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Study Shows Most Instagram Users Feel Gambling in a Positive Light

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Posted on 07 March 2016 by "T".

A recent study conducted by a online casino site examined Instagram posts written by users from all over the world to see what the Millennial Generation think and feel about the topic of gambling, and the results were clear: the individuals of today feel gambling in a positive light.

The company probed deeper into what the millennials think and feel through Instagram via the hashtags associated with gambling and gaming tournaments, and they utilized AlchemyAPI to see whether the posts had negative or positive user outlook.

As a conclusion, the study found that millennials have a totally positive opinion when it came to gambling. In the study, the breakdown of the results (by number of Instagram hashtags) was:

33,926 - number of Instagram hashtags that say positive thoughts about gambling
9,636 - say negative thoughts about gambling
8,309 - say they were neutral about gambling
4,776 - number of gambling-related hashtags that were undetermined.

The researchers also looked into the individual hashtags and they noticed that there were two categories of gaming hashtags which had the most positive overall opinion: slots and bingo. On the other hand, the hashtags of roulette and LA Poker Classic were the two categories that were seen to have the most negative overall judgment.

Last but not least, the study showed that Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Spain and the United States had the most positive gambling opinions on Instagram, whereas countries such as Chile and Pakistan had more negative thoughts regarding gambling.

A question to the readers: Have you ever posted on social media about anything related to gambling? If so, were they positive or negative?



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5 comments on "Study Shows Most Instagram Users Feel Gambling in a Positive Light"

 pochui07/03/2016 11:03:27 GMT
well yeah- what there not to like about gambling? free money, free booze, endless entertainment, prestige etc. all this comes with endless gambling from the age of 6+ if you start young, you get enough experience to figure out a system that is 100% sure, and then just keep on piling cash into your pockets and live a lavish life. what there not to like about gambling?
 damosk07/03/2016 14:35:10 GMT
Ok. So i am seating to wonder how a person can feel something in a positive light. This is not a term I have heard of before and wonder whether the people who did the research or wrote the report, need to see the light and learn a little about grammar. The saying is 'see something in a positive
 Serpang07/03/2016 19:25:53 GMT
Yap, absolutely need further explanation what is mean of 'feel gambling in positive
light. words of FEEL is not properly opinion of result of study ! At report be said
'thought' ! so why conclusion is 'feel' ? Anyway, it's good there is someone did study about gambling Smile
 T3ddyKGB07/03/2016 21:42:40 GMT
Posted by damosk:
Ok. So i am seating to wonder how a person can feel something in a positive light.

i was thinking the same. but i have to say tho, it "feels" great to play online poker again, after 3 years of abstinence. even when i was more active it felt good.. gambling is fun if you can afford it and dont lose your money/house.
they probably mean: today gambling stands in a better light than 30 years ago, as the mafia was more involved in gambling as nowadays? who knows..

 awood8807/03/2016 22:51:02 GMT
Statistics can be manipulated to support anything so it's no surprise that an online casino finds that gambling is positive for most young people. If you're young and you gamble a lot you want to be reassured that it's normal, that it's the trendy thing to be doing, that the industry is doing well and you're not the only chump that's burning your wages. So this "study" is going to appear anywhere where the casino users can see it.

I'm not saying it's not true though. You can tell by the way it's marketed on television and social media that the main target customer base is young, maybe even specifically students, and it's very effective. Slightly concerning is that whilst when I was young it was very much poker and skill games that were on trend, now it seems to be casino, bingo and slots that are most popular.

Also huge surprise that gambling is most "positive" in affluent non-muslim countries. Shock

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