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BLOG: A chip and a chair

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Blog post published on 06 March 2015, written by westside1950.
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25-year-old student from Croatia and a semi-pro poker player

Hi guys, this is your newest blogger westside1950 writing.
I'm flattered by the interest you've shown for my first post, so I'm really looking forward to writing this new blog of mine. I play 3.5€ and 7€ heads-up SNGs on Pokerstars and my nickname there is dknight217.

A chip and a chair

I made a fair profit over the last few days, and I ran pretty well. I won pretty much all all-in situations where I was the favourite, so playing was really enjoyable. (unlike those days when you can't win even when you're a 95% favourite)
But some wins were gifted to me from my tilty opponents Smile

Did you hear the story of Jack ''Treetop'' Strauss? Besides he was almost 2 meters high (Yea, that's why he is a treetop Big Smile ), he was a famous poker player.
He played the WSOP main event back in 1982. Soon he went all-in and lost all of his chips in one pot. He wished good luck to everyone on the table and getting up he discovered he had one chip left under a napkin on the table. One lousy 25$ chip.
He won the next hand, after that he didn't just push all-in on every hand, but instead he waited for the best spots and a dozen all-ins later he became the WSOP main event champion!

This was one of the first poker stories I heard and I thought: '' What a lucky bastard!''
He was indeed lucky, but he also refused to surrender - he played the best he could although he was very shortstacked and in the end lady luck smiled upon him. But you can't say he didn't deserve it!

So yesterday I played a heads-up match against some decent russian guy. He played some good poker and after 10 minutes of play I was down to around 100 chips. ( Everyone starts with 1500)
At that point there is nothing you can do then just push all-in, so I won 2 coinflips in a row, then I cracked his KK with AJ and I was back to around 700 chips.
And then the rage-festival stared! ''OMG, lucky donk!'', ''fu*** jokerstars'', ''You are so bad, but you have luck!'' - he wrote all of that in about 10-15 seconds Big Smile

Few hands later he min-raised and I called with QJ.
Flop came 3 9 10 - no flush draw, he bet a half of pot and I called. Turn was the 8 - I made my straight.
He bet half of pot againt, I thought for a second and just called fearing that he might fold to a raise.
River was a K changing nothing and I waited for a while and then threw pot-sized bet into him.
He insta-called me with a A3 (5th pair?!)

Now we were even stacked and he was sooo tilted that he just pushed allin every hand and a few hands later he ran into my JJ and it was all over.

So, I got lucky to get from 100 to 700 chips - but so what? Next time it will happen to my opponent (saw that a hundred times) and I just can't allow myself to make some bad calls and go tilt just because of that.
Even when I was at 700 chips, he was a big chipleader and a favourite to win.

So next time when you play against someone and he just refuses to die, don't let it get into your head. Keep calm and keep on playin'.
And when you are down to a shortstack remeber the story of Jack Strauss. You won't win it every time, but once you make it you will be glad you didn't just randomly push all-in. Patience is a virtue,remember.

Now go and make some money Smile Good luck to all of you.
Talk to you soon guys!


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10 comments on "A chip and a chair"

 doubletop77706/03/2015 10:40:47 GMT
I think you are spot on when saying that you must pick your spots when making a play. Patience is the key to any form of gambling and betting on every race is a very quick way to the poorhouse in my opinion
 klash2306/03/2015 15:27:41 GMT
A good start to your blog Westside and I have to agree with you,if you don't have the patience to pick the right spots you will lose games you should have won.If I'm the short stack I love it when my opponents starts giving me chances to double up.
 Heskor06/03/2015 17:26:35 GMT
Cheer for the post blog, good one, and i hope to see more of them and yeah you get to choose the spots and you will succeed especially at the higher level where you need to know when to push and when not too, at the lower levels it is much more important as if you push a lot against a weak player which just calls then you might get to the showdown with crap cards and pay up.

But if he folds a lot pushing a lot can make you good money when he folds, cheers good luck mate!
 pinotte06/03/2015 17:56:41 GMT
Very nice story of a very good poker game. Yes patience is most of the time key to success in poker and life in general.

However in all aspect a little bit or a lot of luck is also necessary to achieve what you did in this game cause i did it once in a live 10 players SNG sitting HU with not enough chips to pay the nex blind and shoved with 3 4 made a straight and end up winning the game.

I will be here to read your next blog and meanwhile best of luck. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 superthight06/03/2015 18:18:14 GMT
but not all the time ,word patience must awake for something worth aggressive if really needs on position ,balancing should be always stick around to avoid some badbeats crazy calls against monster aa..if we pretend to be weak then long run results may come to a failure, just an additional advice Worship Worship
 damosk06/03/2015 18:19:11 GMT
Nice blog....well done.

I totally concur that you should not just shove all in with nothing hands when you are down to next to nothing but definitely be patient and pick your time and cards to play to maximise your opportunity. Luck does come into it, but more on this basis, it is probability that comes into play, as you are maximising your probability of winning!
 bowie198407/03/2015 12:31:50 GMT
How come I never run into russians with this much of a good english? The ones I get around to play with usually just trolling with their playing style, rather than doing it on chat. Big Smile Though it's so sweet to make tilting somebody that a few times I'm able to do this I rarely have enough time left to enjoy it, they've gone so fast.
 amscafeaus08/03/2015 11:50:26 GMT
Pretty solid points in your blog. Also one of the very first things you learn as a tournament grinder. Never Say Die! I can't tell you how many times I have come back from 4 or 5 bb to win a tournament. When you run gotta play your best.
 bowie198408/03/2015 12:49:26 GMT
Posted by amscafeaus:
Pretty solid points in your blog. Also one of the very first things you learn as a tournament grinder. Never Say Die! I can't tell you how many times I have come back from 4 or 5 bb to win a tournament. When you run gotta play your best.

Yeah, I agree but that implies you only starting play your best when you have left 4-5 BB. So, what were you doing until then?
Tournaments hard to crack IMO both live and online.
 westside195009/03/2015 17:11:11 GMT
Haha - my russian opponents usually play good poker, but they are very short-tempered - one bad beat and they go crazy-mode Big Smile
Thanks guys for your comments and interest, you'll hear from me soon Smile

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