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Poker Pros Win Against Computer Program

Tags: Claudico, Doug Polk, man vs machine, poker bot, WCGRider.
Posted on 12 May 2015 by "T".

Doug Between April 24 and May 8, four of poker's best high-stakes heads-up players took on poker bot Claudico (a computer program created by a team at Carnegie Mellon University) in 80,000 hands of heads-up no-limit Texas Hold'em (play money). The rules were very simple: whoever was up after 80k hands would be considered the winner.

The results came in the other day and showed that the human team won by $723,713. Here are the players and their winnings/losses:

Bjorn Li $529,033

Doug "WCGRider" Polk $213,671

Dong Kim $70,491

Jason Les -$80,482

Although the games were played with play money, the team of four will be rewarded with $100,000 in cash from Microsoft Research and the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh (where the competition took place). Highlights from the competition will be shown on future episodes of Poker Night in America (CBS Sports Network), but you can already now watch the sessions on Twitch TV. 

source: pokernews

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9 comments on "Poker Pros Win Against Computer Program"

 doubletop77712/05/2015 09:28:49 GMT
What a fascinating experiment this was and its very interesting to see that the humans ended up on top. These guys play so much poker, that they have probably seen every scenario, that their decision making is spot on
 Skpmorita12/05/2015 11:01:19 GMT
i guess it is easy playing against a computer
i don't believe a computer can call a bluff with an ace high card
sometimes that it is the right play
and i don't see a computer 4-bet with 7-3
so it is totally abc poker
i don't know maybe they programmed the computer to be able to make those kind of plays
still this is not chess , sometimes the wrong play is the right play
that is poker
i will definitely look forward to see this game
 klash2312/05/2015 12:09:14 GMT
I think most poker players,even those who only play recreational poker would have predicted that humans will usually beat a computer.Looking at the results it would appear,as in all poker,there are always players who will suss out their opponent and the top 2 winners seemed to have done that a lot easier than the other 2,where the edge was not that great.
 marqis12/05/2015 13:10:36 GMT
Why is this news? Anyone that can write a computer poker program, can write one, that is easily beaten by professional poker players...
This is just a failed attempt at creating a program that actually beats them.

Wasn't there a recent article about a HU limit HE program that was supposed to be unbeatable? I don't believe it was the same one.
 westside195012/05/2015 14:05:56 GMT
Expectedd news, really.

I think it would be a sensation if a gruop of 4 professional poker player could not beat a computer program.
There are so many things in poker that are not purely mathematical and that you cannot just write down in a programming code and learn your computer program to do it.

Anyways, not a sensation of any kind Big Smile Smile
 luisexy6912/05/2015 20:05:16 GMT

This just came prove that poker is a mental, skill and strategic game, that against human or not a person in the end will win, and like marqis said above, any one that know about computer programs things they know who to plane and make a programe like this, and even against all the probabilitys and hands and other stuff that they put in the programe after a time and some hands the pros or humand understand the standard of the computer.
But is a test for the future person invent other programe more effecient.
 superthight13/05/2015 15:38:06 GMT
yes.probably but programs are facinating dont make so much errors likehumans do .no matter how good a player it will fail due to stress and patience ,programs always remains stable unless they are been suckout by hackers..
 Heskor13/05/2015 18:55:02 GMT
Hi it is about time there are some good computer program out there and to beat them you have to have some level of skills and i am not talking about the average bot who grind a little ev play per game , but about the big skills who are hard to beat and not used but used for simulation and other stuffs, anyway im out going to watch some CL football and hope Real Madrid qualify anyway have fun again guys, cheers!
 bowie198418/06/2015 13:20:05 GMT
The two things missing from this article is how big were their starting stacks (infinite? cuz that would mess up the stats greatly), and the inevitable mocking of Jason Les (as of RIGHT NOW) who just kept loosing from a bot which was beaten by three other players so this really was not a good marketing for his skillset IMO.

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