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Do You Have The Sickest Online Poker Setup?

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Posted on 05 April 2013 by "T".

PokerStars is running a contest called "Sickest Setup" where you can get your hands on one of 10 prizes worth 50,000 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) each to spend in the VIP store. All you have to do is to submit a picture of your online poker setup via Instagram using the tag #starssickestsetup and include your PokerStars ID in the photo. The competition is running until 23:59 ET on April 7, so you only have another 2 days to take part in it.

How to Vote
Go to PokerStars Instagram page and select your favourites (polls close at 07:00 ET on April 8). 5 winners will be decided by the number of 'likes'; the remaining 5 players will be selected by Team Online members. 

Need some inspiration?
Team PokerStars Online's Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman (picture) is one of the players who has accumulated the most points ever on PokerStars. Once he played 24 tables at the same time for 40 hours straight! You can read more about that story and also see some pictures of his setup here.

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4 comments on "Do You Have The Sickest Online Poker Setup? "

 Fakiry05/04/2013 14:16:26 GMT
Some mobster had already announced this at the Forum, but now it comes the official spread of the word by PS itself. If pros are allowed to run for this contest, I guess most people ought to start to forget about this ever happened at all. If not, there might be some chances to grab one of this. But like thinking about opening a lot of tables is just crazy and it’s already in use by others, maybe the best is to think about something that can make the judge laugh, at least it’s a way to call their attention, if we happen to create an image that makes them remind about it… just a thought, don’t go on stealing my idea guys Big Smile
 gogu16909/04/2013 01:06:53 GMT
wow like an own casino at home .nice
 kilak11/04/2013 14:15:31 GMT
Seen some awesome set ups from a Pokerstars link too.. Recently conected my PC up to a 40" TV. It does make playing a whole lot more enjoyable... Smile
 takingdrugs11/04/2013 15:51:14 GMT
i have the sickest setup of them all

my laptop is very sick, its on its last legs and its dying. Big Smile

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