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BetFair and Paddy Power To Join Forces

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Posted on 27 August 2015 by "T".

The boards of BetFair and Paddy Power have agreed on key terms of a possible merger to create Paddy Power Befair plc. The £5 billion merger would create one of the world's biggest listed online betting and gaming companies and be the marker leader in the United Kingdom.

The two sports betting and gaming companies combined would have yearly revenues of £1.1 billion, however, they would still operate separately on the European markets. Paddy Power shareholders would own 52% of the combined group and Betfair shareholders would own 48%. Paddy Power and Betfair shares rose 18% and 17% respectively when the news broke yesterday.

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source: theguardian

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10 comments on "BetFair and Paddy Power To Join Forces"

 bowie198427/08/2015 11:57:21 GMT
Why am I feeling this concentartion is not so good in terms of userbase, markets and other things considered?
From our viewpoint less companies means less opportunities for bonus, promotions - anything and one less bookmaker to compare odds. Betfair's value comes from the trading, PP's value comes from? They aren't even that popular outside of Western Europe.
 Heskor27/08/2015 14:37:34 GMT
Yeah paddy power always limit winners and i do not know what will happens if they merge but i do think it might be a good thing as there will be bigger companies and clusters like Ladbrokes merger and they will fight and we can get better bonus, they make billions and still close people accounts lol, that sucks! Anyway peace out mate have fun at the table and good luck mate!
 klash2327/08/2015 16:49:32 GMT
Not another merger......every week there seems to be new mergers,at some point there is only going to be a few big companies to go to.It will not be good for customers in the long run.I don't why but it feels like there is something dodgy going on somewhere,the shares rise by 17,18% and yet they have agreed to a "possible" merger.
 pinotte27/08/2015 18:51:15 GMT
Yes another one and IMO it is not the end of it. If you look just here on the site how many betting and casino offers you have there are plenty of them and this is just here. So at one point the offer will be bigger than the demand. Also you have almost all poker site that have there casino and betting where does it stop.
 shokaku27/08/2015 18:52:31 GMT
Once the concentration process started, it forces the other competitors to do the same. Especially on the internet, where often whole segments are dominated by a few, or even only one company, size do matter.
 pochui28/08/2015 06:57:59 GMT
i don't see them as perfect candidates for a merger. betfair actually doesn't look like a good candidate for a merger with anyone- they have a really distinct product and are known as a stock exchange for sports... in that department they would probably better join forced with betdaq (if it's alive still) or with pkr to offer a different poker experience while already offering different sports betting experience... my 2 cents only
 dule-vu28/08/2015 09:05:45 GMT
I low to play of paddy power and I am member for years there!dont play sports betting there,but love paddy casino and paddy games section!so much promotion,so much free money that they give,so many games!easy payout,very good live support!just want that they stay like it was!
 klash2328/08/2015 16:50:45 GMT
I always thought that one of the reasons the gambling industry was doing so well is because there is lots of competition which results in a lot of benefits to the customer.I know I always look for the best prices if I am going to gamble on a big race.
 damosk28/08/2015 19:54:22 GMT
I have and do use both of these providers in a very similar way, despite the fact they are both very different to each other. so it will be interesting to see how they get along in an alliance and it's interesting to see the suggested name! I look forward to whatever comes!
 av196628/08/2015 21:45:08 GMT
Hello all my friends and fellow mobsters this is your portuguese mate

I agree with Klash23 the competition between providers always benefits the customers and the massive concentration can make some damage to the market but in strong house can also be more safe for the players Confused Confused

I am very happy to be part of such great community and it´s a real pleasure and a true honor to share this forum with you all

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