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Poker Player Accused Of Cheating At Stones Livestreamed Cash Games

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Posted on 02 October 2019 by "T".

Right after accusations flew from all over social media channels regarding a poker player cheating at a live cash game streamed at the Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights, California, Joey Ingram took it upon himself to create an investigative video that put Mike Postle in the hot seat.

In a series of live-streamed cash games named ‘Stones Live' in California, while Ingram created the analysis video, he did not outwardly accuse Postle of cheating. However, feedback from viewers of his video as well as other poker players and fans on Reddit, 2+2 forum, Twitter and other social media sites have put both the player and venue under intense scrutiny. The topic was so hot that it prompted the venue itself, Stones Gambling Hall, to release a statement this Monday, September 30.

Mike Postle himself posted in Twitter to explain his side regarding the many accusations of him cheating that involved either winning while holding less-than-stronger hands or losing the minimum with a strong hand on the river.

A plethora of hands in question from the Stones Live sessions have popped up on the highly popular 2+2 forum, with many active forum members writing out what they think after Postle's videos on some live cash games were made public.

Ingram's investigative video have put Postle into the spotlight that questions him whether he is an honest player or not.

Here's his second investigative video uploaded on October 2, 2019:

Even Doug Polk is jumping in to do his own investigation into the matter. Considering he has a huge fanbase , it sure would be interesting to see how his pans out.

Curious to see what the poker community is talking about ? Watch the hand where Mike Postle ("Apostle") went all-in preflop with 5-4 off-suit against two players who had A-K hands (one of them was Chris Moneymaker).

Here is the official video:

Is Postle really cheating?
Or is he just an innocent victim whose reputation will be forever tarnished by social media?



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27 comments on "Poker Player Accused Of Cheating At Stones Livestreamed Cash Games"

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» Poker Player Accused Of Cheating At Stones Livestreamed Cash Games

 CALICUL03/10/2019 10:25:24 GMT
Cheating in television games is easier to prove if the cameras filmed where needed. It's not a gentleman's gesture if this man cheated. He could receive a drastic sentence if this thing is proven. It just has to happen and we will see how it will be.
 Mober04/10/2019 13:50:00 GMT
This is a weird situation here. It is not easy at all cheating in a game like this.
And there is also an official announcement that after investigation there was no evidence
of cheating. Something new to shake the poker world here Smile
Not a much of course with what ivey has done. Nothing tops that Smile
 crankmuppet04/10/2019 14:52:41 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Not a much of course with what ivey has done. Nothing tops that Smile

Mober - you have a real dislike for Ivey.

I think Justin Bonomo, one of the currently most celebrated players, is a better "Mr. Evil" Evil candidate.

I think the onus should have been on the casinos to be aware of the possibility of edge sorting and to instruct their dealers to deny a player's request to orient cards in a specific manner. They spend billions protecting their assets and they failed to identify this quite simple flaw, and pronounce it as illegal as card counting. He took advantage of the casinos failure to protect themselves.

Bonomo, on the other hand, took advantage of who knows how many innocent players in his multi-account scandals at partypoker and Pokerstars. From the following article

Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo was banned on PartyPoker in 2006 after he won a tournament (with 6-digit score) entering it using six accounts at the same time. The winnings were, obviously, confiscated and it wasn’t the last time Bonomo get caught cheating. In the same year, PokerStars Manager announced on TwoPlusTwo that Justin was multi-accounting on their site as well.

His story became one of the most talked-about and heated dialogues to have ever taken place in the online poker community. There was a gigantic discussion on forum involving thousands of posts.

Soon, he became a player of Team Bodog. After his reputation started to grow, PokerStars decided to unban him in April 2009. His story became a hot topic on forums again, but the owners of major world’s poker room didn’t decide to change their decision.

 dule-vu05/10/2019 08:11:36 GMT
if they dont bring any evidence that he was cheating,then he will probably sue them and will take big money for this!because you cant say that somebody made something wrong and cheat other players without evidence!in america you san sue for everything,so we will see what will happen after this!
 Nightkid05/10/2019 12:52:56 GMT
I never saw anyone cheat but it can always happen or it happens and nobody realizes it, but doing when you play in a live event or tournament should be a shame, whether it did or not but the truth hurts me do this kind of thing and don't play fair Angry Angry Angry
 bowie198405/10/2019 15:39:40 GMT
Posted by Theapple:
i didnt really see anything odd on those videos :o

It's not like he is dealing out or something. He doesn't have an earpiece in so nobody is telling him what everybody had in their hands, he is just looking lucky and overall reading the room right.
 CALICUL06/10/2019 07:49:45 GMT
It's too much to watch if this player has a method of cheating. This will be analyzed by certain people and it will be specified if this man is guilty or not. After that we will see if it was a cheating and this man will be accused.
 dule-vu06/10/2019 10:01:00 GMT
as I see here,only reason that they think that he cheated in this poker tournament,that he played hard with bad cards and fold with good cards!so they want to say that he knewt what other players had or some other help like this!but they will need much more then this,its strange to see situation like this!
 Tony_MON7ANA08/10/2019 07:43:46 GMT
Check this out, guys.
The question is, who is (are) the accomplice(s)?

