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Amended bill could force poker sites to exit the Australian market

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Posted on 22 November 2016 by "T".

An amendment made to Australia's 2001 Interactive Gambling Act could potentially force some leading online poker sites to exit the market; therefore, they would cease to offer their services to players residing in the country.

In Australia, online gambling has long been considered as a "gray market", a jurisdiction whereby laws exist to disallow the provision of online gambling, however, due to the language of the laws, certain loopholes can be exploited, enabling gambling-oriented entities to continue providing their services to gamblers. The new legislation could change all that, and the formerly "gray" market in terms of online poker services shall now become a "black" one.

Earlier this month, the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 was introduced, which states that online gaming brands are required to obtain local licenses in the country, or else they could face heavy fines.

An Australian official said, "The government is committed to taking tougher action against illegal offshore wagering providers and this bill does exactly that."

Operators without a local license but still continue to take bets from the country's punters will be regarded to have broken the law - individuals could face fines of up to $1.35 million Australian dollars per day, whereas companies could be charged as much as $6.75 million.

PokerStars, partypoker, 888poker and many other sites that currently offer gaming services to the Aussie poker market has stated that they will be forced to exit should the amendment come into effect, in order to protect their licensing in other jurisdictions.



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13 comments on "Amended bill could force poker sites to exit the Australian market"

 Tony_MON7ANA22/11/2016 17:00:08 GMT
Australia is planning to introduce tougher new bill to restrict illegal offshore online gambling operations.
This is not great news for Australian players as well as for a gaming community worldwide.
 DaCapo7122/11/2016 20:20:52 GMT
Thats not a good news, because poker is a nice and serious game normally. They can forbidden casinos if they want in my opinion, thats only gambling. But poker is a strategic game and a lot of people like this game.
 Mober22/11/2016 22:23:15 GMT
That scenario reminds me of the past in another country Smile
But there if it goes as planned from the government, they are going to lose all the
big sites.
No doubt if that happens and there are professionals, will move out, to another country,
probably New Zealand which is close to them Smile
 bowie198423/11/2016 00:29:14 GMT
One less market to be worry for.
The law is retarded anyway - it makes you force to phone up a live person in order to be able to make a bet on the online site which is quite ridiculous considering how small the reaction windows are in live/in-play betting...
 TheMachineQC23/11/2016 04:21:32 GMT
That would be a shame because Australian donkeys are some of the most generous donkeys out there... Sad Blink (just kidding)

The problem is that politicians don't know what to do with anything that is online... They don't know what to do with music, movies, gambling, ect. So they just hope that somehow the old laws will work for online stuff too. But yeah, maybe all the governments should think about this kind of stuff together... as one.
 doubletop77723/11/2016 10:22:11 GMT
It always seems strange to me that people from any country are not allowed to gamble online. If the player is of legal age, surely he/she should be allowed to have a gamble
 pochui23/11/2016 13:30:49 GMT
well i second doubletop here- what a fcukin stupid thing this law stuff is, some idiots who are elected by a larger group of idiots ban that larger group of idiots from doing what they want with their money( because it's illegal to gamble), living in the houses they want to live (because of some sh1tty restrictions), drink when they want to drink (because one can only buy alcohol at certain hours), hell even do what you want with your own body- try to sell your body for money and hey... you know it's illegal...
 Mober23/11/2016 22:32:24 GMT
At the end all countries will regulate online gambling and the sites will be able to operate,
only if they have a license.
The market will shrink, with the players getting less and less and this will affect probably
the benefits one can have, from playing on a site, since they are gonna reduce offers etc.
 Tony_MON7ANA29/11/2016 10:24:19 GMT
I found a couple of articles relevant to the topic.

10 Gambling Countries Losing The Most
The Countries With The Biggest Annual Gambling Losses
 Mober30/11/2016 20:38:21 GMT
It seems that the poker players from australia are not that many,
permitting the sites to acquire a licence, giving them a reasonable profit.
One would expect for poker stars and full tilt to stay.
 bowie198401/12/2016 12:23:51 GMT
Posted by Mober:
It seems that the poker players from australia are not that many,
permitting the sites to acquire a licence, giving them a reasonable profit.
One would expect for poker stars and full tilt to stay.

If only they could buy up some local congressman to bind the law for their favour.
 dule-vu01/12/2016 14:19:24 GMT
ofcourse forbid us to breathe,eat or whatever!I know that some countries want to take money from sites,beacuse they dont have nothing from that and want to take tax from it!but some countries want to forbid any way of gambling,beacuse they dont want that in their countries!hope that this madness will stop!
 Mober01/12/2016 21:20:02 GMT
Not that they cant be bought, but if they are trying to get some money in from gambling,
then this is difficult to happen.
Not only that but they are doing this also for the good of their citizens,
like the rest of the countries. Smile

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