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John Juanda Wins EPT Barcelona Main Event (€1,022,593)

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Posted on 31 August 2015 by "T".

The biggest ever EPT Main Event (EPT Barcelona) concluded yesterday after several days of thrilling and action-packed poker. Poker legend John Juanda bested a field of 1,694 players to lay hands on the trophy and over €1 million in prize money!

It could have been much less prize money, though. Well, that is if he decided to go along with the deal that was offered when the final table was down to four players. Juanda was the short stack at that point and would "only" have received €150k more than already guaranteed (€405k). He turned down the offer saying, "And forfeit the chance for a million?"

four-handed discussionJuanda tripled up shortly after the failed deal negotiations with KClubJHeart against Shafikov's AHeartKHeart and Warburton's 4Spade4Club (Juanda hit a jack on the flop and won the pot).

After Denys Shafikov had been sent packing in fourth place, the remaining trio had far more closely matched stacks and decided to chop the remaining prize pool. Warburton would be getting at least €941,613, Juanda €922,593 and Jensen €810,294. Left to play for was €100,000 and the trophy.

Play continued for a while before it was time for a scheduled dinner break. At this point, Juanda had almost 30 million while neither of his opponents had more than 13 million.
Juanda remained out in front after the dinner break, and eventually he had eliminated both of his opponents to claim the title!

"I feel really blessed," Juanda said. "I've been playing poker for 18 years and you still get a rush."

He then thanked ElkY and Erik Seidel, who had offered him strategy assistance throughout the final table.

"You guys were so lucky for me," Juanda said.

"It was perfect timing," ElkY said. "Good job, John. Really good job."

"I got lucky too a few times," Juanda said.

"You have to be," Elky replied. 

This was his first EPT title but unbelievably enough just the third biggest payday of his career (2012 Macau High Stakes Challenge Super High Roller, Macau for $ 1,645,757 and 2008 World Series Of Poker - Europe, London World Championship for $ 1,580,096). As of today, he has over $17 million in live tournament earnings!


Buy-in: €5,300
Entries: 1,694
Prize pool: €8,215,900

1 - John Juanda, Indonesia, €1,022,593*
2 - Steve Warburton, United Kingdom, €941,613*
3 - Frederik Jensen, Denmark, €810,294*
4 - Denys Shafikov, Ukraine, €405,100
5 - Rainer Kempe, Germany, €320,400
6 - Andreas Samuelsson, Sweden, €253,900
7 - Amir Touma, Lebanon, €194,100
8 - Mario Sanchez, Spain, €137,080
*denotes three-way deal

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5 comments on "John Juanda Wins EPT Barcelona Main Event (€1,022,593)"

 klash2331/08/2015 12:54:09 GMT
I was quite pleased to see John Juanda manage to win this title,I have seen him a few times at these and he was desperate to win one.I think with $17 million to his name this was more about the glory rather than just the money.
Looking at Hendon his first official live tourney cash was back in 1997,winning $1320 for coming 6th in a $100 limit game.
 pochui31/08/2015 13:29:18 GMT
ah mr john juanda- the living legend. one of those legendary faces (not feces for all of you not english speaking fellas) whom you can spot in every major and minor (yep even the $2 buy-in pub event sponsored by "Tom's Used Diapers & Co." Blink event. one of the dudes that has millions in winning yet no one can remember when was the last time they have won sth... great job john!
 Calmplay31/08/2015 14:49:38 GMT
The only one I know out of those table finalist, and John is definitely one of the best all rounder players alive and hope one day he'll be in the hall of fame WSOP or maybe he's in already???
 Skpmorita31/08/2015 15:04:49 GMT
John Juanda one of the old school player .. that was a nice finish
i like the fact that Elky and Erik Seidel was helping a friend in the final table by giving strategy advice
i am pretty sure he had trips several times in the final table Big Smile
he got so lucky with that KJ
but i don't think that the top 3 was upset , the deal made them a very nice profit
for 3rd and 2nd place
 StheP31/08/2015 17:15:32 GMT
I watched since bigining ept main event, and on 3rd day or maybe 4th I said that juanda and sanchez will finish on final table, even I said that on twitch chat... and indeed they end up in FT Big Smile I am suprised that juanda made deal there, because he dont need money that badly... he already got millions... Its too bad for player that finished in 4th, specialy when they discuss deal 4 handed, he would have 920k from that deal, instead of 405k that he won...

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