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2015 SCOOP: Jason Mercier Scoops 2 Titles In 2 Days!

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Posted on 13 May 2015 by "T".

In case you missed it, the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker (the richest tournament festival of the year runs May 10-24 with $40,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools spread across 138 events) started on Sunday. Believe it or not but PokerStars very own Jason Mercier has already won two SCOOP events!

First, he bested a field of 56 entries on Monday evening to capture the title and $39,200 first-place prize in Event #5-H ($2,100 FL Badugi). Then, the following day, he outlasted a field of 43 players in Event #8-H (2,1000 NL Draw) to add another $34,400 to his online bankroll. In total, he now has three SCOOP titles under his belt, with the first being his victory in one of the 8-game SCOOP events (Medium buy-in) a year ago.


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15 comments on "2015 SCOOP: Jason Mercier Scoops 2 Titles In 2 Days! "

 doubletop77714/05/2015 09:34:25 GMT
This guy seems to be getting better and better and it doesnt surprise me that he keeps on winning these titles. To win two in such a short time is a phenomenal achievement
 yout8514/05/2015 09:48:10 GMT
It's a good achievement yes, but with fields of 56 and 43 rather than the thousands we have to deal with in the lower buy-in tournies, it's not all that surprising that a player of his ability has accomplished this feat.
 klash2314/05/2015 13:15:18 GMT
Hey Yout, Smile Good to see you back after a long time away.I agree with you about the number of entries and to be honest I don't understand why the numbers were so low in a massive promotion such as this.The game type may not be so popular but under 60 on both is surprising.
 Heskor14/05/2015 14:18:18 GMT
Wow people like him he is a good player and always like his moves, keep it up mate he should win more of so, hopefully there will be a long run and he will be classified as a legend afterwards when he is out for being the man to win like 10 tournaments in a row or something lol, anyway keep posting these news, always good to check them out when people are back from home, so bye and have fun at the tables!
 luisexy6914/05/2015 14:42:59 GMT
This guy just continues playing a high style of poker, he may have take a few months for chill and get more poker knowlegde and came back or stay but in more tournaments and lives with strong poker and wins after wins, is kicking around Big Smile

Is a good player, even when he start on the game, and over the years he grow up, learned more and more and keep in the highest for many time, and this is good for poker was well.
 yout8514/05/2015 14:57:54 GMT
Posted by klash23:
Hey Yout, Smile Good to see you back after a long time away.I agree with you about the number of entries and to be honest I don't understand why the numbers were so low in a massive promotion such as this.The game type may not be so popular but under 60 on both is surprising.

The $2,100 buy in makes them rather exclusive tournaments Smile
 Sorin88815/05/2015 07:10:41 GMT
It seems pretty ludicrous to suggest that the Player of the Series competition could be over as a contest just four days into the festival, but Mercier's grip on the leaderboard already looks ominously tight for his competition.
"Made day 2 of another NL scoop event. Kinda short in 109 NL scoop with 150 players left. 90k ish up top back at it after sleep #Scoop"
 pochui15/05/2015 08:09:35 GMT
yeah just as other mobbits pointed this out, headline sounds much better than the reality is- sure two wins are great, but field in both tourneys was no bigger than 60 players. sure it's not that easy to win back to back 50-60 players tourney (or more like sng) so it's deffo a great mini run.
 klash2315/05/2015 13:52:10 GMT
The $2100 buy in is quite high but for an event as big as the scoop promotions on stars I still thought there would be more players taking advantage of the small fields.Do they not have sats for these games?
 crash5815/05/2015 19:51:56 GMT
He just might do it again today, there's less then 100 players left in the $1050.00 buyin, and last i checked he had over 100K in chips. Worship

actually 74 left and he's collected over 5k bounties.
 Sorin88819/05/2015 06:39:20 GMT
Jason Mercier wins 3rd SCOOP event in 7 days.Having previously won the $2,100 NL 5-Card Draw and $2,100 Badugi titles last week, he found himself at the final table of the $2,100 No Limit 4-Max .He topped the 398-runner event to take down $178,457.73 after a heads-up deal with Ryan 'HITTHEPANDA' Franklin.
 Sorin88823/05/2015 06:34:32 GMT
Though Canadian grinder 'dragonwarior' has only won two SCOOP titles in 2015, he won them both in the space of a few hours, both were High versions of No Limit Hold'em events with massive fields, and both paid out more than $250,000 each.
More incredible still, he refused to deal at either final table - even during heads up play. Whenever he was given some numbers to ponder, a simple "I'll need more" followed in the chat box, and play simply resumed.
 Sorin88826/05/2015 06:05:43 GMT
Jason Mercier won three SCOOP events this year, all in different formats
Jason Mercier:" I’ve been playing Mixed Games regularly for the last five years or so. I would definitely say that I'm running good, but I think I'm one of the biggest favourites in a lot of the fields. My plan is to try to win every tournament I enter. Generally over the last few years, I've found myself playing more and more mixed events and less NLH, but I'll be happy winning any kind of bracelet, of course".
 Sorin88808/06/2015 05:08:03 GMT
Twitter is a place for poker players to moan, and many of the pros this week were unhappy with, amongst other things, the WSOP Colossus Payout Structure:@JasonMercier
Why is colossus first place only 638k? Lol is that a joke? Like 6% of prize pool? Now I'm really glad I skipped it... should be 1 mill easy
4:30 AM - 1 Jun 2015
 bowie198421/06/2015 21:22:01 GMT
Oh come on now this guy gets some glory 'cuz he outlasted 56 and later 43 players. Don't get me wrong he is more than alright player in my book but can we stop treating him like he did beat a hundred times amount of these players twice in a row.

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