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Online phenom only one player from his second WSOP bracelet

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Posted on 04 June 2015 by "T".

The american "boss" Paul-Paulgees81-Volpe only needs to knock out one more player, before he can call himself double world champion. WSOP event no.10 - 10.000$ Heads Up No Limit Hold'em championship is known as one of the toughest tournaments of the series, as there are virtually no soft spots in the field. It came to show yesterday as there were pretty much entirely known players registered, so you had to bring your A-game if you had hopes of advancing to the next round.

Paul managed to do just that, when he beat, Barry Hutter, Isidro Sifuentes and Mathew Cooperin his three matches, and is therefore ready for the final.

If Volpe gets the victory it will be his second WSOP bracelet of his career and his second world championship, as he took down the championship in the 2-7 draw lowball last year.

For the final Volpe is up against WSOP winner Keith Lehr, who beat Jake Schindler, Valeriu Coca and Dee Tiller.

This is what they're playing for:

1. 334.430$

2. 206.620$

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4 comments on "Online phenom only one player from his second WSOP bracelet"

 klash2306/06/2015 13:31:17 GMT
Unfortunately he failed to manage this so no second bracelet for him!The winner was Keith Lehr but I am sure the money he made was pretty good and a minor consolation prize.
 Heskor06/06/2015 17:47:37 GMT
Yeah making money playing poker is a dream come through for them yeah sad he did not get the first prize it is an unlucky day for him but in the end the winner had a good day it is all relative and all, anyway good luck at the tables have fun making money and also keep us updated on those news always good to hear news about poker tournaments and all, anyway peace out have fun going to watch football later on so cheers!
 luisexy6907/06/2015 22:18:28 GMT
This is that news that for many players is a good idea of what poker is all about, and for think that here they can win and be good every day, every year, and they can, but there are other player good and with better poker skills.
For him if he plays every day and get results like this every week, yes he can manage to make in 2 years in a row Final table and maybe win the trofe, but for what i read he didn't not.
Beside that, i give him a big cheer for the game that he played.
 bowie198428/06/2015 00:30:24 GMT
His best consolation prize would be the adrenaline rush which he's got on these heads-ups IMO. Regular type poker is good too in that regards but these one on ones are unbeatable if we judge them by the feels one's get after a good takedown.

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