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Russian Player 'CccpVodka' Turns $5 Into $1,000,000!

Tags: CccpVodka, PokerStars, Spin & Go.
Posted on 24 April 2015 by "T".

As a part of the PokerStars Makes Millionaires promotion, the special $5 buy-in $1 Million Spin & Go's were recently introduced again. On Thursday, in the early hours of the morning, the first millionaire of this amazing promotion was crowned.

It only took 355 seconds of play before Russia's CccpVodka was the last man standing in the 3-handed $1.2 million Spin & Go on PokerStars. In other words, he turned $5 into an incredible 1 million dollars in just 6 minutes! His opponents (partalios, from Greece, and shooLarr, also from Russia) had reasons to celebrate as well, given that they walked away with $100k each.

CccpVodka, the fourth winner in the history of $1 million Spin & Go's, will not be the last millionaire on PokerStars in the next couple of weeks as the $1 million Spin & Go promotion continues.


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16 comments for "Russian Player ''CccpVodka'' Turns $5 Into $1,000,000! "

 pochui24/04/2015 10:49:42 GMT
i testify that it had a go at a few of those $1 millions spin and go's and saw that million spinning in front of my eyes, but had to settle for no more than $10 prize-pool, which was not what i was hoping for- therefore i donated my cash to those more in need at the tables.
 superthight24/04/2015 12:07:40 GMT
well its the most best thing you made in your life pochie .someday blessings well come towards you Big Smile hope im next to be donated with some one cares Thumbs Up Thumbs Up joke be happy in life silly boy. Big Smile
 arsenej124/04/2015 13:45:56 GMT
Another nice win...i find it strange when u look up his stats it doesn't have any evidence of winning this game like the others didnt. I dont know if its because i dont pay for sharkscope? But it shows all the other spin and goes he won and lost so u would think this would be right there. Anyways congrats to the winner and also the second and third places with there kool 100k
 bowie198424/04/2015 14:14:29 GMT
I still can't believe that Amaya creates these russian players out of thin air, just to show off how generous they become. Would prefer though if they split this money into 10 or 20 small packets to be winnable every actual month, rather than surprise somebody with a million.

Posted by superthight:
well its the most best thing you made in your life pochie .someday blessings well come towards you Big Smile hope im next to be donated with some one cares Thumbs Up Thumbs Up joke be happy in life silly boy. Big Smile

At least try to write his name right.
 klash2324/04/2015 14:20:40 GMT
Well done to this player,you pay your buy in hoping to get lucky and get a good amount to play for but you don't really expect the million prize so it must be one hell of a buzz to get the million and then go on to win it.The best thing about this is that the other 2 players got 100k as that would be terrible to play for a million and win nothing if you lose!
 demodawggy24/04/2015 14:34:01 GMT
...I think if I won that kind of money living in Russia,...that I'd make arrangements to go collect the prize in person at PokerStars head office,....and NEVER go back...!!! Big Smile

...I may be wrong,...but I would think that Russia would be a dangerous place for the 'average Joe' to suddenly become a millionaire...!

C.C.C.P......? ....That's EXACTLY what Mr.Putin is trying to restore and name after himself....but with a twist...:

The Corrupt Criminal Cleptocracy of Putin Big Smile
 westside195024/04/2015 15:34:10 GMT
CccpVodka you say...

I wonder on what will this guy spend his new million Smile Big Smile

Ps. Did you notice that always russians win these 1 million $ Spin&Gos, three russians i think for the christamas edition of spin&go and now this one!

Conspiracy theory by Putin & Pokerstars Big Smile
 Phisix24/04/2015 23:50:44 GMT
Great win for him and of course very jealous.

But what is that now, three Russian's in a row to win this prize now? How much on a bet to say the next winner will also be Russian?? Big Smile
 luisexy6924/04/2015 23:59:54 GMT
Its a nice story and call to many players go play that kind of game, but for what i see is the second or 3 russian player that win such amount of money in the spin & go of 5 dollars, right?

Yes all will say that this is rigged, no is not probably the russian comunity of poker they are trying to improve skills on spin & go tournaments, to tell us in the future some strategie, when they are win and win many times to us.

But beside that is a good thing to see someone get a change life.
 xgcsnippy25/04/2015 01:24:28 GMT
Its always the russians winning, noone else!

 doubletop77725/04/2015 09:45:30 GMT
These stories are great and i really am happy for this guy and not in a bit jealous!!! Seriously though, its great to read about people winning big for such a small outlay, congrats again to him
 damosk25/04/2015 16:59:08 GMT
YEEEEAAAHHHH! Another millionaire winner on PokerStars Spin and Go. I haven't played any of these for ages and thought the promotion had finished. Maybe I will save up a $5 and give one a spin..... Hah....get it..... Give it a spin? LOL.....so originally funny!

Back to sleep!
 winnipegrob25/04/2015 23:56:54 GMT
i will try it once i get a visa card from 7-11 store and deposit $25 and try 5 times to win it. good luck.
 Theapple26/04/2015 12:55:49 GMT
how come its always some russian guy winning these jackpot sng's :o
 Fakiry27/04/2015 13:51:19 GMT
Congratulations to everyone at that table. I have played a few $3 and $1 because my bankroll didn't let me go on higher flights, but i already consider PS let me try to win some considerable amounts for such low buy-ins with only two opponents. This was a very nice promo they created! We just have to wait until we see those zeros stoping by...
 bowie198409/05/2015 10:27:20 GMT
Posted by Theapple:
how come its always some russian guy winning these jackpot sng's :o

They have many famous chess players and mathematicians, so they being good in a cardgame which requires sort of the same skillset is a real possibility - besides PS probably promoed the living sh1t out there from the first russian guy who won million on these spin and go's.

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