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BLOG: Lies.

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Blog post published on 07 April 2015, written by IceQueenAce.
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Female, 38, UK

They catch up on you eventually. I want to tell you a story that happened to me recently. My other half is away for a few days on business and so I had my little one to myself for a while.

One day my mother in law invited us round for dinner. Now I need to let you know, she is a fairly decent cook but one thing she does is a lovely Sunday roast. The meat is best, especially beef and she puts it in for hours so that when you put it in your mouth, it melts. Beautiful!! So I am round there eating and the beef is so tough it asked me for a fight, twice.

There is a stack of it, I can barely chew it and the little one just spits it out and says she doesn't like it. Cheers kid! Something else you should know, the in-laws never eat meat the next day so I get it all wrapped up and can have it in sandwiches for the next three days.

What am I supposed to do? They invite me round. They make sure I have plenty for sandwiches. And they spend a small fortune on it. The mother-in-law says it's a bit tough and I don't have the heart to agree with her, so I tell her it is lovely to spare her feelings. Because I am nice like that.

Later on at home I am talking to the other half. I mention how tough the meat was. We say our goodbyes. Later in the evening I send him a text saying "by the way, I didn't tell your mum I didn't like the meat, I told her it was nice". Only instead of sending it to the other half, I sent it to the mother-in-law by mistake. She wasn't happy but I told her it was a joke. She didn't believe me. She didn't believe me because the story didn't make sense.

The same can be said of poker. If you are lying (bluffing), your story needs to make sense. People need to believe the bets you are making are representing the cards you are trying to make them think you have.

If they don't then you can be sure sooner or later a good player is going to disbelieve your story and pick you off fairly easily. When bluffing, don't go blindly all in. Think about what you want your opponent to think you have and adjust your bets accordingly.
If not you, who? If not now, when?





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7 comments on "Lies."

 luisexy6908/04/2015 21:38:12 GMT
The lie never get you far, allways is better the truth, you probably get ungry, on a fight, you may have a acident, or in the maximum you could die, but if you tell the true, your spirit and mind will be allways in danger and with no peace.
So tell the unvarnished truth can be bad, but the best option in real life.
In poker sometimes be the bluffer is a good thing, in even here is not good idea do many times.
 StheP08/04/2015 22:14:21 GMT
totaly agree with you Ice... always when you bluffing you must represent something, or other way you will ge cought... its simple, and when you are bluffing you should almoust never go all in (very rare). And if you get cought dont make a big deal of it, because it isnt such a big deal Blink
 pinotte08/04/2015 22:32:48 GMT
I would not call a lie what you said to your to mother in law i would say it was courtesy. Howevwe the way you get caught and then continue with another one was not so nice. Its the same in poker bluff could be a very nice play if you dont use it to often and lose your credibility. Big Smile Big Smile
 marqis08/04/2015 23:27:25 GMT
If your bluff does not make any sense, you'll get called, and you lose. You need to know what you are representing, and your play on all previous streets must be consistent with the hand you are representing.
The desperation bluff, where you oversize the bet, hoping that will intimidate your opponent into folding, only works against bad players.

The beef was tough. Your mother in law will have noticed that too. Your bluff does not make sense here.
Just compliment her on how great it was the last time (which is true), but this time it's not as good, but that can't be her fault, since she's already proven her beef-cooking skills to you.

Play the hand you were dealt, taking your opponent into account, and try to get maximum value. Lying is -EV here.
 pelinimed09/04/2015 23:03:25 GMT
I love bluff too and many times bluff when i have some low suitted connected, hands like 76,87 or low pair and i am not hit flush draw or set,but on board see Ace or Kings,Queens or in situations where we have four spades,hearts etc. Sometimes i bluff to represent straight with board like 3467,89JQ . Not alot time catch bluffers and hate when player do C-bet on dry board,like all low cards,without any flushes or straights and even continue to raise after turn and make all inn after river,i just blow up and start tilting,so i more like to avoid this situations. Great blog.
 bowie198410/04/2015 00:02:12 GMT
Posted by marqis:
Just compliment her on how great it was the last time (which is true), but this time it's not as good, but that can't be her fault, since she's already proven her beef-cooking skills to you.

Agree. I mean I would just say this straight up but you all know there is not much subtlety left in me. Life's too short to deal with your loved ones in sweet little lies.
 Heskor10/04/2015 16:58:21 GMT
Yeah step mom is the worst especially if she is present all the time, we always fight lol and there are lot of shit we do not agree, i will be glad when she is gone from my life, anyway have fun playing poker and have fun with the family. Anyway i always check my real life if poker is affecting my real life which seldom does i often take a break and take time to get to know my family and have fun and come back rested and ready to roll again, cheers keep more of those blog post mate!

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