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Jason Koon Wins LAPC $50k High Roller ($436,344)

Tags: 2015 LA Poker Classic, Jason Koon.
Posted on 05 March 2015 by "T".

American poker pro Jason Koon has been running very good (both online and live) in the past 1,5 week. First, he took down PokerStars $1,000 Super Tuesday on February 24th, 2015, by outlasting a field of 591 entries for $111,699 in prize money.

Exactly one week after his victory on PokerStars, on Tuesday March 4, he won the $50,000 Turbo High Roller 6-Max event at the 2015 LA Poker Classic. In total, the tournament drew a field of 31 entries that generated a prize pool of $1,534,500. Koon received $436,344 after a three-handed deal with JC Tran and Connor Drinan.

1 Jason Koon $436,344*
2 JC Tran $373218*
3 Connor Drinan $371,997*
4 Nam Le $199,490
5 Jack Salter $153,450
*Denotes a three-handed deal.

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9 comments on "Jason Koon Wins LAPC $50k High Roller ($436,344)"

 doubletop77705/03/2015 10:38:17 GMT
Many congratulations to Jason Koon on winning this high roller event and taking the $436,344 first prize. He has had a fantastic couple of weeks and it must be a wonderful feeling to win so much money
 bowie198405/03/2015 12:07:07 GMT
Three handed deals are not so usual on live toureys such as this one, I wonder who recommended it in the first place - makes me think somebody really needed a bathroom break and this was the only way he could get it. Big Smile
 klash2305/03/2015 15:23:28 GMT
I can understand why players deal but I'm not a big fan of this happening.After playing for a few days I feel players should finish off the tournament properly.I recently saw an EPT final table where the deal was refused...... not by the players but by the people that staked one of the players.In this case the player who refused went on to lose and was probably annoyed that he wasn't allowed to accept the deal.
 yout8505/03/2015 16:02:27 GMT
Interesting point klash... I don't know for sure, but I would guess the final decision in situations like that would be the player's. The backer could say "do as I say, or no more backing"... or I guess something like that could be built in to a contract....
 pinotte05/03/2015 18:44:28 GMT
I dont think that deals is really a bad think. You never know what happend in a poker game you could be the chips leader by far and goes card dead and your opponents taking advantage of it and you go down before them.

I have seen this happend when watching a final table tournament lately the chips leader was way ahead and he went down very fast could happend to anybody.

Yout just remember your post yesterday i think you were in front all the game and finished 4th. if i remember well and you were frustrating about it. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 luisexy6905/03/2015 21:45:41 GMT
This guy starts very well the year, 2 months and this huge wins, is hard to do it, even for most of profissional players, but when the luck and good tecnique give hands, the strategie grow up and the moviments of winning go high.
Well done, and the chop for what i see is between 3 players that what is real important is the trophy, e not the money, because online they crush.
Maybe next week we see more news from this player.
 bowie198406/03/2015 12:11:42 GMT
Pinotte, nobody saying these deals are bad, we just only stated they are unusual since LIVE toureys are happening with a different rythm and tone than the online counterparts, so one would think the players emphasis once they arrived ITM would be maximising their profit arriving first, yet above we saw the top 3 means you will be payed out like the other two no matter what. I don't like deals. Play it out.
 amscafeaus09/03/2015 00:51:35 GMT
Deals are part of poker. All regular tournament players make them. You have to even out the variance. Plus all the buy ins for these big events eat up your roll. Deals not only make sense, they probably keep these guys liquid to play all year long.
 bowie198409/03/2015 12:57:24 GMT
If every live tournament would end with a deal nobody would want play for the 1st place. You enter a tourey to win it, not to cash on it conveniently. Final table deals isn't really about remaining liquid since they are already getting a sizeable chunk from the prizepool and liquidity is probably their backers problem in the first place.

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