT
Welcome buddy. We are looking foward to your presence
 doubletop77703/03/2015 10:31:34 GMT
Welcome Westside1950 and if all your blogs, are as interesting and well written as this one, you will be a very welcome addition to this site. Keep up the good work and i look forward to future blogs
 bowie198403/03/2015 11:17:17 GMT
"No king, no king" LOL it was a good story mate, something like this happened with every one of us probably many times over the year. Welcome to the forum and among the bloggers, will look forward to read your posts and blogs from now on and of course best of luck on your pokerjourney.
 klash2303/03/2015 14:40:25 GMT
Welcome to the forum westside,an interesting article and good to hear from someone who plays as much as you.I think sensible bankroll management is something we all need to do but sensible often means dull and not very exciting!
 luisexy6903/03/2015 20:23:59 GMT
Its a story like most of the players that begin in poker, or casino or betting, and when they realize the consequencis of ther behavior, nd what can happens on there bankroll.
But few weeks late calme and with concience of what can happen when get "shots" like that you understand, the game and how you can play out there.
But we are here to support and help in anything that you need and to see the evalution that you bring to us.

Enjoy sun and life, keep playing safe.
 teddybears7303/03/2015 23:53:52 GMT
nice blog and he seems level headed, i look forward to his next one.
Best player in the world at $3.5 eh,he must be doing something right.
 amscafeaus04/03/2015 09:13:28 GMT
Sounds like you got lucky by getting very unlucky. What you learned early on takes many other players far, far longer to understand. Well done and continued good luck to you!

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