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New Two-Day Tourney ($100k Guarantee) Premieres This Weekend On PokerStars!

Tags: PokerStars, The Weekender.
Posted on 12 August 2015 by "T".

A brand-new two-day tournament called 'The Weekender' will take place on Saturday, August 15 on PokerStars. The Weekender, an 8-max No-Limit Hold'em event with a buy-in of $530 and a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000, is great for players who don't want top spend too much time in one day playing poker, as it will pause after 25 levels (blinds levels start at 12 minutes, then increase to 15 minutes after ten levels) and resume the following day.

The first ever The Weekender, which will run every weekend from now on, kicks of on Saturday at 16:30 CET. You can qualify for the tournament for just a few dollars or player points. Good luck!

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8 comments for "New Two-Day Tourney ($100k Guarantee) Premieres This Weekend On PokerStars! "

 klash2312/08/2015 14:15:30 GMT
Not too sure what I think of this idea.....for me personally I do not want to spend 6-8 hours playing a tourney but a lot of the players who play a $530 buy in probably think nothing of playing for most of the night.
Is this just to shift big games and players to a Saturday evening as well as Sunday?
 Heskor12/08/2015 17:15:56 GMT
Yeah same dont play on the weekend anymore as Monday you have work and all those commitments like school, it would only favor the young crowd and those who are pros therefore killing a good chunk of the market and all, anyway we will have to see what happened, so we have to wait and see, anyway good luck guys have fun at the tables hope you do well if you participating and make a lot of money guys , cheers peace out!
 pinotte12/08/2015 20:34:47 GMT
It looks like to be a very good thing not playing for a very long time on the same day. However the luck factor in poker IMO is a good part of your success or lost so if the first day you are in a lucky time it does not mean that it will be the same the next day. I think that this break could be a very bad thing. Smile Smile
 Skpmorita12/08/2015 21:04:56 GMT
the buy-ins are getting higher in online poker , it is becoming scary how much people are investing
next month we gonna have the highest buy in tournament ever
if i remember correctly it is like 50 thousands dollar , that is just insane
as for me i have never played the Sunday Million so i won't be playing this new tournament 'The Weekender'
though the style of 'The Weekender' is nice , to be able to get rest and sleep after 25 levels
and continue the next day
if i had money i would definitely play it
 pochui13/08/2015 06:36:06 GMT
if it has a really slow structure (big starting stack and small blinds to start with/long duration of blinds) then it is a good idea- this way you have a chance to ply your A game, be fresh on the next day. Plus it would be a nice shift from the bingo poker stars are introducing left and right, more of real poker tourneys are always welcome.
 doubletop77713/08/2015 09:09:41 GMT
I have never known a two day tournament online before and i think that this is a really good idea. These tournaments can last for many hours so an overnight break would be very welcome in my book
 klash2313/08/2015 14:16:20 GMT
I would probably like this more if the buy in wasn't so high,though I have noticed that low stake games with small buy ins are still played by many as if it is a freeroll and get a full starting stack all in on level 1 with AK.
I think if you are playing great and have a massive stack and have to stop it would be quite annoying but then again if you were having terrible luck a break would be ideal.
 jeffaboy13/08/2015 14:27:37 GMT
Tbh 25 levels is still quite long with these blind times etc.. but seems like a pretty fun tournament to play one day Cool

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