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Triton Poker Releases Episode 2 of SHR Short Deck Cash Game - Tom Dwan Gets Stacked Again

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Posted on 10 October 2018 by "T".

Last week, Triton Poker released Episode 1 of their popular SHR Short Deck Cash Game in Jeju, South Korea, where Tom Dwan walked out after losing a huge pot worth $2.3 million to Paul Phua.

This week, fans can finally get to watch the continuation as Triton Poker released Episode 2. The cash game event is still held at the same venue (Landing Casino in Jeju, South Korea), and still playing with the 36-card Short Deck Poker.

Triton Poker Super High Roller Series 2018 Event info:

  • Short Deck Cash Game 36 cards (2's thru 5's removed).
  • Flush beats a full house.
  • Ace acts as high (TJQKA) and low (A6789) for making straight (so acts as A and as 5).
  • BUY-IN: ₩ 300,000,000 (≈$300,000) for 300,000,000 chips - unlimited re-entry


Unfortunately for the reclusive poker pro, Dwan was again on a losing streak in this 2nd episode, but unlike in episode 1 where he lost a shocking $2.3 million, this time he lost a mere $537,300 which caused him to bust and forced him to re-buy.

Aside from Tom Dwan and Malaysian high roller Paul Phua, the high-stakes table also featured elite high rollers including partypoker ambassador Jason Koon, Elton Tsang, Tan Xuan, Qiang Wang and Andrew Robl.

In this second episode, watch the part where Dwan gets dealt pocket kings while Tsang held A-Q. An Ace on the flop enabled Tsang to take the pot worth more than half a million.

Watch the video here:


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9 comments on "Triton Poker Releases Episode 2 of SHR Short Deck Cash Game - Tom Dwan Gets Stacked Again"

 shokaku10/10/2018 14:31:48 GMT
Pocket Kings, the hand of doom. In the normal 52 card version this would be tough luck to lose an preflop all in with KK vs AQ, but with the reduced deck the chances are far more even.

Didn't expect Robl to play there, tho. To action packed for the style i have ssen from him before.
 pajalnick10/10/2018 20:34:54 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Pocket Kings, the hand of doom.

Perhaps you are right to fold two kings very hard ... about as hard as to fold two aces .... or 2 queens .... or 2 jacks .... but Two kings is a pretty good hand .... especially if on There is no ace at the table .... then you can raise the stakes .... And here's another ace on the table and the opponent raises the stakes ..... then you need to overcome ambitions and lose 2 kings Worship
 CALICUL10/10/2018 23:19:13 GMT
This game can be watched by those who are interested to play it. If they have no plans to play this game in the future, then they will lose time without winning anything. Holdem poker players will be confused with Triton Poker. I do not think this game will be successful.
 Gerimantas11/10/2018 06:42:59 GMT
Yes very interesting game and i always like to see many famous player play poker because you can see some interesting play and maybe learn something you can try to do in your game. Tom dwan not have good luck in this series in two forst episodes
 doubletop77711/10/2018 07:48:58 GMT
I have been watching these guys playing poker and it is truly frightening the amounts of money they are playing for. You could swear that they are using play money and not real cash and it is mind blowing
 shokaku11/10/2018 08:34:27 GMT
Remember the ultra high stakes cash games on the old Full Tilt, roughly ten years ago? Those pots were even higher. Adrenaline junkies just need ever higher doses, and in poker this means ever higher stakes. And if they can suck in money from outside the poker world, it is even better.
 Mober11/10/2018 11:39:40 GMT
Another episode of this version of poker.
Now i took the time to read the rules for this one.
Besides the twist with the full house, there is another one with the ace and
the straight.
Still a game that i wouldnt like to watch, even with these players in. Smile
 bowie198411/10/2018 21:48:08 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Remember the ultra high stakes cash games on the old Full Tilt, roughly ten years ago? Those pots were even higher...

Yeah but at least those weren't like this gimped shortdecked version of the game. I get it if somebody wants to stir up the pot by taking out low numbers but it just doesn't create much excitement for me. Getting broadway cards on almost every turn and making hands left and right is just ruining the suprise factor of the overall gameflow 4me.
 Nightkid03/11/2018 22:49:44 GMT
I was watching comments but I'm not really attracted to playing hahaha but maybe you see others if you like it but I really do not, I do not have the head to walk with many new things and more than today they come out every time games and all kinds of new things leave me alone with what I hahaha Agree Agree Agree

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