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Cheaters Used Special Contact Lenses to View Marked Cards

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Posted on 13 October 2016 by "T".

Over 30 marked decks were confiscated by police when a man claimed he got cheated from a poker game in China. The idea of cheating in a card game using contact lenses is not new as portrayed in the Chinese film "God of Gamblers."

This idea is exactly what four Chinese cheaters pulled off in a poker game wherein they used special contact lenses to dupe an unsuspecting player. Chinese authorities have apprehended the alleged scammers who have been accused of using marked cards and special contact lenses to cheat more than $10,000 from their victim in a poker game.

The game was held in a hotel in Dali City, China. The suspects lured the complainant, identified only as Feng, on the pretense of assisting him in finding clients for his pesticide company. The five played poker wherein the four allegedly conspired to cheat their victim.

Round after round, the group managed to outplay Feng. By the time the victim decided to quit the game, he had already lost a significant amount of money. It was only after leaving the game that Feng suspected he was cheated.

Feng filed a complaint with the local police who enacted the investigation. Evidently, the suspects failed to abandon the scene as authorities found them in that very same room.

The police found 30 decks of marked cards along with special contact lenses that allowed the wearer of the lenses to identify cards the victim was holding, which he then signaled to his fellow cheats.



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13 comments on "Cheaters Used Special Contact Lenses to View Marked Cards"

 Tony_MON7ANA14/10/2016 15:24:17 GMT
Hats off to the local police who promptly initiated the investigation and subsequently successfully captured the perpetrators.
God of Gamblers? I don't think I have ever watched that movie before.

 doubletop77714/10/2016 15:58:04 GMT
This sounds like something out of a James Bond film and it really is fascinating the lengths some people will go to to make money. I am glad that these people were caught
 Mober14/10/2016 17:04:52 GMT
Something tells me that this fellow isnt the first one. They must have done it more times,
but at the end they got caught.
I wonder what they will be able to do in a few years with the technology,
to take advantage of the unsuspected players.
 T3ddyKGB14/10/2016 18:07:05 GMT
haha although its cheating and most of us dislike cheaters... i have to admitt this is really smart.
 pochui14/10/2016 20:42:51 GMT
as all great tales this one has come to an end and as the ending goes... they lived happily ever after- in jail...
however doesn't your grandma ever teach you that playing cards with unknown men in unknown places is a risky business?
 pajalnick15/10/2016 13:08:01 GMT
this is really like the plot of a film that ... the Chinese are generally very cunning people ... they can be expected all anything ... I saw something similar in one of the Russian films, and there after the person caught this fraud his crippled ... well interesting news, and like a movie
 dule-vu15/10/2016 15:47:12 GMT
from first days of gambling till now we will have cheating,so I dont get suprised when I read that somebody is caught or that people new way how to get money from casinos or people!so new ways of cheating will come in years and who know what will be!
 bowie198415/10/2016 17:26:04 GMT
Even without the lenses - if you get pokered out of a nice sizeable sum and everybody else seemed to doing okay at the table on the same night then its probably you just either a shite of a player or simply had a bad night or you just got conned by the triad like this fella from China.
How about all of the three together?
 damosk15/10/2016 21:55:07 GMT usual, the eyes have it! It's always in the eyes. Always make sure you check out your opponents eyes, or even. The lovely ladies that are checking you out. It's always in the eyes and if you can make eye contact then you will know what I mean. Next time, focus on the eyes and see what you think?
 demodawggy15/10/2016 22:23:58 GMT

... Big Smile< ...Yes,...such diabolical genius.... Evil< ...Bwuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa-haaaa-haaaaa....!

... Big Smile< ...It's like Dr.Evil Heart banged Heart HAL9000 and they had a sinister baby... Shock
 bowie198427/10/2016 23:29:23 GMT
Posted by damosk:
It's always in the eyes and if you can make eye contact then you will know what I mean. Next time, focus on the eyes and see what you think?

Next time everybody will be wearing sunglasses connected to the internet. I will only play poker with blind people from now on.
 TheMachineQC28/10/2016 05:35:11 GMT
The article did not say how the cards were marked and how the perpetrators were able to see the marks because of the contact lenses.

I wonder, is it something that uses UV light to make something glow in the dark? Kind of like blood on crime scenes and stuff like that.

Anyways, they could have probably did it without being caught if they left earlier Blink

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