 CALICUL08/10/2019 08:21:38 GMT
Cheating is a bad thing in a gentleman's game... I remember that this game had this name and is not nice to proceed like this player. Now he has entered in the hand of the law. They will decide how Mike Postle will be punished. Smile
 Nightkid08/10/2019 12:28:28 GMT
Good guys, how are you? If I go around here again and see how everyone is walking and reading the comments of others, and I really do not like to see this kind of thing because who does not bother an honest player and not only here but in any field in which this ... but hey this can always happen anywhere Angry Angry Angry
 erru910708/10/2019 13:30:28 GMT
I think that cheating in this type of game would be next to impossible without any outside help, and it's not very likely that he did. My take on this is that he was simply lucky at times but combined with making really good reads in general. I really don't think that there was any cheating involved here.
 CALICUL09/10/2019 09:57:22 GMT
Cheating in casinos happens very often but it is not proven. I mean at small casinos. Where it is not filmed with the camera, is very easy to cheat. In large casinos it's harder to cheat and here even if it was filmed, this player didn't really care about it. He cheated and now he will pay.
 antonis32109/10/2019 23:20:21 GMT
All these strange played hands , his bizarre behaviour/moves at the table , this incredible winrate and the profits he made in these sessions . Well if he's not a cheater , he is a poker God , a poker phenomeno , one of the best alive poker players in the world , lol .
I would love seeing him playing so awesome poker elsewhere , in another casino rather than the Stones live cash games . lol . Big Smile
hahaha the graphic with Postle and potripper Big Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA10/10/2019 23:33:16 GMT
 CALICUL11/10/2019 12:52:42 GMT
This player Mike Postle made this casino to be avoided by some players and he will get a nasty ban. He will not enter a long time there and in other casinos he will not be able to cheat. Cool I am curious to see what punishment he will receive.
 bowie198412/10/2019 21:42:58 GMT
I mean in a weird way he made this casino famous though. The advertising might not be positive for them but they are mentioned left and right during this case so at least achieved something very hard to do with little to no marketing budget.
 dule-vu13/10/2019 08:29:28 GMT
this is to long video and I dont have time to wathc over 1 hours video and to see what they tell in him,so would be nice that somebody say in few words here what they talking about and who will sue whome!
and bowie you are right,every advertising is good advertising,so they wil speak about them and that good for company!
 CALICUL13/10/2019 14:31:58 GMT
The easiest way to stop cheating in live games is like those players who will be caught, to be restricted for life from live and online games. I don't think there will be anyone to try something like that, except for one who wants to become famous.
 bowie198414/10/2019 21:53:29 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by Theapple:
i didnt really see anything odd on those videos :o

It's not like he is dealing out or something. He doesn't have an earpiece in so nobody is telling him what everybody had in their hands, he is just looking lucky and overall reading the room right.

To be honest I WAS WRONG.
After elaborating on this issue on multiple outlets it does seem he is getting some kinda help. His phone usage, preferred place at the table, betting patterns and 3bet/call range is so unusual that the obvious reason for them has to be cheating.
Very hard to prove it though. Very, very hard.
 Tony_MON7ANA17/10/2019 02:16:20 GMT
LOL some mofos don't know how to cheat. US$250,000 or is not a life changing amount of money so they were really desperate.
 Nightkid17/10/2019 11:40:32 GMT
good to see such a sum of money makes me go crazy hahaha but good if they see benefit in selling it and investing that money is fine I think, I also see that they plan to expand and go to Japan so I see that there will also have good profits if they decide to put something there so lucky with it Confused Confused Confused
 CALICUL18/10/2019 11:57:58 GMT
Nothing serious will happen here if the restrictions will not be destructive for all persons who cheat in live or online games. People will always try to do these things. Professional poker players who are known around the world, do these things and others same. It's very sad.
 bowie198418/10/2019 21:25:25 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
LOL some mofos don't know how to cheat. US$250,000 or is not a life changing amount of money so they were really desperate.

They would still doing it if not for those 'social media detectives' who were on this guy right from the beginning. Also if this would have happened in Nevada their gambling comission would investigate right away, but California is more laidback on issues like this it seems.
 CALICUL23/10/2019 08:45:42 GMT
There was a strategy when he lost his hands or folded the nice cards in his hand. You can't win too many hands, because players would realize faster that you cheat and this is not good. This player thought well but was eventually caught and he will be judged by law.

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